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We offer an excellent range of over 250 Hotfix rhinestone crystals from size ss6 to ss40, in small packs through to bulk quantities. 

What do the brands mean?

Swarovski® from Austria; an elite and iconic brand for good reason, but you may be surprised how affordable they are here at® from The Czech Republic; known and loved by solo dancers and performers alike for their moderate prices, excellent sparkle and world-class quality design. And Arabesque from China; an extremely affordable range with a massive following, often ordered in bulk teams and troupes. 

...So many choices! How do I find what I need?

Simply use the filter settings. Or browse the pages one by one...

...So, what is 'hotfix'?

On the underside of hotfix crystals and hotfix pearls there's a special glue which isn't sticky until heat is applied. Once heat is applied this glue will melt, allowing you to adhere the rhinestone to fabrics, and other porous and non-porous surfaces. Our FAQ's tell you more about how hotfix rhinestones work.

You can apply heat with a BeJeweller Hotfix Applicator Tool, heat press and even a domestic iron. Hotfix rhinestones can even be glued on with a suitable adhesive, just as you would glue Non-Hotfix Rhinestones on.

We're here to help...

As Preciosa's Authorised Reseller for Australia/NZ we welcome any enquiries. If you have a question please get in touch with us.



Swarovski Hot Fix Rhinestones - Art. 2038 & Art 2078

Hot Fix Rhinestones are flat back crystals with pre-coated, heat activated glue on the underside of the flatback stone. Ready or use in Rhinestone Transfers, heat press machines or hotfix rhinestone applicators

Swarovski Art. 2038 Xilion Rose and Swarovski ARt. 2078 Xirius Rose are the latest production of hot fix crystal rhinestones. Art 2038 is the style for the smaller stones, SS6 and SS10. SS12 and up to SS40 are made with the Xirius Rose, 2078, cut style.

Swarovski2038 and 2078 Hot Fix Rhinestones Line Drawing

Swarovski rhinestones are sold as follows:

  • 6ss to 16ss - minimum purchase 1 gross
  • 20 ss to 30ss - minimum purchase 1/2 gross
  • 34ss to 40ss - minimum purchase 1 Dozen

Swarovski crystals come in multitude of colors and graduating sizes. Consult your color sample card. Not all colors and sizes are made in hot fix format.

Please Note! When ordering Hot Fix Rhinestones over the phone, PLEASE tell us you want Hot Fix/Iron On rhinestones. Otherwise, you will receive regular flat back rhinestones.

For best pricing you should consider purchasing bulk packages. These are factory sealed packages and are discounted. It means Same Size / Same color:

  • 6ss to 20ss - 10 Gross Package (1,440 rhinestones);
  • 30ss - 2 Gross Package (288 rhinestones);
  • 34SS and 40ss are packed by the Gross (144 rhinestones)

If you need for example 12 Gross of 20ss rhinestones, 10 will be at the Package Price and the 2 will be at the regular Gross price.

Swarovski 2078 Rhinestone Chart

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  • Swarovski 2058 & 2038 Rhinestones
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Swarovski Crystals Authorized Reseller
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  4. Ford 4000 fuel filter

Swarovski Brand Control

Thank you for your interest in purchasing Swarovski crystals, the premium brand for the finest crystal embellishments since 1895.

HARMAN is part of a selected group of distributors trusted to present exclusive crystals from Swarovski for resale. If you are interested in purchasing Swarovski crystals, you are required to be pre-approved and sign a Brand Control Agreement directly with Swarovski before we, or any direct Swarovski distributor, will be able to sell to you.

Swarovski wishes to protect its brand and avoid confusion in the marketplace. Therefore, all customers must accept, that the purchase of Swarovski crystal components does not entitle the customer to use the Swarovski brand in any way. This includes the prohibition of the description brand use (e.g. embellished with crystals from Swarovski) and origin indicators (e.g. made in Austria) in customer and consumer communication.

The ability to purchase loose branded Swarovski crystals will be restricted to end users only and must meet the following eligibility criteria:

  • Must be a brand owner
  • Must design or manufacture a finished product.
  • Cannot be a reseller of loose components of any kind.
  • Cannot create or resell kits.
  • Cannot offer “how-to classes”.
  • Cannot be in the nail industry.

If you feel your brand is eligible and would like to receive the Swarovski Brand Control Agreement, please fill out the questionnaire below so your business can be reviewed. If eligible, we will forward this information to Swarovski in order for you to receive the Brand Control Agreement. If you have any questions about the requirements or the process, please contact us, and we will be happy to assist you.

*If you already have signed a Brand Control Agreement with Swarovski, have a GSK # and would like to purchase from us, you are still required to fill out the form below. Please make sure to provide us with your GSK # when submitting the form.

*If you already have an account set up with us and have been approved for purchasing Swarovski crystals from HARMAN, please login to your account for access to Swarovski crystals on our website.

Hotfix Rhinestone Tutorial - How to use Hotfix Bling on a T-Shirt!


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How To Embellish Fabric using Swarovski HotFix Crystals


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