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Product: Pirate Chill (Legal Sedative)

pirate chill review

Manufacturer/Vendor: Pirate Botanicals

Website: https://piratebotanicals.com/Pirate-Chill-30-Capsules-p76221666

Cost: $59.99

Fat Sam’s Legal High Rating

General Product Info

I will start off by saying I like Pirate Botanicals and have used many of their products throughout the years. They have been around and made a number of great products. The product arrived fast in a professional manner. Pirate Botanicals packages always show up fast, and in a white discreet packaging and this was no different. Pirate Chill is their legal sedative, a sort of “herbal xanax,” if you will. It comes in a cool looking bottle with 30 pills per bottle. The ingredients are definitely the best choice for a legal sedative. The formula highlights the powerful sedative properties of 5-HTP and L-Theanine, combined with Passionflower and some other extracts.

Product Administration

The label states to take 1 capsule as a serving. I took 2 pills after reading other reviews and deciding I wanted a more “premium experience” (a nice way of saying I wanted to get high). I did take one pill to start, waited 20 minutes and took the second pill. This precautionary measure I learned to be essential when using new supplements, especially meant to be legal sedatives as they can be very strong. I had many light meals scattered throughout my experience. I consumed several glasses of water, as I always do with any legal high. Also, I did end up taking 1 more capsule within about 6 hours time which I would all consider “a part of the same experience.”

Product Effects

I began to feel the effects after about 15 minutes, which made sense for the light meal I had on my stomach at the time. I started getting a little happier, feeling a little uplifted…which came at a great time and truly put this product to the test (as I was admittedly a bit sad before ingesting the capsules). By 30 minutes, I was feeling really good and decided to stand up. When I stood up, I noticed I literally felt the room spin a little…and I mentally took a note: “okay this formula is more powerful than I previously thought.” By the time I got back from the rest room I realized I had to cancel my plans, as I could no longer operate a motored vehicle (lol). I decided to play games instead which proved very entertaining. My worries were completely washed away. I did take another pill. About 5-6 hours from the second. This was because the feelings were starting to fade about 4-5 hours in and I kind of wanted to pep back up. It totally worked, which is great as I LOVE SCALABLE HIGHS. If it isn’t scalable, I almost am not interested, as I like to “work up to the experience I want.” I should note that the effects were so strong though, at one point I remember thinking as well that if I took too much, I could make myself nauseous. So I suggest taking it slow, and working your way up. One pill most certainly would curb anxiety, no doubt in my mind about that, but two was heavy for me.

Extra information: A friend took 2 at the same time and felt it was just perfect, and he is 195 pounds.

Final Thoughts

The ingredients in Pirate Chill have been proven to improve mood, relax the brain and provide a powerful relaxation. It is no wonder Pirate Chill is a strongly effective anti-anxiety product. Obviously there is nothing like ACTUAL Xanax, and while this is a different type of experience too, I would definitely call this a legal sedative and probably the strongest legal alternative to xanax I have personally tried. Pirate Botanicals is a great company: the shipping is always punctual, the product always shows up in good quality, there are always a ton of pills in each bottle, and their products actually work. I can confidently stand behind my review of Pirate Chill. It definitely got me high in the way I expected, it was definitely relaxing, it was absolutely sedating and a very positive mood enhancer. It’s just about working up the ladder, taking one at a time until you get the desired effects you want. The Pirate Botanicals extracts (the ingredients they use) always seem stronger than comparative products; And obviously I have taken many other 5-HTP supplements for example and they do not work as nearly as well as Pirate Chill, which is truly impressive.

Special Note: I should indicate that I was actually unable to drive on this product. I felt such strong effects, I had to cancel an outing and stay indoors instead.

Sours: https://fatsamslegalhighs.com/2018/07/14/pirate-botanicals-pirate-chill-review/
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Chill Pills: Overview of Medications

When is stress normal, and when is it extreme enough to warrant medication? Panic attacks or worry so intense that it interferes with daily functioning means it's time to talk to a doctor, says Valerie Davis Raskin, M.D., author of When Words Are Not Enough. If meds are in order, she says, the next question is whether to take a drug every day or only when you feel symptoms.

