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Harry Potter: 10 Brilliant Memes About The Wizarding World

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter is vast and magical, complicated and complex, ingenious and spellbinding. There are magical places for wizarding needs, several places for magical education, depending on where one lives, laws, magical foods, magical sports and games, and a ministry for magic.

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It is a whole different world, a fantasy, yet it became so real to so many. Some things are brilliant and breathtaking, some are illogical, and others are mysteries to both muggles and wizards. Fans take to creative means to make observations and address content from the books and films.

10 Hogwarts' Security

The.maraudersmemes has highlighted the fact that Hogwarts is a constant place of infiltration - a place that has about as much security as a cheese puff has structural integrity in place of a lock.

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Voldemort and Quirrell were hired, Tom Riddle's diary came in with the luggage, Sirius Black broke into the grounds, Barty Crouch Junior made an appearance in the form of Mad-Eye Moody, there was murder on the grounds, cursed items thrown into the mix, and a break in via Vanishing Cabinet.

9 The Hogwarts Sorting

No one is one quality. "We've all got both light and dark inside us. What matters is the part we choose to act on. That's who we really are."

No Hogwarts House is simply one thing or another, accepting only a certain type of personality. Although it might appear that way at first, as shown by Carl Kinsella's post of the Hogwarts Founders, in reality, each House is far deeper and more complex than the Sorting Hat's song suggests, especially if one looks at the lyrics with a fresh and reasonable perspective.

8 The Ministry Of Magic's Denial

It didn't matter what Harry said, the Ministry of Magic corrupted his words and made him look like a fool. They blamed Sirius Black for the signs of Voldemort's return, ignoring any claims or proof presented by Dumbledore and other esteemed voices of reason. Fudge called Cedric's death an "unfortunate accident."

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The investigation was subpar, to say the least - anything to delay the inevitable. Had Fudge not seen Voldemort for that brief instance inside the Ministry of Magic, his denial would have continued to place the Wizarding World in danger. Harrypottermemes has used this Umbrella Academy meme template to portray their chance encounter.

7 Owls

Prongsmydeer brings up a valid point in this text post. How do owls really work in the Wizarding World? Are they magical? Have they been trained?

At one time, Harry had written Snuffles on the envelope he was sending to Sirius as code for if the letter was intercepted, but told Hedwig that it was really for Sirius. Pottermore explains that the process is a mystery, even to those who train owls to become pets or postal owls.

6 Harry's Wizarding World Welcome

For 11 years, young Harry Potter had no idea the Wizarding World even existed. He had experienced things he couldn't explain and was punished by the Durselys, who knew what he truly was.

The night Harry was placed on the Dursley's doorstep, wizards flooded the streets and celebrated Voldemort's apparent defeat. When Harry was told that he was a wizard and entered the Wizarding World, he had no idea what he was in for. The.maraudersmemes has summarised Harry's experience using a still from The Office.

5 Quills & Inkwells

Writing with a quill and ink is an art. Without the correct form, there are sure to be inkblots, smudges, and illegible writing.  It's especially difficult if one is a muggle who is making the change from pen and pencil to quill.

But ink and quill does have quite the aesthetic and a magical feel to it. When someone thinks about Wizards, modern things don't really come to mind. But logically, as danielkanhai points out, it doesn't make much sense. Maybe there is a solution in the fountain pen.

4 All Exams Are Cancelled

Dumbledore is the Headmaster of Hogwarts. Does that give him the authority to cancel school exams? Yes. Does it give him the authority to cancel O.W.Ls and N.E.W.Ts? Probably not. The future of those students is safe, or relatively safe, depending on how well they do in their exams and their dependence on the results, or if they even need them for their chosen career path.

So even if Dumbledore did cancel all exams, the students could choose to complete them. The O.W.Ls and N.E.W.Ts are only hosted by Hogwarts, while their content is created by the Ministry and overseen by external examiners. As harrypottermemes has shown, the initial announcement would still manage to create some panic.

3 The Goblet Has Spoken

The Wizarding World is pretty intense, especially for Harry. He faced obstacle after obstacle from the moment he was told he was a wizard. He was the Chosen One, and with the title came his destiny.

