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Our potato spring Slicer is checked at each stage and the final Spiral Fry Cutter products are tested calll us at 0091-9703202020

Our potato spring Slicer is checked at each stage and the final Spiral Fry Cutter products are tested against stringent commercial quality standards ensuring timely delivery in the process. Just Ribbon potato Fries is a Twisted Chips machine frying and dispensing French Fries in no time. These appreciated snacks are fried on demand in Restaurants and manual, and dispensed hot and crispy. Just curly fries offers for choices of Chip Twister on sausage which is dispensed in a little box together with a napkin and a small fork.

Quality is a never-compromising factor for us that are achieved through rigorous quality measures, streamlined & scrutinized manufacturing process & thorough testing of finished curly fries, potato cutter products. We have a team of professional that check every fine detail & property of Ribbon fry Manufacturer prior to delivery.

We have advanced chipstix manufacturing factory fully equipped with the latest Spiral Potato machinery to facilitate our production. Our efficient workforce makes optimum use of the resources available in house as well as from our associates involved with us to achieve high quality Chip Twister maker products.

Repair & Maintenance/ After sales services: We also offer repair, maintenance & service of our potato tornado cutter products to enhance their productivity & increase their life. Our engineers are just a phone call away in case of any requirement arises regarding product performance.

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The potato cutter RCKS-2 is made of stainless steel and is extremely resistant, durable and easy to clean. The professional device can be integrated into any catering kitchen with its manageable, space-saving dimensions. There are four non-slip rubber feet, which always ensure optimum grip on the work surface.

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The spiral cutter is - quite traditionally - manually operated with a simple crank mechanism and can be used anywhere. The fruits or vegetables are simply put into the holder. Spiral disks are created by simply operating the stable hand crank and using special blades. These can then be caught in a bowl or put onto a wooden skewer.

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With the fries cutter RCKS-2 you can cut spiral potatoes or potato chips in a short amount of time, which can be fried for about 3-5 minutes in the deep fryer and be seasoned at will. Let your imagination run wild and offer your guests tasty snacks, such as: tempura potatoes, vegetable chips or zucchini spaghetti as a low-calorie pasta alternative.

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Safety first - the lever on the left side of the device blocks the connecting rod. During breaks, the curly fries cutter can be left standing unattended.

  • Potato cutter for preparing vegetable chips or curly fries
  • For bistros, restaurants, catering companies or events
  • Compact construction and simple design
  • Low-maintenance stainless steel with non-slip rubber knobs
  • Manual operation with a crank

Curly Fries Cutter

With the curly fries cutter RCKS-2 by Royal Catering, you can instantly turn potatoes or other suitable fruits and vegetables into even and perfect spirals for salad buffets or for preparing delicious curly fries or vegetable chips. The device was specially designed for the professional catering industry and is ideal for catering, snack or restaurant operations. Due to its easy operation, the fries cutter is a great device for all passionate hobby cooks.

Shipping dimensions (LxWxH)
  • Potato cutter RCKS-2
  • Crank
  • Mounting equipment
  • Instruction manual

I work with professional products every day. For this video, I made sure to test the device thoroughly. You can take a close look at how this product works and then decide which model is best for your business. I hope my video and tips will help to make your business even more successful.

Head chef of prestigious restaurants in Sydney and Warsaw. An experienced and professional restaurateur

What material is the curly fries cutter made of?

The curly fries cutter is made of high-quality, resilient stainless steel.

How do I clean the curly fries cutter?

The stainless steel casing is easy to clean with water and common cleaning products. The blades can be removed if necessary and be cleaned with water and detergent.

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Industrial Cutting Systems

How do they cut potatoes in a potato processing plant?

How do they cut potatoes in a potato processing plant?

Good question, but no easy answer. One thing is sure, most industrial cutting systems are quite amazing. But different products require different cutting machines.

Regular French Fries, wedges and steak Fries

Regular french fries and wedges are cut using a water gun. This is the work horse for a regular french fries plant.

The image above shows such a cutting system.

After potatoes have been sorted on size, a big pump pumps water with the potatoes in it at high speed through a static knife block. Each size of potatoes goes to a set-up that is specifically tuned for that size. E.g the set-up shown above has three different lanes.

A special aligning device right in front of the knife block makes sure the potatoes hit the center of the block are cut length-wise.

Speeds are something like 80 km/hour.

The potato strips are separated from the water and the water is returned to the pump, to be used again with new uncut potatoes.

