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Learning about the 50 States: FREE Printables + Resources for State Studies

Learning about the 50 States - Free Printables and Resources

This year, we are doing Classical Conversations Cycle 3, and we are focusing on learning the states for geography.  (I’m even working on being able to draw the state map from memory–we’ll see how that goes!) I’ve had a great time compiling and putting together resources to help us learn about the states and capitals.

Below I’ve listed some of my favorite resources for learning about the 50 states!


First off, I think Globalmania is an excellent free resource to get you started on your geography exploration!  It is about world geography, but it has tons of helpful tips!

Also, Sola Gratia Mom has put together a great tutorial on how to teach your kids how to draw the US (helpful for moms, too)!

FREE State Printables:

Your Child Learns has free printable maps for all areas.  Check out this great Interactive Map idea from Teaching with Simplicity. These are one of my favorites!  I printed these and laminated them to add to the girls’ notebooks.  

Here are free printable states cardswith facts from Nick, Jr.

123homeschool4me is offering free printables for the 50 states.

Harrington Harmonies is offering free state notebooking pages.

Get these printable state pages from Crayola

Create printable state word scrambles to add to a state notebook.

Free printable state stickers would be great to place on a map.

Here are Free State Outline Maps (plus 100s of other free notebooking printables).  You’ll have to sign up (for free) to get access to freebies

Homeschool Views has free printables for each state and a “Fifty Nifty United States” song.  You can also view the Fifty Nifty United States song on YouTube here.


State Lapbook

FREE United States Lapbooks:

I love this! Marine Corps Nomads shows you how to put together a free United States lapbook.

Homeschool Share has an amazing list of book studies, lapbooks, and various printable pages to use in a study of the US States.


50 States Unit Study

Resources to Create a State Unit Study:

Homeschool Room has a great series on Resources for a 50 State Unit Study.

At 310 pages this one is huge!  You can find a thorough, free basic state study at Tending Our Lord’s Garden.

50 State Booklist has books about/from each state.

Our Journey Westward has an Around the USA literature-based study.

Happy Homeschool has ideas to create your own state unit study.

The Happy Housewife has free printable State Notebooking Pages.

Learn about the 50 State Quarters program from the US Mint.

Raising Our Kids has some amazing American History timeline cards (or coloring pages).

Mom’s Mustard Seeds and Founders Academy have free lessons and printables about our US History.

Animaniacs US States song is available to watch on YouTube.  You can also grab this free printable to go with the Animaniacs song.

The United States Coloring Book (Dover History Coloring Book) isn’t free, but it’s pretty inexpensive if you don’t have access to a printer or your printer costs a ton to operate! At the time of posting it was just $2.74.  Prices may change!

MapMe app

Games to Learn the States:

Download six different United States bingo cards at Deceptively Educational.

Statetris is an online game you can play to put the states in their correct location on the map!

Sheppherd’s Software also has a free online state identification game.

Here is another style of online state identification game from Learning Together.

Benjamin Franklin is your “guide” for these USA online games.

Your Child Learns has a drag and drop state review online game.

Map Me is a free app from iTunes.

Here is a free printable “Spin the States” review game.

You may also like this State Capitals printable Memory Game

Enchanted Homeschooling Mom has a United States Pocket Chart Game with free printables.

Surviving a Teacher’s Salary has a United States Bingo Game printable.


Scrambled State Game

Other Stuff We Are Using!!

I bought The Scrambled States of America game for the girls.  A small version of the book is included, but a full-size version of The Scrambled States of America is more helpful!  We were also given several of the Which Way USA club books and maps by a friend.  We’ll be using those, too!

By the way, if all of these resources I’ve shared here overwhelm you, be sure to check out how Homegrown Learners is keeping a simplified approach to learning about the states.

map world shower curtain

I have to end with this just because it is awesome (and it would be fun to have)!  Might as well take advantage of bath time–and learn states (and world geography) with this world shower curtain, right?!!

Do you have any free or inexpensive resources to learn your states?

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While 50 can sure sound like a lot to learn (and it is) we know these States and Capitals Worksheets will help your students master all the names in no time.

States and Capitals Worksheets #1stgradeworksheet #freeprintables #worksheetsforkids

We were learning about the world with ocean and continents worksheets but now it’s time to explore things a bit more.

We think geography is one of the most important subjects to learn and all kids should have an idea about the world around them (focus naturally being on the country they live in).

Let’s learn!