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One challenge began after his name came out of the Goblet of Fire when he hadn't put it in, to begin with, In fact, he was underage. Charlesoberonn shows the Wizarding World's decision in comparison to what the muggle world would have done.

2 Fake News

Rita Skeeter was the gossip provider in the Wizarding World and everyone just drank it up. In the novel, she is revealed to be an unregistered Animagus - a beetle. It was how she knew so much about private matters and was able to listen in on conversations. She exaggerated, twisted, and wrote unsavory articles about whoever and whatever she could. But the Wizarding World still read her words with great enthusiasm, as harrypottermemes clearly shows in this meme.

1 A Different Plan

There are many ways Harry could have been moved from Privet Drive to a safe and protected location. The plan they chose, however, was one of daring and danger. But hey, they were moving the Chosen One, so any plan would have included some form of danger.

Balfies explores the what-if of a situation where they rely more heavily on muggle transport and interactions instead of magical modes of travel. Would it have resulted in more deaths? The answer is near definite, as flying in the sky moved the danger away from muggle witnesses and fatalities.

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10 Funny AF Meme Pages On Insta That'll Put A Smile On Your Face During These Tough Times

Disclaimer: Bearing in mind the current health crisis befalling the city and the world at large, we're tweaking our content policy and recommendations. Stay positive, keep hygiene levels up and don't fall prey to panic and misinformation.

When the going gets tough, one thing that makes us smile no matter what are the memes. Every social media platform is filled with a plethora of memes and some of ‘em even leave you in splits because they’re relatable AF. While we were scrolling through the ‘Gram (‘cause what else is there to do nowadays?), we came across these brilliant meme pages, and of course, we’re here to tell you guys all about them!

1. @rajaravivarmamemes | Raja Ravi Varma Memes 

article image

This might be a comparatively newer meme page but it’s sure winning a lot of hearts with its cheeky and entertaining ode to Raja Ravi Varma, who was a celebrated Malayali painter and artist. The posts perfectly describe the daily woes of millennials and their ability to create some apt, kickass memes is worth checking out!

Followers | 10 K
Follow Them On Insta Here |

2. @tedthestoner | Ted The Stoner

article image

Jitendra Sharma is the guy who’s running one of the most successful meme pages in the country. He’s determined to change mindsets with his memes, something he has been doing successfully since the page was launched. He’s an animal lover at heart, who also helps in the adoption of animals across the country!

Followers | 1.2 M
Follow Them On Insta Here |

3. @kalesalad | Memes

article image

Samir Mezrahi had only one goal, that is to retweet the original source of jokes and stolen tweets. Since then, he also helps people to see who stole their tweets and where was it uploaded. Samir also believes that memes bring people together, and you must check out his Insta for a fun time!

Followers | 3.8 M
Follow Them On Insta Here |

4. @shitheadsteve | Shitheadsteve

article image

Touted to be the best meme page for straight 10 years, Shitheadsteve is an original meme creator whose memes will make you laugh till your cheeks hurt and you’ll relate to 100%. He posts several times in a day and his content is not only engaging but is pretty creative too, so go cheggit!

Followers | 5.7 M
Follow Them On Insta Here |

5. @memes |

article image

A meme page with 6.3 M followers, Memes is what you need to get through these grim times! His posts are incredibly rib-tickling and usually in the form of pictures and animated captions. Y’all need to follow this active page if you’re looking for some ah-mazing memes.

Followers | 6.3 M
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6. @thefatjewish | thefatjewish

article image

Joshua Ostrovsky AKA The Fat Jewish’s Insta account is filled with funny videos, feminism and of course, a huge variety of captions and statuses that you won’t be able to stop posting on your profile. We’ve been following him for quite some time, and he never fails to amaze us with this humour, so folks, go check out his account yourself!

Followers | 11 M
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7. @sarcasm_only | ecards

article image

If there’s one meme account that has been a favourite since years, then it has to be sarcasm_only. The lovelies behind this account post ecards and meme representations that we love to see and post. BTW, ladies, y’all will be able to relate to this account more, go check it and you’ll know what we’re talking about!