Crinkle cut Fries, Thick slices

Since you can only cut straight products with a water gun (put your 3D insight to work and you can probably figure out why), crinkle cut fries are cut with a mechanical cutter.

Such a cutter type is typically used for thick slices as well.

Crinkle cut fries

Curly Fries

Curly Fries are cut by a rotating cutter specifically designed to cut curly fries.

Curly fries require a special cutter set-up

Some people have difficulty believing all french fries are just cut from potatoes and I can especially forgive you if you think this for curly fries. But really they are! The principle is more or less the same as for the apple slicer below.

The principle to cut curly fries is more or less the same as shown here for an apple slicer

Potato Cubes


Potato Chips

A fast rotating drum with knives on the outside, cuts thin slices from a potato as it goes around the drum. A potato chips cutter is shown in the header of the mechanical cutting section

Yes, all require different equipment.
Spiral Fry








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Machine curly potato

Spiral Potato Cutter and Curly French Fries,China price supplier

(We'l l choose the most suitable way and lowest delivery cost for you.)
Warranty Time 2 years
Customer Service Lifetime technical support and accessories supply.


These enhancements mean that the manufacturing process becomes far more economical, environment friendly ,fully safe ,easy to operate. This system is ideally suited for Potato Chips, Twisted potato Chips and other low bulk density products like chipstix on hot dogs, chipstix on stick (salt snacks) Indian sweets, This system is available in different sizes depending upon the production capacity.

 Available with us nice Stainless Steel Twisted Chips machine which is fabricated out of Twisted Chips on hot dogs and ensures sturdy design. Being highly efficient, these offer long lasting operation.
This Ribbon fry machine can run by either single or 3-phase motor as per customers demand / facility of electricity.

 This Spiral Fry machine is also made of stainless steel Spiral Potato Franchise& it makes chips of Potato running by either 3-phase OR single phase electric motor. This chipstix (chipstick) machine is made of stainless steel & it dries the chips of Potato & discharge water from other outlet making chips dry & ready for frying.

This machine also runs by either 220V,240V OR 110V electric motor . 

This Tornado Fries machine makes the Tornado chips. Peeling of potato before making chips in this Tornado Fries machine is done manually by 6 to 7 unskilled labour. Just one has to keep feeding peeled potatoes by using both Chip Twister on stick hands one after another and chips falls directly into frying vessel (bhatti) & frying starts in the oil. 

We can offer / supply complete Potato chips machine to make best quality crispy chips / wafer from potato . We do have complete DVD of working plant, in-case if you want to buy the same to see the plant in working before taking final purchase decision.
 This Twisted Chips machine adopts Spiral Potato on stick to drive and is equipped with round taper to transmit power. After the potato peeling, the Ribbon fry machine can sliced the peeled potato directly. 


Spiral Fry machine is a new type of extruding food processing line franchise and developed by ourselves snack food machine Double-screw Extruder

 1. Ribbon fry machine 2. Twisted chips machine 3. Inflating food processing line4. Spiral Potato cutter
 5. Twin screw food extruder6. Puffed corn/rice machine snacks food machine is a popular of extruding food processing line

studied and developed by ourselves on the basis of learning from advance technology in the world so that its technical performance and quality of produce both reach to the most advanced in the world. This spiral potato on stick will finish mixing, extruding, drying or frying , spraying and producing in one-pass operation automatically.

This line features lots of types, flexible collocation, extensive applied materials, various products and easy operation.   
  This Twisted Chips slicer is for pellet and chips producing by single-screw extruder.
The raw material can be potato starch, corn starch, cassava starch, wheat flour, etc.
Through extruding cooking, the pellet can be different shapes like shell, Spiral Potato on skewer, Ribbon Potato franchise circle tube, and so on.

  After drying the pellet need frying to get expanded, this line is characterized by unique technique, ration configuration, high automation and stable performance. 

1.Fully stainless steel material  2 Professional motor  3Life time warranty

4High quality Multifunction blade. 5Dimensions-45x15x16cm weight 8kg

7.Forward reverse switch  8 Power LED  9.On and off switch
10.16 flavours available  11.with counter (LCD)
12 automatic control forward and backward

13.Pioneer In China  14Unconventional Design  15Export Exclusively



Q.  What type of oil should I use to fry?
A.  SUNFLOWER OIL is highly can be used to fry spiral potato once made
.Q. Must the whole skewer be emerged in the oil?
A you can fry the ribbon fry in any way.
Q  How will I remove the twisted potato  from the oil once cooked?
A.  With a pair of stainless steel tongs. Grip the curly fry the same manner
as you would a kebab.