States and Capitals Worksheets Printables

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Get Free Printable States and Capitals Worksheets

We’ve made a few different worksheets with different approaches to learning – as kids learn differently. We tried to make the worksheets as engaging and diverse as possible.

To help students familiarise themselves with all the names we made a few word search puzzles. This is a great way to memorise the names of the states and capitals. There are a few different versions available so kids can solve them more than one time.

Coloring isn’t just for fun, it can be super helpful with learning too. Make learning the locations a bit more fun, rather than just writing down the names on the map have kids color the USA map as instructed.

There is also a selection of basic worksheets where kids have the complete list of states and have to write down the capitals and vice versa. I’ve made two versions of this one – one with “cheat sheet” and one without.

You can also grab the blank USA maps which will work great with these worksheets (you can use them to have the kids locate the states and capitals and write down the names).

States and Capitals Worksheets

Print States and Capitals Worksheets Here

Grab your own copy of these free worksheets here: States and Capitals Worksheets.

More resources for learning states and capitals

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  2. Printed outdoor pillows
  3. Army atrrs course catalog 2020
  4. Synonyms for flourish

Start your students out on their geographical tour of the USA with these free, printable USA Map Worksheets. Your students will build their knowledge of state names, their capitals, abbreviations, locations, and regions. From labeled to blank maps, these worksheets will not only have your students learn but also test and retain the geography of the US.

United States Map Worksheet Pack

As a special THANK YOU to our subscribers, this activity pack is offered in a an easy download! (Not ready to subscribe? Print the free pages individually below. )

USA Maps and Worksheets

With these free, printable USA maps and worksheets, your students will learn about the geographical locations of the states, their names, capitals, and how to abbreviate them. They are great as a stand-alone for your geography workstation and take-home activity packs!

Labeled USA Map

This labeled map of the USA will make a great starting point for teaching your students the names and locations of all 50 states. Add it to your geography center and your students homework packs.

Blank Map of the USA

This blank USA map can be used in so many ways. Pair it with any of the worksheets to add another layer. Or use it by itself to test your students on anything from state capitals, names, abbreviations and so much more!

USA State Abbreviations Map

Now that your students know the names of the states, get them started on the state abbreviations with this full page USA map worksheet.

State Activity

Students will enjoy this USA States Activity worksheet. They will be asked to read and follow tasks as they color, name and draw their way across the map!

Color the States

This worksheet will have your students reading and following directions as they locate states on the map, then color them in with the colors listed on the key.

USA Numbered Map Quiz

Test your students knowledge with this USA, numbered, map quiz. Try it as a group activity by assigning students even and odd number states.

50 States & Capitals Worksheets

List of 50 States of USA

This worksheet lists the states in alphabetical order. This one-page sheet would make a great addition to your geography center as well as homework packets.

State Capitals

Stars mark the location of the state capitals in this USA Map worksheet. Students will be tested on their knowledge of state capitals as well as abbreviations.

Label US Regions Maps & Activities

Labeled Regions of the United States

This labeled Regions of the USA would be a great addition to your students homework pack. It will help your students learn the region names and locations. Try using it as a cut and paste to make it more hands on!

West Region USA Map

This west region map will have your students naming the 9 states in region. This worksheet would be a great addition to a homework pack.

Southwest Region USA Map

Have your students work individually or in groups as they fill in the 4 state names in the southwest region. Add crayons for a creative spin.

South Region USA Map

The south region is comprised of 12 states. Test your students knowledge with this south region, USA map. Make it exciting by turning it into a game!

Northeast Region USA Map

This northeast region map will have your students identifying and naming 12 states. Take it to the next level by asking them to also list the state abbreviations.

Midwest Region USA Map

Test your students knowledge with this Midwest region map. This worksheet would make a great addition to your geography lesson plan!

Regions of the USA Fill In Map

Now that your students know the individual state names, have them work on their knowledge of the 5 regions of the USA. Students will fill out the boxes, then cut and paste them on the correct region.

13 Colonies Labeling Maps

13 Original Colonies Blank USA Map

This 13 original colonies map will allow your students to see the full map of the USA, in relation to the colonies. Take it to the next level and have your students draw lines for the 5 different regions.

Labeled Original 13 Colonies Map

Use this labeled colonies map to help your students learn the state names as well as geographical location.

Blank 13 Original Colonies Map

Now that your students have learned the 13 original colonies, test their knowledge with this blank 13 colonies map!

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