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Brace yourselves Australia, ‘Trivago girl’ may be taking an extended holiday

SHE’S developed a cult following thanks to the Trivago ads but Gabrielle Miller may no longer be gracing our screens as the Expedia-owned travel aggregator switches its marketing direction.

Trivago said it’s because consumers are increasingly choosing experiences and personalised searches over discount hotel beds, The Australian reported.

Ms Miller, who was completely oblivious to her huge fan following when she spoke to back in June last year, had been used in the Trivago ads in its local, New Zealand, British, Irish, American and South African advertising campaigns.

But the emphasis is now on allowing travellers to choose from a range of filters — whether they want a party-style hotel, pet-friendly accommodation, free breakfasts or even a sailing adventure on a smart yacht.

According to The Australian, from Sunday the travel company will steer consumers to its new range of booking options offered on the two million hotels across 400 booking sites that it represents.

Trivago’s Dusseldorf-based regional manager Diana Vidovic told the publisher consumers were now more interested in factors such as getting a personalised experience — an amazing pool and great restaurants.

The TV campaign will be launched in Australia on Sunday ahead of a global release if it resonates well with consumers.

If you don’t know much about Ms Miller aka the “Trivago girl”, we can tell you all that she auditioned for the company on a nude beach.

Early last year after we published our story on the woman from the Ford commercials who also, unbeknown to her, had developed quite a cult following, we received hundreds of requests from readers to track down the woman from the Trivago commercials.

She gave us a quick rundown of her nomadic life and that Trivago audition.

“I was touring in Greece when I received the invite for the audition,” she told last year.

“We were camping on a nudist beach on the island of Crete. The request was to dress as a Hollywood star, casual but fashionable, and to imagine that I was in an animated studio preferably against a white background.

“Of course I had none of the above therefore I had to be resourceful, so I wedged the camera between two rocks, wiped the zinc off my face and filmed a rough version of the script while trying to avoid too many bare bottoms in the background!”

Back then she had filmed close to 20 Trivago commercials which were shot in Berlin and Melbourne.

She also told that she had never been recognised from the commercials.

“I’m good at disguises,” Ms Miller said at the time, and was totally oblivious that she had such a massive following.

“What? No, I wasn’t aware. Sounds very unlikely. Tell me more.”


Travel Weekly

Move over, Trivago Girl, because there’s a new ad in town.

That’s right – if you loved the company’s trademark woman, we may have some bad news.

The much-loved ad was replaced earlier this week with a new, more modern campaign – which is more in tune with Trivago’s new “all-encompassing” visualisation.

To get the scoop on exactly what this new campaign means to Trivago, we spoke to Diana Vidovic, regional manager for Trivago, who said that whilst Trivago Girl isn’t gone for good just yet, she’s taking a hiatus.

“Trivago Girl, played by Australian Gabrielle Miller, has been phenomenally successful in building brand awareness and encouraging travellers to visit our website so that they can compare the different hotels on offer.

“However, over the last year we have been moving towards a more holistic approach focusing on the complete travel experience, rather than just price comparison, and these new ads have pre-tested highly for audience engagement,” she told TW.

The old campaign proved very popular among Aussies and the rest of the world, but Vidovic said the instructional video may have run its course in Australia.

“As opposed to Trivago Girl which is very instructional, come to the website, pick your dates, and here’s the price, the new ad is more inspirational right now and focused on a destination as opposed to just how to use the website,” she said.

“One of the things that we’ve seen is that Australians, rather than just wanting to be a tourist abroad or overseas, they’re wanting to be a part of the experience. We’ve seen that many travellers are not only price sensitive, it’s really more about finding your ideal hotel but also gaining all the benefits around it,” she said.

According to Phocuswright research, four out of five people participate in a tour, activity, ticketed event or attraction during their trip and two out of five people research these before they book their flights or accommodation.

Which is exactly why Trivago’s new ad is all about the experience.

“You’ve decided where you want to travel to, you’ve made a decision and now need a hotel,” she said.

“Whereas now, the new campaign is very inspirational at the beginning.”

The campaign, set in Thailand, was produced by Johnathon Laing, a kiwi who works in Trivago’s creative production team in Dusseldorf.

“When he first showed me the draft and I was listening to is and I was like ‘oh this guy’s voice is amazing we should totally have his voice in the spot’. So I contacted Johnathan because I thought that it would fit the Australian market,” Vidovic explained.

The new campaign highlights Trivago’s filters – not just the obvious ones like free wifi, air conditioning, close to beach, or swimming pool – but also by typing in features like ‘sailing’, ‘hiking trail,’ ‘honeymoon,’ or even ‘party people’, which have been made more prominent on the website.

