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Article by Jonathan Menge

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“Androids” Category has three excellent Leaders, any of which can be used to dominate the game. The best choice would be another LR Androids Card to provide the extra Ki for the LR Cards on the Team. 

Another extremely good option is PHY Last-Ditch Battle: Android #17, as he is overall an excellent Card that brings Ki and DEF support to the category from his Passive Skill. Furthermore, his Leader Skill brings the highest ATK and HP Buff of all the Leaders, at 170%, at the cost of a lower DEF Buff. 

The third option is UR Predatory Urge Android #21, who provides the same Buffs as LR Androids minus one Ki, and is another fantastic Card.


The Androids category Team is an astoundingly powerful one, especially following the 300 Million Downloads Celebration. This mighty Team is full of Debuffing, Status inflictions, and HP Recovery, making it difficult for Enemies to kill.

The pair of LR INT Cell and LR PHY Cell & Cell Jr. is going to be one of the two main rotations on the Team, and perform very well together. They share two Link Skills for +4 Ki and +15% ATK, plus another ATK & DEF +25% when “Big Bad Bosses” is active. Both these LR Cards are great tanks and Damage dealers, making this rotation a force to be reckoned with.

LR PHY Androids and PHY Android #17 are a monstrous duo on the other main rotation. Both these Cards Debuff ATK & DEF upon launching Super ATK, leaving the Enemy unable to cause any real Damage to the Team. If that wasn’t enough, the combined Passive Skills from these two Cards give Androids allies Ki +6, ATK +40%, and DEF +60%, which allows the LR Androids to land their 24 Ki Super ATK with ludicrous power while tanking efficiently at the same time. When the LR Androids use their Exchange mechanic and #16 emerges, the battle is essentially won.

TEQ Android #16 is an incredible tank for this Team, gaining well over 150% total DEF from his Passive Skill alone, as well as a high chance to guard all attacks. This, along with greatly raising DEF for the duration of the turn from his Super ATK, means he will barely take Damage. STR Android #18 is an amazing support for the Team, providing Ki +2 and a nice ATK & DEF Boost to allies. Furthermore, she lowers Enemy ATK on Super ATK, adding to the overall tankiness of the entire Team.

Recommended Alternates

Androids category has many excellent alternate Cards, many of which are almost as effective as the Top Tier recommendations for the Team.

Awakened UR Predatory Urge - Android #21 (Transformed) Extreme STR

She has many tools in her arsenal. An Androids category Leader herself, she boasts a large Ki, ATK & DEF Buff in her Passive Skill, along with a solid Debuff for the attacked Enemy. She also recovers HP on Super ATK, which helps the survivability of the Team. With her transformation mechanic, she becomes an immensely strong and versatile Card for the category. 

Awakened UR Unlimited Android Assault - Android #18 Super TEQ

This is a great tank for the Team, and is self-sufficient by changing Ki spheres to TEQ and having a nuking Passive Skill. This, along with raising DEF for 6 turns on Super ATK, allows her to take hits very well and be a great Card on most Teams she fits on.

Awakened UR Good Versus Evil - Android #21 (Transformed, Good) Super INT

She's a very good F2P support Card for the category. She provides Androids allies a Buff of 2 Ki and 30% to both ATK & DEF, and has good Link Skills for a farmable Card. Furthermore, she recovers 7% HP on Super ATK, helping the Team stay in a safe HP range. Her name is different from the STR #21, so they can be run on the same Team together as well.

Recommended Events

The Androids Team is easily among the top-tier Categories in the game, and can steamroll the vast majority of in-game content. This Androids Team is well-equipped to take on Super Battle Road, between the extraordinary combination of Debuffs, Healing, and Tanking capabilities. The Team can also best the Infinite Dragon Ball History event, but does encounter issues when challenging the Fighting Legend: Goku event.

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About the Author(s)

Jonathan Menge

I'm a Dokkan Battle enthusiast who writes articles for and I love video games. I'm also a competitive Super Smash Bros. Melee player who mains Captain Falcon


[Top 5] Dokkan Battle Best Androids Teams

Androids is one of the best Villain categories in the game, so why not try it?