Followers | 14.7 M
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8. @daquan | Daquan 

article image

Daquan’s posts garner likes and views faster than wind and we’re so not exaggerating when we say this! Even the Hollywood A-listers like Justin Bieber, Kendall Jenner and Kevin Hart follow this account. You’ll mostly find twitter screenshots on sports, pop culture, childhood and nostalgia here, all of which guarantee a hearty laugh!

Followers | 14.7 M
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9. @fuckjerry | FUCKJERRY

article image

Well, you must be living under the rock if you’re not following FUCKJERRY yet. Their entire kickass content is owned by them and their jokes, memes & other creative works will give you a good time. Have a look at their page and give ‘em a follow if their memes make you smile!

Followers | 15.3 M
Follow Them On Insta Here |

10. 9gag | 9GAG: Go Fun The World

article image

Now, this one needs no introduction. Undoubtedly the most popular meme account on the ‘Gram, 9GAG is not just a page but a community. It is the best source of fun that’ll fill your feed with viral videos, popular memes and breaking stories. They also have an app where you can share your own memes with the members!

Followers | 51.9 M
Follow Them On Insta Here |

There goes our list about the best meme pages you can find on Insta. Which pages do y’all follow? Let us know in the comments below!

  1. Vegeta custom
  2. Channellock vacuum filter
  3. Barrage freight
  4. Hp omen 5


The social media was flooded by memes related to MS Dhoni after India's ODI series win in Australia.

  • Jan 18, 2019, 07:12 PM IST

MS Dhoni was adjudged the Man of the Series after he guided India to a comfortable seven-wicket win in the third ODI, thus securing a maiden 2-1 series win in Australia. The former Indian captain has been under a lot of scrutiny due to his recent form. However, Dhoni scored three successive half centuries in this series showing what he was still capable of. Dhoni fans were quick to hit back at the 'haters' for their criticism of Dhoni in the past.

MS Dhoni's innings triggered a flood of memes on social media as his fans took shots at the critics.

(If you can't see more than one slide, click here)

1. MS Dhoni memes

MS Dhoni memes


While MS Dhoni may never utter these words, his innings felt like a full 'diss' to his distractors. 

(Image: Twitter)

2. MS Dhoni memes

MS Dhoni memes


What kind of magic is this, MS?

(Image: Twitter)

3. MS Dhoni memes

MS Dhoni memes


MS Dhoni fans were brutal to the so-called haters. 

(Image: Twitter)

4. MS Dhoni memes

MS Dhoni memes


Yes, Dhoni is taking us to the 2019 World Cup.

(Image: Twitter)

5. MS Dhoni memes

MS Dhoni memes


MS Dhoni is immune to the #10YearChallenge

(Image: Twitter)

6. MS Dhoni memes

MS Dhoni memes


Dhoni haters will need a place to hide from Dhoni fans tonight.

(Image: Twitter)

7. MS Dhoni memes

MS Dhoni memes


'Ristey mein to hum...'

(Image: Twitter)

8. MS Dhoni memes

MS Dhoni memes


#10YearChallenge with Dhoni: finishing matches and destroying haters with ease in 2009 and 2019.

(Image: Twitter)

9. MS Dhoni memes

MS Dhoni memes


Mahendra 'Bahubali' Dhoni is back with a bang.

(Image: Twitter)

10. MS Dhoni memes

MS Dhoni memes


There's no doubt that Dhoni is not finished yet. 

(Image: Twitter)

11. MS Dhoni memes

MS Dhoni memes


Dhoni's critics will need to do some explaining.

(Image: Twitter)

12. MS Dhoni memes

MS Dhoni memes


Never underestimate the power of MS Dhoni.

(Image: Twitter)

Funny and Brilliant Test Answers, Vol 3 (Kids Memes 2021)

‘Lord’ Shardul Thakur memes flood social media after he scores consecutive half-centuries vs England: Read what he thinks about the nickname

Shardul Thakur scored a brilliant 60 runs off 72 balls in the second innings of the 4th test match between India versus England. Following his stunning batting display, marked by fours and sixes, ‘Lord’ Shardul Thakur memes have flooded social media. ‘Lord’ is a nickname that fans have awarded the cricketer for his great performances over time.