Trivago has also introduced accommodation options from holiday home website Stayz,

“In the past we were focused on just mainly comparing hotels but now another way that we’re trying to be more all-encompassing is by including other alternative accommodation partners,” Vidovic said.

And whilst Trivago has only partnered with HomeAway (who recently bought out Stayz) for now, Vidovic said that the company is “very open” to partnering with Airbnb in the future too.

“If you want to search for different types of accommodation like a serviced apartment, holiday home, then you can also make it available in the search because we’ve also seen that what is the definition of a hotel anymore has become so broad,” she said.

Including other forms of accommodation is all part of Trivago’s mission to be all-encompassing, which Vidovic said will help position the company as “travel experts” in the industry.

“In the past we were more of a hotel expert, and we were advising our consumers on the best way to use a website to get the hotel that they want. Whereas now it’ll kind of flip us around to the front.

“Say someone is thinking of going on a holiday next weekend, if they want more inspiration they can go to Trivago and start searching and thinking of ideas about where is the best place to stay.

“We also have another product called the Trivago Magazine, and this is our blog. On here we feature a lot of different boutique hotels, like really unique things like the Hello Kitty hotel in Japan. So this is another area where we are trying to position ourselves more as a travel expert,” Vidovic said.

Watch this space, though, because Trivago Girl isn’t gone forever yet.

“We’re seeing people using metasearches to find other factors like wanting to find the best experience they can get. So that was the main reason for the shift,” Vidovic said.

“That doesn’t mean the Trivago Girl is gone. We are always testing different options.”

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Brits are VERY freaked out by the woman on the Trivago advert… for a hilarious reason

THE British public have been left feeling freaked out by the Trivago advert - which is popping up all over the place in the capital.

Some baffled commuters have even joked that it feels like they're being followed along their daily routes.

Trivago have hit the nail on the head with their latest campaign - as social media users can't stop talking about it.

In the promotional image, a brunette woman stares straight towards the camera standing behind the hotel comparison website's search tool.

While the snap looks harmless enough at first glance, the number of these adverts springing up has made the advert a hot topic of discussion.

The British public have been sharing photos of the advertising epidemic online.

In some, rows of the simple campaign shot can be seen in the space of a few metres.

One Twitter user joked: "I see the @trivago woman more than I see my missus at the moment."

Some have remarked that it's like being watched or followed around London.

One Brit tweeted: "The Trivago woman is everywhere. Staring into the very fabric of your soul."

Another agreed: "Getting the tube at the moment is essentially a bad dream where you're constantly being followed by the woman from the Trivago advert."

While the response may not have been what the hotel comparison website was intending, it certainly has raised their profile.

And they're not the only company whose advertising team has caused a stir.

A Kazakhstani travel company filmed an advert with naked flight attendants – and it backfired spectacularly.

And there was a sexism outrage after a Chinese Audi advert compared women to second hand cars.


The Trivago Woman Is Everywhere In London And It's Freaking People Out

A good advert can capture our attention and stick with us. For radio, they reckon for every one-pound spent, there's an eight-pound boost to a company's finance.

Clear Channel Direct, a bus-stop advertising specialist, have 35,000 panels receiving 212 million views across the UK every fortnight.

So, with a good advert, you've got a captive audience. However, one advert in London is creeping out the residents, tourists and commuters.

We all know Trivago - the hotel search engine which finds you the best deals.

Credit: Trivago

Their adverts on TV have been fronted by a lovely brown-haired Australian woman who tells us how simple it is to type, click and select to get the cheapest rate on a hotel room.

However, it would seem that the advertising agency has gone overboard on their spending, and have literally bombarded Londoners with her face.

She's everywhere.

In fact, she so common on the London Underground that you can't walk two yards without seeing her face - and she's started to scare people.

One twitter user, Vincent, wrote: "The Trivago woman is everywhere. Staring into the very fabric of your soul."

Another, Shaun Kitchener, added: "Honestly if God is real, he's gonna have a hard time being more omnipresent in London than the Trivago woman."

Jason Sinclair said: "If an alien landed in London they'd think the Trivago woman runs things."

The 'Trivago Woman' is an Australian performance artist called Gabrielle Miller.

When she got the job, she was happy to prove the bosses wrong about her reach. Speaking to the company's website, she said: "I'm really happy about it because in the first stages of the audition, they were like, 'we think you'd definitely work for Australia, but we don't know about the UK' - so I'm glad it's being well received.

Credit: Mark Fernyhough/Facebook

Gabrielle may be freaking out the British capital, but her family can't get enough of her.

She added: "My grandparents are glued to the television now. When I come on my grandma calls all of her friends, she is proud. My family and friends are very happy for me."

Don't think you'll recognise her in the street though, Gabrielle admits she likes to dress 'a bit more dishevelled or crazily'. The Trivago woman side of her is the one, she states, you'd 'take home to your mother'.

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