Q.  What is the minimum size skewer that I can use in my Chipstix s kind machine?
A.  The chiptwister machine  is designed to fit a custom made bamboo skewer measuring 4mm in diameter and 350--400mm
Q.  What type and size potato should I use for spiral fry machine?
A.  any medium size potato can be used to make potato on stick.


  At 528 spiral potato we come up with a few FAQ's.

Shipment : via DHL(3-5day)

(We'l l choose the most suitable way and lowest delivery cost for you.)

china mr tang

We are looking for international distributors worldwide

Large quantities, the price and then discuss

Tip: please contact with Mr Tang, communication is good, and then orders

On freight, on-line is only a reference, provide detailed address to  mr tang, provide cheaper freight



we are factory ,not trade company,so we can offer you the lowest price an best products



Other Products

Company Profile

Name: Chinapotatocutter Company
Main Products: Chipstix machine,Tornado fries machine,Chip twister cutter,Ribbon fry slicer,Twist Potato cutter,Spiral potato machine
Business Type: Manufacture
Total Employees: < 20
Total Annual Revenue: Below US$1 Million
Main Markets: North America,South America,Eastern Europe,Southeast Asia,Africa,Oceania,Mid East,Eastern Asia,Western Europe,
Address: 84,Dali,Qinxing Town, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province.China

Basic Information
Company Name: 528 spiral Potato Company (www-chinapotatocutter-com)
Business Type: Manufacturer
(We Sell):528 Chipstix machine,Tornado fries machine,Chip twister cutter,Ribbon fry slicer,Twist Potato cutter,Spiral potato machine,Twisted Chips slicer,Chipstix potato cutter,French fries cutter,Tornado potato slicer,Chip twister machine,French fries machine,Spiral Fry slicer,Ribbon potato machine,Twisted chips cutter
Factory Information
Contract Manufacturing: OEM Service Offered Design Service Offered Buyer Label Offered

Paderno's 3-Blade Spiralizer: Great for Curly Fries, Apple Chips \u0026 Zoodles

Maszynka do chipsów, zakręcony ziemniak 15463

Maszynka do chipsów, zakręcony ziemniak
Maszynka ręczna do krojenia ziemniaków w formie zakręconych frytek
Spiral Potato Slicer zdjęcie real

Zgadnij, co ma więcej witaminy C niż jabłko

Co to jest zakręcony ziemniak? Na czym można go zrobić?

Wiecie, że ziemniak to bomba witaminowa? A że ziemniaki mają pięć razy mniej kalorii niż kasze? No właśnie nie wszyscy wiedzą jak korzystne jest jedzenie ziemniaków. Oczywiście muszą być odpowiednio przyrządzane. Ale jak od czasu do czasu zjesz ziemniaka w postaci frytek, placków czy chociażby zakręcone chipsy z ziemniaka to nie będzie to wielki grzech. Nie tylko dzieciaki przepadają za kręconymi chipsami z ziemniaków. Otulone w przeróżnych przyprawach upieczone w oleju szturmem zdobyły nadmorskie miejscowości. A co ty na to, by takie same zakręcone ziemniaki zrobić w domu? Nie dość, że dużo taniej to i dużo zdrowsze.

Ile kosztuje taka maszynka do zakręconych ziemniaków?

Profesjonalne maszynki do wykrawania takich chipsów są drogie i duże, ale na potrzeby domowe starczy spokojnie stołowa maszynka. Nie duże pieniądze a radość dzieciaków bezcenna. Kupując taką maszynkę mamy pewność, że nasze chipsy są upieczone w czystym nieprzepalonym oleju a przyprawy, których użyjemy nie będą czystą mieszanką glutaminianu sodu. Prosta w obsłudze, bo wystarczy tylko nabić ziemniaka i pokręcić korbką a zakręcony ziemniak gotowy. Potem tylko obsypać i upiec. Jeżeli jesteśmy przeciwnikami smażenia w głębokim tłuszczu takie ziemniaka możemy tez upiec w piekarnika będziemy wtedy mieli ziemniaka typu Hasselback.

Poniżej zdjęcie real sprzedawanego zestawu:

Wysoka jakość wykonania
Posiada ostre ostrze do robienia spirali
Łatwa i wygodna w użyciu
Posiada przyssawkę do mocowana na płaskiej powierzchni


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