A century-run partnership for the 7th wicket between Thakur and Rishabh Pant has propelled India to a 346 run lead with two wickets to spare. Thakur was dismissed for 60 runs by Joe Root and Pant fell to Moeen Ali for a well-made 50.

People on social media showed their appreciation for Thakur with ‘Lord’ memes celebrating the cricketer. One meme showed the Queen of England saying that she believes in ‘Lord Shardul Supremacy’.

Another user highlighted the fact Thakur’s half centuries in both the innings of the 4th test match came at times when the Indian cricket team was in a bit of trouble.

Another showed Shardul Thakur wearing a crown.

One user remarked that Thakur is ‘Lord for a reason’.

Others hailed the all-rounder for his great performance as well.

Shardul Thakur is aware that fans call him ‘Lord’. In a video shared by BCCI on the 3rd of September, Thakur says, “Lord is just a meme which started on social media I think.. But yeah, pretty happy that I am getting from my team mates, from everyone that they want to call me by certain nicknames. So, very happy about it.”

Tea was taken at the time of writing this report on the 4th day of the 4th test match. The match was poised at a crucial juncture with Indian tail-enders chipping in with important runs towards the end. India were dismissed for a meagre 191 in the first innings where Thakur scored a quick fire 57. England, in response, scored 290 and took a 99 run lead.


Memes brilliant

The 50 Funniest Memes of All Time

If it wasn't for funny memes—you know: quips and images that exist solely for easy entertainment—Facebook wouldn't be entertaining enough to steal so much of your time. Instagram, too, would be little more than selfies and stylized pictures of food. And Twitter? Don't even get us started. In short, the internet would be a joyless void of constant news alerts, questionably reliable research, and self-aggrandizing social media posts without some of the internet's funniest memes.

Fortunately, that's a nightmare you don't have to imagine, thanks to the fact that funny memes are everywhere—and not going out of style anytime soon. Herein, we've gathered the funniest memes of all time. Don't worry: We've kept it all SFW. Because if there's one ironclad rule of the internet, it's this: Never hunt for memes on the bad part.

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, lots of aspects of our lives went virtual. And that includes legal proceedings. The danger of conducting business over Zoom, as this lawyer discovered, is that it's far too easy to accidentally put a filter over your face that you don't know how to remove. The result? Pure comedy.

In typical fashion, Senator Bernie Sanders dressed practically for the January inauguration of President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris. The internet instantly fell in love with his posture, his utilitarian coat, and especially his mittens, and the meme factory was in business once again. Even stars like Ryan Reynolds got in on the fun.

Call it an in-person meme. In April of 2021, people of all ages and backgrounds gathered in Lincoln, Nebraska to duke it out (safely), all because they have one thing in common: They're all named Josh. Per NPR, the idea for the Josh Fight came to organizer Josh Swain early in lockdown and blew up thanks to social media. The winner? A four-year-old Josh who was carried on the shoulders of his name brethren after it was all over.

Taking care of even minor tasks can give off the same vibes as Frodo finally completing his mission to destroy the One Ring in the Lord of the Rings trilogy, as this relatable meme illustrates.

Why is it so easy to recall every detail of your most embarrassing moments compared to your proudest? Maybe our brains just have it out for us.

There was a period in 2020 where videos like the one above had all of us suspicious that the most un-cake-like objects might secretly be cake. What's even real anymore??

The Philadelphia Flyers endearingly chaotic mascot Gritty took his place in pop culture almost immediately after being unveiled by the organization. He's become a symbol not just of the hockey team but also of cheerful anarchy in all its forms. Here's to you, Gritty.

Like all great memes, this formal Bugs Bunny meme developed and changed over time. At first, it was used to wish all members of certain groups or demographics "a very pleasant evening," but now it can be used to say pretty much anything.

The Michael Jordan docuseries The Last Dance gave us this incredibly useful screenshot, which can be weaponized anytime something someone else does hits a little too close to home.

This jokester wolf can't make his gags work with his kids, but his peers love 'em. And is that not the definition of a dad joke?

Baby Yoda, the unofficial name for "The Child" from the Star Wars TV show The Mandalorian, was the biggest and cutest meme star of 2019. He's had a lot of gif-worthy moments, but this adorable image of him sipping soup takes the cake.

