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More Information about BMW R 850 RT, BMW R 1100 RT and BMW R 1150 RT

The BMW R 1150 RT ✅ is a first class travel tourer that is made especially for longer tours. With it's 95 HP and a capacity it has enough power to drive sporty. With Integral-ABS it has the right break system to catch this power. The Chassis is trimed for traveling, which gives the relatively heavy machine an comfortable handling. The BMW R1150RT is the follower of the still popular BMW R1100RT. The BMW R850RT was only used for puclic authories.

The Foot Peg Lowerering also known as Vario Footrest System changes the flexion in your knees. You wont feel any pain even on longer tours. Our Alu and High-Grade-Steel-Products like Key Holder, GPS mountings, oil filter plugs, handlebar risers and speedometer trims give great visual effects on your machine. Of course we offer individual Seat Bench Modifications for your RT. Very popular is a Top Case with backrest cushion for the co-driver. Tank Bag and Inside Bags are made out of waterproof fabric to our specification. Very good wind protectionV-Stream Windscreen. The sitting posture and drivers body height matters, but that is no problem with the RT because the windscreen is electronically height adjustable. Perfect tours can be planed on your PC and then copied to our TomTom or Garmin Navigation Systems or to other GPS receivers. For all popular Navigation Systems we have a suitable mounting. For your driving comfort we have the wireless Interphone with Bloototh. Of course this Intercom System is, as far as it's also installed at the co-drivers helmet, a wireless communication system. You can also use it with your mobile phone or bluetoothcapable radio. Spares and Wearing Parts from oirginal manufacturer like engine oil, transmission oil, batteries, gel-batteries, oil filter tools, oil filter, air cleaner, break pads, break disks and sparking plugs are always on stock. Tools, Battery Chargers and Garage Trolleys are essential for everyone who loves to work on the bike. Our Paint Protection is a great guard agains scratches on your motorcycle. Öhlins Suspensions and Chassis by Wilbers or WP are characterized for perfection and comfort.


Spares for BMW R1100RT, BMW R1150RT

For the starting season you certainly need some spares ✅ for your R1100RT or R1150RT. Starting with our engine oil, our cardan- and transmission oil to our filters and break pads you can find anything in our assortment. The mineral or synthetic engine oil of the latest generation meets the requirements of BMW's specifications or classifications and because of this, they fit perfectly to the superior BMW riders. Only the correct Oil filter ensures that your oil is free of all particles for long engine life and a perfect smooth running. To remove the oil filter easily, you will need our oil filter tool made of high grade steel. Due to the changeover to fuel injection technic a reliable fuel filter is essential, because with a fuel filter an irregular fuel injection will be avoided. In air cleaners we trust in K&N air filters. With a regular basis of cleaning and in additon with the Recharger Filter Care Service Kit a very long lifetime is guaranteed. Your engine's power and function is also up to the right spark plugs. A maximum break power for the R1100RT and the R1150RT guarantee our break discs by LUCAS. They are characterizde by enormous long life time. The High performance Copper Paste by Procyle is resistant -30C to +1300C. It is cold, hot and sea water resistant. An absolute must when you install new brake pads. I addition it is important for the break system that you change the break fluid every second year. The Anti Squeal Paste can be used for the whole brake system (bolts, pins, ...). It will avoid squeaking. Clutch linings by LUCAS are worldwide first choice. A maximum traction in any circumstance is guaranteed.
But what's the use on a neat R1100RT and R1150RT when your bike doesn't startup. With our Gel-batteries you will always have a safe start and enough power for all additional equipment. The Gel-batteries by LICENCE and LANDPORT BV as well as the EXIDE GEL have been developed for highest standards. The Battery Pole Fat makes sure a safe start, good lightning and extends the batteries lifetime.

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Used - Front mudguard rear section | MUT13723

Fits these models:


fits R1100RT

fits R1100RS

fits R850R 02

fits R1150R

fits R850RT 02

fits R1150RT

fits R1150RS

 MUT13723 also used as:


Fits R850RT, R1100RT, R1100RS, R850R 02, R1150R, R850RT 02, R1150RT,... Show All...

Associated BMW part: 46612313732 (46 61 2 313 732)


R1150RT (R22)



12-Engine Electrics

13-Fuel Preparation

 16-Fuel Supply


18-Exhaust System


23-Manual Transmission

 31-Front Suspension


 33-Rear Axle & Suspension




46-Frame, Fairing, Cases

51-Vehicle Trim


 61-Electrical System


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