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  • I've been a couple of times at this food truck. Each time, I ate Jae Yook Bokum, which is marinated pork with rice. It's a little spicy, but I enjoy it very much. I would definitely come back again.

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    The food is good but the chicken lacks meat, it kind of gives off a smokey taste but I'd still come back here for the sauce they put on it.

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  • Friendly people, decent food. Got the bulgogi - for food truck bulgogi it's pretty decent, but if I come back I will definitely be getting something else. $1 side of kimchi was a hit. Kimchi fried rice will probably be my next try when I come back.

  • This place is my go-to for grabbing a quick lunch during work. I always get the Kimchi Fried Rice with beef (you can also get chicken or tofu instead). For $7, it's a great deal. The portions are very generous with lots of kimchi and beef, topped with a fried sunny side up egg. It's very spicy but so good. I have tried the tteokbokki also, which is spicy and delicious too. I have dabbled in the other menu items a bit, like the bibimbap, but nothing is as satisfying as the kimchi fried rice. Totally recommend getting the kimchi fried rice here! For the price, you can't beat it.

    Like a typical food truck, they accept cash only. However, they recently started accepting Venmo! So that makes it a lot easier.

  • KAMI is an great food truck without a doubt. It offers a handful choices of Korean food, including bibimbap, stir-fried chicken/beef with rice, and hoagies with Korean flavored fillings. The price is at $5-$10 range.

    As a food truck, KAMI's food is less authentic and less well-made than a couple of Korean restaurants in university city, but you do get the Korean taste. The wait is longer than most food trucks nearby. Also, it seems they streamlined their menu in 2018, so fewer choices than before.

    Overall, a solid 3-or 3.5-star food truck when you feel like Korean for lunch in university city.

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  • I've gone twice and in not disappointed, a lot better than other food in the area. The food had some spice which I appreciate. I have the  Bibimbap and the wings both were good.

  • Oh I struggle with Kami. The staff on the truck are nice as heck, but I'm not jiving with the menu choices. I got the bibimbap since history has told me any Korean "spicy chicken" rice dish probably won't go over well, and I'm physically exhausted from bulgogi consumption. Now, bibimbap isn't my favorite food, but I'll eat it in a pinch, so I was excited to get some cheap and fast food on my way to class.

    It's definitely not quite the bibimbap I'm used to eating (and rightfully so, I've never had it from a food truck), but I guess it was worth the money. Come to think of it, I'm not exactly sure what one would sell at a truck this size besides ddeokbokki and chicken, so I guess a few rice dishes and ramen is probably all you're going to get. Still, KAMI fell below my expectations so I may or may not actually be back.

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    Hey Jada,

    Thanks for your feedback! We specialize in a small but perfected menu, I'm sorry you didn't like what we had to offer. I'm sure you can find something else you'd like on our menu.

    Please give us another try! We love having you!

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Locality: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Phone: +1 215-555-5555

Address: 3233 Arch St # 3299 19104 Philadelphia, PA, US


Likes: 455


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KAMI FOOD TRUCK We are back! Come try our new menu items today, you won't be disappointed! . #kami #korean #foodtruck #drexel #drexeluniversity #philadelphia


KAMI FOOD TRUCK We are back! Come try our new menu items today, you won't be disappointed! . #kami #korean #foodtruck #drexel #drexeluniversity #philadelphia


KAMI KOREAN FOOD KAMI is a little red food truck that makes great #koreanFood. Typically set up in the #DrexelUniversity area, on 33 Arch Street. KAMI creates #TraditionalKorean food and also features Korean fusion food. KAMI is a great spot for busy #students to stop by between classes. Korean food done fast, and done right.