The Androids category has plenty of pluses that can get you through low- and mid-level stages without a problem, and a great chunk of end-game content. If you had any doubts as to whether to invest in such a team, I hope this list can clear things up a bit for you. As with my other lists, this is all about Androids and while you could mix in other categories, let me tell you that the synergy between Androids is just too good and their toolkits too complete to find replacements easily. Now, let’s get down to business with the Top 5 Androids teams currently in DBZ Dokkan Battle global. 

5. On a budget

Running low on stones but you want a full Androids team that can hold up well? I bring you a completely free-to-play team. It can also serve as the foundation for an Androids team that you can improve upon as you get better units.

  • Best part is that it is all free-to-play, no need to summon these units. Even their SAs can be farmed without using a single kai.
  • Some of these units can stay here long-term, they are strong enough to keep using even as you get better units.
  • The team is extremely well-supported, which will make sure you’re not punished for the lack of a stronger leader and allow your main rotations to shine.
  • They all also have solid toolkits that do more than support. Infinite stacking and healing are just 2 examples of what they have to offer.
  • Great synergy between the units.

Recommended Units

  • Leader: Lethal Android Android #17 (Future)
  • Friend: Foe Elimination Circuit Android #13
  • Destructive Android Android #18 (Future)
  • Revenge Technology Androids #14 & #15
  • Shocking Contact Android #18
  • Good versus Evil Android #21 (Transformed)
  • [Preferably Extreme Z-Awakened] Tragedy Born From Power Fusion Android #13 


  • Main: Lethal Android Android #17 (Future)---Destructive Android Android #18 (Future); Foe Elimination Circuit Android #13---Revenge Technology Androids #14 & #15
  • Floaters: Android #18, Fusion Android #13, and Android #21

4. Double Double-Trouble

I was wondering about whether or not one could make a solid Androids team based around #17 and #18, just for fun. As I looked through these units I found that it can make for a rather solid team that is not as difficult to achieve as the other teams in this list (or any showcase/ideal team for that matter). So why don’t we roll with it and make a top-notch team that will make the gap between 5 and 3 seem less intimidating?

  • Told you some units are worth keeping around. The F2P Future 17 and 18 are particularly useful thanks to their infinite stacking super attacks and passives that allow them to deal lots of damage (even if it is only when fighting specific opponents). 
  • What can I say except Androids love supporting each other? This team is just as well-supported as the last, which means better attack and defense for you.
  • The team is also highly customizable allowing you to swap units in and out according to your box, tastes or necessities--just be sure not to split the 17-18 pairs without a proper replacement.
  • Ki is not a problem here thanks to the synergy, supports, and orb changers.

Recommended units

  • Leader: The Androids’ Journey Androids #17 & #18/Android #16
  • Friend: Last-Ditch Battle Android #17
  • [EZA] Concentrated Power Android #17
  • [EZA] Breathless Struggle Android #18
  • Lethal Android Android #17 (Future)
  • Destructive Android Android #18 (Future)
  • Good versus Evil Android #21 (Transformed)


  • Main: Concentrated Power Android #17---Breathless Struggle Android #18; Lethal Android Android #17 (Future)---Destructive Android Android #18 (Future)
  • Floaters: Android #21, PHY Android #17, and the Androids trio.

3. The Great Wall of Androids

Something I’ve noticed is that people don’t usually talk about defensive capabilities in terms of entire teams or categories, mostly just individual units or pairs. While these units all are capable defenders, they are collectively an amazing damage sponge with a decent offense that lets them bite back. Super Battle Road shouldn’t be a problem with this build.

  • As the name suggests, this team has a tremendous defense that will make it difficult for your opponents to deal serious damage because every unit has strong defensive capabilities, on top of all the support skills.
  • Thanks to all the debuffers in the team, your opponents will have an even harder time hurting you in any meaningful way. Moreover, their defensive debuffs will make it easier for you to deal damage.
  • Android #21 is a rather powerful tool thanks to her healing, so if you’re ever short on health be sure to put her in your main rotation.
  • The active skill of the Androids trio is also a powerful weapon as #16 can not only tank like a beast, but he can punch just as strongly. Combine him with Android #18 and you can expect to finish the fight before he leaves the field.