I'm late with this meme because I didn't have breakfast yet from r/memes

You don't need to know the anime series this screenshot was taken from to appreciate the meme. In the original iteration, the man (who's apparently an android in the show) mistakes a butterfly for a pigeon, so this format works for anyone who's ever tried to fit a square peg (coffee) into a round hole (a balanced breakfast).

Invest in Tom Hanks' Golden Globes face. from r/MemeEconomy

Tom Hanks is a national treasure, and his contributions to the culture include a near flawless meme template. If you ever just don't have the words, his reaction to an iffy joke at the Golden Globes says it all.

The truth behind Winona's reaction from r/gifs

Speaking of memorable award show moments, Stranger Things star Winona Ryder went through a full face journey during costar David Harbour's acceptance speech at the SAG Awards. Her animated expressions inspired some talented internet artists.

"Woman yelling at cat eating food" from r/dankmemes

The woman in question is Bravo Housewife Taylor Armstrong, and no, she didn't really scream at an innocent cat. But internet magic was made when someone put this screenshot side-by-side with a pet named Smudge who does not enjoy a vegetarian diet.

From a confused cat to one who knows exactly what he's doing. Keyboard cat stunned the internet with his musical prowess and is permanently busting out some sweet tunes in our memories.

James Van Der Beek crying

Years after it first aired, a crying scene from the '90s teen drama Dawson's Creek became a vehicle for nostalgic feels and just generally overreacting to things. Even better, the man who gave us Crying Dawson, actor James Van DerBeek, is enough of a good sport about it that he fake-wept again to give us an updated version for our meme files.

This is fine, toilet paper edition. from r/CoronavirusMemes

Sometimes you have to ignore how bad things are getting just to get on with your day. That's the story of the "This Is Fine" dog, who's usually sitting in a burning room and sipping coffee (and originated in a comic strip called Gun Show). He's adaptable to many situations, including the strange circumstances of the pandemic, as seen above.

Success Kid – put 5 dollars in my pocket pulled out ten from u/chadmace

Success Kid is for celebrating all those little wins that can give your day a serious lift. So keep going—this little guy is cheering you on!

Yes This Is Dog Meme

It's the phone call we'd all love to get. This pup is just so glad to have you on the line!

Ha Ha Ha… from r/badjokeeel

The Bad Joke Eel specializes in—you guessed it—bad jokes. Like so many great memes, there's really no logical explanation for why this one if funny. But bad jokes are even better—or, er, worse—when they're being told to you by a wide-eyed eel.

Crying Wesley Snipes from r/memes

It's so hard to say goodbye to those songs you used to love.

This screenshot of Wesley Snipes in his 1991 film New Jack City has been used in countless memes. This version will resonate the most with anyone who appreciates the art of a great mixtape.

The Most Interesting Man in the World Meme from r/dead_meme

The world's most interesting man is confident enough to make a joke like this.

Adapted from a Dos Equis ad campaign featuring this cosmopolitan guy, this meme format is still in vogue.

Ermahgerd Vermpers from r/memes

The Ermahgerd Girl is good for any time you need to hearken back to the most embarrassing days of early adolescence. She's excited about everything, and don't you kind of miss that version of you?

More business cat!! from r/AdviceAnimals

Need to make a work joke? It's Business Cat to the rescue, assuming you can squeeze a cat pun in there somehow.

Awkward Moment Seal from r/memes

This little guy is the cutest possible meme to accompany all of life's horrible awkward moments. If you want to cringe until you literally implode, the Awkward Moment Seal has got your back.

much improve. so amaze. wow from r/doge

If you love dogs, you'll love the one and only Doge. This shiba inu-inspired meme is all about celebrating the good boys and rare puppers in your life. It's no wnder he went viral—who could resist this face?

If the guy in this meme looks familiar, that's because it's professional basketball player Nick Young, most recently of the Denver Nuggets. Whenever someone says something too absurd for words, you can just send them this meme—they'll get the hint.

change my mind memes up and rising. from r/MemeEconomy

Political commentator Steven Crowder set down at a table with a sign challenging people to change his mind, and a fresh meme was born. If you have an unpopular opinion you love defending, this is the meme for you.

