Wurst installer not working

Wurst installer not working DEFAULT

How To Install Wurst 6
For Minecraft 1.8.x - 1.12.x

  • Error message in the Wurst 6 installer: 'Couldn't find Minecarft 1.12 at: C:\Users\...\AppData\Roaming\.minecraft\versions\1.12\1.12.jar Please download Minecarft 1.12 through the launcher and try again. [OK]'

    If you see this message, here's how to fix it.

  • how to create a new profile (or 'installation') in the Minecraft launcher

    Open the Minecraft launcher, select the "Installations" tab and then press "New".

  • how to change the version of a Minecraft launcher profile

    Set "VERSION" to the exact Minecraft version that you saw in the error message. Then save the profile by clicking "Create".

    • Wurst MC 1.12 requires "release 1.12", do NOT select 1.12.2!
    • Wurst MC 1.8 requires "release 1.8", do NOT select 1.8.9!
    • Wurst MC 1.7 requires "release 1.7.2", do NOT select 1.7.10!
  • Launching an unnamed Minecraft 1.12 installation

    Launch your new installation by clicking "Play". This will start the download.

  • Mojang's player safety nonsense

    Be sure to click away any "player safety" nonsense. These warnings have nothing to do with safety!

  • downloading Minecraft 1.12 through the launcher

    You are now downloading Minecraft through the launcher. Once the download is complete, feel free to close Minecraft and delete your "<unnamed installation>". You won't need it anymore.

  • the 'success' message of the Wurst 6 installer

    Now simply run the Wurst installer again and it should look like this.

  • Sours: https://www.wurstclient.net/tutorials/how-to-install/wurst-6/

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  • How do I install Wurst?
    Please read the installation tutorial.

  • Help! Fabric says "mod X depends on Y [some specific version]"!
    You have the wrong version of something. Please read my guide on how to fix this.

  • I have Minecraft 1.12.2. Why does the Wurst MC 1.12 installer say that it couldn't find my Minecraft installation?
    You need Minecraft 1.12, not 1.12.2. Open the Minecraft launcher, create a profile using "release 1.12" and launch it once. Then the installer will work.

  • I have Minecraft 1.8.9. Why does the Wurst MC 1.8 installer say that it couldn't find my Minecraft installation?
    You need Minecraft 1.8, not 1.8.9. Open the Minecraft launcher, create a profile using "release 1.8" and launch it once. Then the installer will work.

  • Which key opens the GUI?
    Right CTRL? Right Shift? Wurst has more than one GUI, pick your favorite! You can type .binds list to see all your keybinds and what they do.

  • Help! I deleted my GUI keybinds!
    Relax! This is easy to fix. Typing .binds reset is one way to do it.

  • Help! My X-Ray is not working.
    Are you seeing fake ores everywhere? That's a server plugin that's meant to break X-Ray. There is unfortunately nothing you can do about that. Are you seeing everything as if X-Ray was turned off? That happens with OptiFine (since version F4) and Sodium. Use OptiFine F3 instead, if possible. You could also use Search instead of X-Ray or use Wurst without OptiFine/Sodium, as a workaround. I don't currently have a proper fix for this. If you have any info on how this could be fixed, I'm all ears.

  • How can I make AutoBuild templates?
    Please read this Reddit post.

  • Do you have / can you make a Wurst Client Discord server?
    No. Creating servers about Minecraft hacked clients is against Discord's TOS.

  • Sours: https://www.wurstclient.net/contact/
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    If you installed a hacked client or mod and it will not show up in the Minecraft launcher, hopefully the steps below will solve your problem. Let me know in the comments if it still won’t work for you so I can (hopefully) resolve the problem.