Kimchi Fried Rice Wrap Beef, soy sauce, seaweed oil, pepper, pear, sugar, garlic, onion, green pepper, carrot, cheese, kimchi, and rice. #KimchiFriedRice #Wrap #Philly #Koreanfood #foodtruck #Kami #Drexel


Kimchi Bulgogi Hoagie Beef, soy sauce, seaweed oil, pepper, pear, sugar, garlic, onion, green pepper, carrot, cabbage, and kimchi. #kimchi #bulgogi #hoagie #Koreanfood #foodtruck #Philly #Kami #Drexel


Bulgogi (Grilled Beef & Rice) Beef, soy sauce, seaweed oil, pepper, pear, sugar, garlic, onion, green pepper, carrot, and cabbage. #Bulgogi #Koreanfood #foodtruck #Philly #Kami


Spicy Chicken Onion, hot pepper paste, cabbage, carrot, green pepper, potato, soy sauce, lemon juice, pepper, olive oil, milk, salt, curry powder, garlic, and chicken. #Spicychicken #Koreanfood #foodturck #Philly #Kami


Bibimbap (Vegetable and Rice) Bean sprouts, carrots, spinach, lettuce, mushroom, eggs, rice, sesame oil, sesame seeds, hot pepper paste, and squash. #bibimbap #Koreanfood #foodtruck #Philly #Kami


KAMI will no longer be doing our regular street service. BUT Stay tuned to what will happen next!!


I have noticed that people have been asking about our Website, Unfortunately we Do NOt have one yet.. :( but if anyone out there knows someone who is good for a fair price, we would love to know!!!

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Are you an international student homesick for some spicy cuisine? Maybe you’re just like me and you’re in need of something delicious to get you through the rest of your tragically long school or work day.

kamiSource: http://www.tafjkgroup.com/kami/
Whatever the case, this visually bright red and fun-sized food truck made me a bangin’ bowl of Bibimbap, which is a classic Korean dish. My friend Cindy recommended to me that I try this food truck. She said that lately she’s been stopping here for a pick me up. They only just moved here in November of 2017!


The chef and head of this operation, Un Han, says her most popular order is Bibimbap , followed by Bulgogi. Their menu is small, with only five dish options, but they also serve snacks and drinks that are pre-made.


Bibimbap is an explosion of flavors, its strongest being the hot pepper paste mixed with the egg, veggies rice and delicious chicken ($1.00 extra). They definitely don’t skimp you with the paste sauce, which is a common occurrence in food. I devoured this mixture of bean sprouts, chicken, carrots, spinach, lettuce, mushroom, egg, rice, sesame oil, sesame seeds, hot pepper paste and squash in a matter of minutes.
If this seems a bit too spicy for you, it’s definitely worth asking for less heat or no sauce at all. Next time, I’d ask for for an extra egg because the egg really brings it all together and it ends WAY too soon. I’d ask for more of the freshly cooked and raw veggies to replace the rice because white rice isn’t the healthiest option. I know they also do a beef version of Bibimbap, but you don’t have to get it with meat if you don’t want to. Overall, this meal is extremely healthy, cleansing & filling. I have no hesitation saying it’s one of the best meals I’ve had at a food truck on Drexel’s campus, hands down.
Their Bulgogi dish comes with grilled beef, rice, soy sauce, seaweed oil, pepper, pear, sugar, garlic, onion, green pepper, carrot and cabbage. Believe me, I’m licking my lips, too.
I learned that the woman who runs the operations isn’t fluent in English, so four to five students volunteer one at a time throughout the week to help Un Han with orders so that she can do what she does best: cook! This is so sweet in my opinion because the students are volunteering their time to help her translate for the entire shift of the day.
Last semester I was studying abroad in Hong Kong (best experience of my life), and I got a ton of practice interacting with locals who owned food carts, street food stalls and humble neighborhood restaurants. I know that sometimes it’s hard with a language barrier to understand what the customer wants (or what the restaurant offers). This gave me a better appreciation of that student (and the others I haven’t met) who stand outside of this food truck to every day to help customers like me (who don’t speak Korean) communicate best with Un Han. I know it would have been completely fine for me without him, but its clear he makes her more comfortable serving food to her customers.
So definitely stop by Kami for some Asian fusion & Korean favorite during your lunch break, as they’re ready to serve you and they’re super quick, too! They’re so delicious and I’d love to see them last a long time on our campus.
Hours of Operation: Monday – Friday 11 a.m. – 4 p.m.
Peak Hours: 12 – 1 p.m.
Method of Payment: Cash, Venmo
Contact Info:Website (267)255-4440 Twitter
Location: S 33rd St & Arch St, Philadelphia PA 19104 (next to Buckley Field)

What’s the next food truck you’d like me to review? Do you have any favorite cuisines? Leave a comment and let me know!



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