Daily Use
If you're anxious all the time, selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs), including Prozac, Zoloft and Paxil, may be the best choice. Technically, SSRIs are antidepressants, though they're often prescribed in smaller doses to treat anxiety. They have to be taken every day, sometimes twice a day, and you won't feel them working for a few weeks. Many users may feel jittery or have trouble sleeping at the beginning of treatment and should talk to their doctors about adjusting dosages. Raskin estimates that at least 30 percent of women experience some change in sex drive.

The drug BuSpar (generic name: buspirone) is chemically similar to the SSRIs, but the FDA has approved it only for treating generalized anxiety disorder—the state of feeling uncontrollably edgy all the time. (It isn't effective for panic attacks, which come and go.) Like an SSRI, it has to be taken every day, usually twice a day.

Occasional Use
Beta-blockers are best for people with event-related anxiety, like extreme stage fright. These drugs block physical symptoms (rapid heart rate, sweating, tightness in the chest) without affecting mental function or dulling anxious thoughts. Inderal (generic name: propranolol) is the beta-blocker most often used to treat event-related anxiety. Its side effects include weakness and cold hands and feet.

Benzodiazepines, a class of drug most specifically used to treat anxiety disorders, should be taken only when you feel you need them. They can become addictive. Benzodiazepines act as sedatives on the nervous system, so they usually make people sleepy—you shouldn't drive when taking them and you should avoid drinking. The four most common are:
  • Xanax (generic name: alprazolam): Usually works within 20 minutes, making it particularly useful for treating panic attacks and phobias. Because of this quick rush, most doctors feel Xanax is the most addictive benzodiazepine.
  • Ativan (generic name: lorazepam): Usually works in an hour. Doesn't affect the liver as much as other benzodiazepines—important for patients taking the Pill, cholesterol or ulcer medications, or other drugs that may affect the liver.
  • Klonopin (generic name: clonazepam): Lasts longer in the body and is therefore more sedating than Xanax or Ativan. Users may feel groggy that day, hungover the next. As with all benzodiazepines, enjoyment of or dependence on this feeling of sedation is a warning sign of addiction.
  • Klonopin (generic name: clonazepam): Lasts longer in the body and is therefore more sedating than Xanax or Ativan. Users may feel groggy that day, hungover the next. As with all benzodiazepines, enjoyment of or dependence on this feeling of sedation is a warning sign of addiction.
Sours: https://www.oprah.com/omagazine/chill-pills/all
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Botanical Shaman

best otc legal pill for anxiety

What Is the Best Over The Counter Medicine for Anxiety?

Finding working medicines that are available over the counter (or legally online), can be a difficult process. Despite the fact that there are so many options available, it turns out that many of them are either sparingly effective or ineffective altogether. Some of the better formulas in the best working OTC pills for anxiety include the ingredients 5-HTP, L-Theanine or Ashwagandha (or a combination of these and others). Many plants have sedative-like or relaxation-inducing effects, and these medicines have found the best formulas for relieving anxiety and stress, while retaining their over-the-counter and legal availability. Many of these OTC pills will start working almost immediately, the first time they are taken (especially those ranked higher on the list, more close to the top).

List of the Best Working OTC Pills for Anxiety and Stress

This is a list of the best working over-the-counter pills for anxiety available. They are completely legal, available online and ranked in order of effectiveness as per our Botanical Shaman survey.

Pirate Chill

pirate chill review

Pirate Chill is the best working OTC pill for anxiety. The formula is simple, highlighting effective extracts of 5-HTP, L-Theanine and Passionflower. They work flawlessly together to create a relaxation that is felt nearly right away (usually within 15-30 minutes). The Pirate Chill 5-HTP formula is one of the strongest anti-anxiety pills available over the counter, it is also a natural formula. Pirate Chill is hands-down, the most effective pill for daily stress as well as for the occasional panic attack. In fact, nearly all people who tried Pirate Chill in the most recent Botanical Shaman survey indicated they would reuse the product, as well as recommend it to others. Pirate Chill is sold in bottles with 30 capsules per bottle.

Buy Pirate Chill


RediCalm is a great, natural, OTC solution for anxiety. It is able to relieve daily stress when taken as a part of a daily regiment, as well as with more imminent stresses. RediCalm utilizes five ingredients which have been clinically-proven to reduce stress and relieve anxiety. Like Pirate Chill, it includes 5-HTP, L-Theanine and Passionflower. It also possesses Ashwagandha. The extracts are decent and the effects are absolutely noticeable. Many people who tried RediCalm in the most recent Botanical Shaman survey indicated they would reuse the product, and many of the participants suggested they would recommend it for anxiety.