    1. Your clients are stored in the %appdata%\.minecraft\versions folder. 2. To get to this folder on Windows XP/Vista/7 open the start menu, select "Run" and enter %appdata%. Navigate to .minecraft > versions to get to your clients. 3. Alternatively, to get to this folder on Windows 7, 8, or 10, open the search menu (which is part of the start menu in Windows 7) and enter %appdata% in the search bar. Click on Roaming and navigate to .minecraft > versions. 4. Make sure your client folder has a unique name (don't name it 1.7.10 or the name of another client). 5. Your client folder will contain two files, a .jar and a .json. They all need to have the same name. For example, if you are installing WeepCraft, your folder would be named WeepCraft, and it would contain WeepCraft.jar and WeepCraft.json. 6. Once you've made sure of these settings, close and re-open your Minecraft Launcher. 7. Search through your versions list in the launcher profile; it could be further down in the list than you might expect. 8. If it's still not there, go back to your versions folder. Open up the folder that contains the .jar and the .json of the client. 9. Open the .json (for example, WeepCraft.json) file with a plain-text editor. This would mean Notepad, Notepad++, Text Editor, etc. depending on your Operating System. 10. Look for a line starting with "type". 11. If it isn't "type": "release" (it could be "type": "snapshot", for example), change it to "type": "release". Make sure the quotation marks are straight; curly ones (for example, “type”: “release”) won't work. 12. Look for a line starting with "id". 13. Make sure to set it so "id": "name" where name is the same as the name of the folder and its files (for example, "id": "WeepCraft"). Check carefully for capitalization and spelling mistakes. Again, make sure the quotation marks are straight and not curly, because “id”: “WeepCraft” won't work. 14. Once you've made sure of these settings, close and re-open your Minecraft Launcher. 15. Search through your versions list in the launcher profile again, the release (for example, release WeepCraft) could be further down in the list than you might expect. 16. If these settings still don't work, note that some cracked launchers don't support modded clients. If you're not cracked, I can still help you - just leave a comment below. 17. Or, try a different hacked client (I recommend Impact) and see if it works.

    Pro Tip: Use the Older Launcher

    I’ve been notified recently about all of the drama surrounding the 1.12 update. It seems that in a massive effort to reduce mods and clients for Minecraft, Microsoft (who owns Mojang) has been issuing DMCA notices for custom clients as well as pushing updates to their launcher to prevent launching non-official clients. This whole tutorial and all of the clients we offer rely on the older, but still official launcher, which you can download here (requires Java).


    Sours: https://timtechsoftware.com/minecraft-hacked-client-not-showing-up-in-versions-fix/comment-page-2/
    How to: Set up Wurst for Minecraft 2021 + Fabric - Complete Crash Course

    Now we will setup a Wurst compiler environment and create a project using the the Wurst Setup.

    Download WurstSetup

    The Wurstsetup can be used from either the commandline or a graphical application.


    To use the setup from the commandline you need to complete the initial installation once. After that you can make use of the setup via the executable.

    Initial installation

    For the first time you have to run the .jar file directly, because the executable hasn’t been installed yet.

    Now you need to add the folder to your PATH environment variable, so you can use it from the commandline. Refer to this tutorial. On Windows 10, the result should look like this:

    The command should now be recognized by your terminal of choice.

    If not, a restart might be required.

    Graphical UI

    If you prefer not using the commandline, simply running the setup without any arguments will open the graphical user interface (double-click).

    Install & Update Compiler


    Use the special keyword to install or update wurst on your system for the current user.


    To install or update the compiler simply click the Install Wurst button. When everything is done, the setup should tell you that your installation is up to date and the Create Project button is now enabled:

    Create Project


    Use to create new projects. The project will be generated in a folder inside your current location with the name provided.


    Now that the compiler is installed you can go ahead and create your Wurst project. Select your desired project folder and name and start the process by clicking the Create Project button. The setup will now create a wurst project structure and download the necessary dependencies. If everything setup correctly, you should see the following message:

    Open in VSCode

    After you finished installation and project setup, you can open the project’s root folder in VSCode.

    Make sure you are opening the project’s root folder (contains wurst.build file) using

    Once the project is opened, you can click the Hello.wurst file on the left to activate the Wurst plugin. The code should compile and the setup should be done. Using VSCode’s command console () you can execute wurst commands such as running or building your map.

    If you are new to WurstScript but not new to programming, you probably want to continue with the Beginner’s Guide

    Updating existing projects

    If you want to import someone else’s project or work on a different machine, you need to setup the project with local configuration and pull dependencies first.


    Navigate to the project’s root and run to update dependencies and configuration of the wurst project.


    By clicking the import button you can load an existing wurst.build file. After a successful load clicking the button will update your dependencies and generate local files as necessary.

    Sours: https://wurstlang.org/start.html

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