Drake did not hold back on the moves in the video for his song "Hotline Bling." And thus, he inadvertently created the perfect meme for expressing that you like one thing much better than another.

Cats will be cats from r/IfIFitsISits

The If It Fits, I Sits meme is great for anyone who likes to look at pictures of cats in vessels that can barely contain them—which is to say, it's great for everyone. Even the largest cats, as you can see, are subject to this rule.

Eat more fruits from r/classicalartmemes

Classical art memes prove that some human behaviors transcend the borders of time. Those venerated artists memorialized in museums across the world had a sense of humor too, as their meme-ready work shows.

Distracted Boyfriend, AKA Man Looking at Other Woman, is the result of a ridiculous stock photo that took the internet by storm. The meme is pretty self-explanatory: Whatever is distracting you—and shouldn't be—is "the other woman" in the photo.

Congratulations, you played yourself from r/funny

Sometimes the best way to make a meme is to come up with the most literal, obvious caption possible and then present it like you're brilliant. Case in point: This DJ Khaled meme, which will forever be a classic.

Fry, from the animated cult classic Futurama, is never sure what's right and what's wrong. But when the joke's this good, the answer is both are correct.

Fathers, can you relate to this? It's a condescending Wonka meme template meme. from r/OVER30REDDIT

Condescending Wonka is good to pull out whenever somebody is getting a little too big for their britches. It's also good to pull out whenever you want to see Gene Wilder smiling.

ouch. from r/BikiniBottomTwitter

There are no memes on the internet with the same long-term appeal as SpongeBob memes. They are timeless and ageless, just like the guy who lives in a pineapple under the sea.

I made a shitty grumpy cat meme to pay respects from r/dankmemes

The world needs a Grumpy Cat to be our mascot every Monday, because Garfield doesn't hate Mondays quite enough for the modern worker.

Drunk Baby from r/memes

The Drunk Baby meme is a hilarious reminder that all kids are like tiny, drunk adults. And they don't even have to be embarrassed the next morning!

My contribution to Arthur's fist from r/memes

Whenever something makes you mad, you can use the Arthur's Fist meme to properly express your emotions. Singer John Legend, who's been mocked by his own wife for his resemblance to the PBS character, even recreated this one.

Karate Kyle from r/masterforgiveme

Good old Karate Kyle loves his vengeance. Fortunately, he looks fairly incapable of exacting revenge of any caliber.

Haven't seen Chemistry Cat in awhile… from r/AdviceAnimals

Chemistry Cat is the science nerd equivalent of Business Cat. So if you're wanting to take your puns out of the office and into the lab, he's your kitty.

First world problems from r/memes

Every time you get upset at Whole Foods because they don't have your favorite unsweetened iced yerba mate, another First World Problems meme is born.

Never forget from r/evilkermit

Every light side has a dark side—even Kermit, as evidenced by this series of funny memes. Fun fact: Evil Kermit is actually a character called Constantine from the movie Muppets Most Wanted.

Baby Insanity Wolf lives on the edge [fixed] from r/AdviceAnimals

Actual Insanity Wolf offers extremely violent advice. But Baby Insanity Wolf does things so small that only the person who creates the meme has any idea it even happened.

Hmmmm?? from r/Philosoraptor

All jokes aside, Philosoraptor asks some pretty compelling questions. Maybe the dinosaurs would still be around if all of their big existential queries were answered.

This pic is handy any time you can think of a joke that demands a Wednesday punchline.

Me every night [Picture] (x-post from r/BlackpeopleTwitter) from r/teenagers

The Kardashians have spread themselves all over the internet, so it comes as no surprise that they are the source of many hilarious memes. This one, with Kim Kardashian staring blankly, is useful any time you're really not interested in something someone else wants you to say or do.

Does anyone else think of Shots, when you see this meme from r/imaginedragons

Principal Skinner's temporary moment of self-doubt is great to have on hand for that one friend on Facebook who disagrees with everyone.

Hipster Dog needs to find his bone. from r/AdviceAnimals

Hipster Dog stopped liking everything you like before you even heard of it. Hipster dog is always three steps ahead of the mainstream.

This is Brilliant, but I *Like* This - Top Gear


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