Buy RediCalm


protazen review

Protazen is one of the longest-standing OTC supplements for anxiety. It has been around since 2004 and uses a slightly bulkier grouping of ingredients than some of the other options but it is effective. Protazen relies on L-Tyrosine, Bacopa, Lemon Balm and Passionflower, for the primary sedative effects. There are other contributions in their proprietary blend as well. Interestingly enough Protazen scores a bit higher (above RediCalm) in a similar, yet slightly variant Botanical Shaman survey on the Best Over The Counter Pills for Daily Stress Relief.

Buy Protazen


Tranquilene is a natural calming recipe designed to correct stress-creating imbalances over the course of time. It is an herbal relaxation pill consisting of a number of B Vitamins, Passionflower, GABA, L-Theanine and a few other ingredients. There are 30 pills per bottle and 2 pills is considered a dose. That said, it is a little overpriced, and the extracts are average, making Tranquilene more of a middle-of-the-line solution when it comes to OTC pills for anxiety. Even being an average answer to stress, Tranquilene remains more potent and faster working than many of the other options on this list.

Buy Tranquilene


Enhancer Labs makes a product called Xantopia, which has been around for quite a long time. It is a legal relaxant and is often sold as a legal xanax substitute. Although it is no where near as potent as an actual xanax, nor it is the most powerful or effective product on this list…it is without a doubt still effective at reducing anxiety. One of the bigger problems with Xantopia is how few servings are in each tube. The tubes only contain 4 capsules and tend to all be consumed in one experience to achieve the desired effects.

Buy Xantopia

Anxiety and Stress Essentials

otc anxiety and stress relief

Anxiety and Stress Essentials, like many of the solutions towards the bottom of the list, are still good answers to daily stress. They are simply weaker in terms of handling stronger anxiety. Anxiety and Stress Essentials is a perfect example of one of the best working anti-anxiety pills over the course of time. It works best when taken over the course of time, and works to build the mind and body up to prevent daily stress from forming.

Buy Anxiety and Stress Essentials


Kavinace is a calming blend that utilizes phenibut, taurine, GABA and B Vitamins. It is effective in the short-term but seems to lead to a rather quick tolerance build up. Kavinace does maintain a good following, many people agree it works quite well for anti-anxiety if only used once in a while. The noticeable effects are not as strong as some of the other options on this list.

Buy Kavinace

HUM’s Big Chill

HUM’s Big Chill is basically sold for anxiety, however, containing only one ingredient that is often used more for its focus or energy-oriented purposes (Rhodiola) limits the effectiveness of the product. Nonetheless, HUM maintains a strong following, is well-respected for many effective products and Big Chill does relieve stress. This product seems to work best if taken daily over time.

Buy Big Chill (by HUM)

Last Notes on the Most Effective Pills for Anxiety and Stress

legal otc anxiety pills

All of these pills are great for anxiety and stress. The higher ranking products (closer to the top of the list) are the most effective and work the fastest. They also work the longest and are typically more popular specifically for their effectiveness. Obviously actual Xanax (diazepam) is pharmaceutical grade in synthesis, and it is thus very hard to achieve a legal, and/or natural solution that comes any where near close to the stress relief of an actual Xanax. That mentioned, when it comes to the best OTC pills for anxiety, Pirate Chill is the closest possible thing. It is also the most cost-effect solution of the best pills for anxiety (out of all of the options that are strong enough to actually work, you get the best bang for the buck at 30 pills per bottle).

Required Disclaimer: Botanical Shaman is not a medical doctor. This information is not meant to substitute for professional medical advice.

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Sours: https://botanicalshaman.com/2018/07/16/best-over-the-counter-pill-for-anxiety/

Reviews pirate chill

Pirate Chill Review [Pirate botanicals experience]

Drug: Pirate Chill (by pirate botanicals)

Pirate chill arrived yesterday and I took my first one that very day, that evening right before a movie. By the time the movie started, I was feeling REALLY REALLY GOOD! I bought this as it was, to my understanding a legal mood enhancer, something that would give me a light euphoria and make me feel good. I need something like that which doesn’t show up on a drug test, as I am on probation. In the long search of drugs that you can take that don’t turn up on a drug test, I turned up pirate botanicals. They make all sorts of cool stuff, but pirate chill is the one I think that was best suited for me. They shipped it fast. And it worked fast. Within 30 minutes, I felt it. It was like an overall relaxation, both in the body and the mind. The “body high” part of it was definitely real. The euphoria was real. Like, honestly I have tried so many herbal xanax substitutes and none of them have worked, so I wasn’t expecting much when I got Pirate chill, but I had taken 2 of them and IT TOTALLY WORKED! And honestly, I consider myself to have a higher tolerance to many things (that’s why I took two, despite the label clearly stating only one pill is a dose, i’m like used to doubling the dose on basically anything I take, especially legal highs). I weigh about 120 pounds and don’t really eat that often, like that night, I did this on an empty stomach. So it’s no surprise i felt it so fast and to such great strength. I know for sure i couldn’t drive if i wanted to…. but I think if I took just one, it would have still been okay to drive. The 5-HTP that’s in it, is strong. It’s gotta be the best 5-HTP legal mood enhancer I have ever tried. I’ve been through so many of them (from legal leans, syrups, liquid shots, and all sorts of pills). Pirate chill is pretty dope and it comes with a ton in a bottle. I’ve used actual xanax as well and I can say this is the closest legal thing I have felt to the real deal. I will continue to buy from Pirate botanicals. This is a really good sedative, and it instantly put me in a positive mood. I gotta say with the type of day I was having yesterday, it was the perfect day to test the mood enhancement properties. I am definitely impressed. A+

Sours: https://swimexperiences.com/legal-drugs/pirate-chill-review-pirate-botanicals-experience/
Pirates of the Caribbean - Accidentally Genius

Review of Pirate Botanicals Pirate Chill Experience

Product: Pirate Chill (30 count)

Manufacturer/Vendor: Pirate Botanicals

Website: https://piratebotanicals.com/Pirate-Chill-30-Capsules-p76221666

Cost: $59.99

Fat Sam’s Legal High Rating

General Product Info

I have been using Pirate Botanicals supplements for years. Pirate Chill has always been a good one for stress, anxiety, and social tension. It makes social events more fun, and I have kind of considered it a sort of “party pill,” so-to-speak.  It is natural, legal, and safe. The formula is 5-HTP and L-Theanine based, with some Passion Flower extract and other ingredients.  The label and bottling (as always with Pirate Botanicals) is stunning and professional.  There is a seal on every bottle, ensuring it has never been tampered with. 30 capsules are in each container.

Product Administration

The directions on the bottle state to take one capsule per day, and that the bottle contains thirty doses. Typically, I use the product occasionally rather than daily, however, for the purpose of this trial, I have also chosen to purchase and use a bottle as described (one pill per day). Pirate Chill is an effective product, so I always consume a full glass of water with the pill, and usually eat a light meal or snack before I ingest it.

If I want to have a wilder party, I will sometimes take 2 or 3 capsules, but I can firmly say 4 capsules is too many at one time.

Product Effects

Depending upon the dosing, I have different effects. When I take the product as described (one pill per day), I do see a dramatic reduction in daily anxiety and stress. I feel much more relaxed. When I take more than one dose at a time, I have an actual euphoric and bit more wild effect. I would never suggest this for a first-time experience. Using this daily over time does take advantage of the nootropic formula’s ability to “build up” in the system, and it allowed for serenity and relaxation to become a normal part of my life.

Final Thoughts

On top of everything, Pirate Chill is one of the closest legitimate things I have found in the supplement or nootropics world which mimics any sort of a benzo or Xanax-like effect. Although, I must say I prefer the longer-term benefits, which is really what it is for. The Pirate Botanicals nootropics products are for daily use, meaning they build up in the system and provide even greater benefits throughout time. Pirate Chill is also natural, which makes me like it even more. The last time I reviewed Pirate Chill, it earned a 5 Star Fat Sammy Rating as well. I am glad to see that has not changed and that I can still fully enjoy this product, as well as recommend it to others!

Sours: https://fatsamslegalhighs.com/2020/04/21/pirate-chill-review-5htp-nootropics/

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