Recommended Units

  • Leader: The Androids’ Journey Androids #17 & #18/Android #16
  • Friend: Last-Ditch Battle Android #17
  • Predatory Urge Android #21 (Transformed)
  • New Form and Resolve Android #16
  • The Ultimate Android Super 17
  • Shocking Contact Android #18
  • Last-Ditch Battle Android #17


  • Main: The Androids’ Journey Androids #17 & #18/Android #16--Last-Ditch Battle Android #17; New Form and Resolve Android #16--Last-Ditch Battle Android #17
  • Floaters: Android #21, Super 17, and Android #18

2. Rounded

(Credit to DBZ World for this team)

This team is very much well-balanced in terms of abilities and toolkits. They will hit hard, tank well, and keep your HP up.

  • Thanks to the solid debuffers, healer, and stunners your HP will not go down easily, letting you focus on bringing your opponent down.
  • All of these units can hit hard, but your main rotations will do an awesome job of plowing through your opponents.
  • Having #13, #17, and the Androids trio will keep your team ridiculously supported, taking them to another level and making sure you never struggle for ki. 
  • While not ideal, their synergy is still pretty solid as they link well with each other and fulfill the conditions on the skills of all units in the team.

Recommended units:

  • Leader: Foe Elimination Circuit Android #13
  • Friend: Foe Elimination Circuit Android #13
  • [EZA] Welcome to Hell Perfect Cell
  • The Deadly Games Cell (Perfect Form) & Cell Jr.
  • The Androids’ Journey Androids #17 & #18/Android #16
  • Dispersion of Evil Cell Jr.
  • Last-Ditch Battle Android #17


  • Main: Foe Elimination Circuit Android #13---Welcome to Hell Perfect Cell; The Androids’ Journey Androids #17 & #18/Android #16---The Deadly Games Cell (Perfect Form) & Cell Jr.
  • Floaters: Android #17, Cell Jr., and Android #13

1. Cell’s Androids

This list could not be complete without the 300 million downloads celebration Cell. As a top-notch unit, he certainly deserves a team centered around him that will let you conquer the world!!! (Or at least the stage you’re stuck on.)

  • LR INT Cell’s transformation is what you’d get if you crossed a senzu bean with steroids; not only will it heal you, but he’ll grow even stronger.
  • INT Cell’s active skill can also close out fights in an instant or bring your opponent to their knees at the very least. It’s perfect for Super and above difficulty events..
  • There are also solid supports to make sure your team does not struggle with ki whatsoever and to further boost their attack & defense.
  • The debuffing abilities of some of the units will be particularly helpful when INT Cell cannot build himself up during fast-paced events. 

Recommended Units

  • Leader: The True Value of Perfect Form Cell (Perfect Form)
  • Friend: The True Value of Perfect Form Cell (Perfect Form)
  • The Deadly Games Cell (Perfect Form) & Cell Jr.
  • Welcome to Hell Perfect Cell
  • Shocking Contact Android #18
  • Dispersion of Evil Cell Jr.
  • The Androids’ Journey Androids #17 & #18/Android #16


  • Main: The True Value of Perfect Form Cell (Perfect Form)---The Deadly Games Cell (Perfect Form) & Cell Jr.; The True Value of Perfect Form Cell (Perfect Form)---Welcome to Hell Perfect Cell
  • Floaters: Cell Jr., Android #18, and Androids trio

One last thing: I’d like to thank the people at because their site has been incredibly useful for all of my lists and will continue to be so. It is a great tool that is worth the time of players both new and old.

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Event Period

2/28 (Sun) 22:30 ~ 3/17 (Wed) 21:59 PST
* Caution: Event Times in Dokkan Battle are listed in Pacific Standard Time (PST) instead of Pacific Daylight Time (PDT).


Goku and friends were enjoying some downtown shopping, yet their leisure was abruptly curbed by a mysterious duo-- androids created by Dr. Gero's vengeful computer.
The determined androids had cornered Goku with their power born of hatred. An extreme clash between the androids' infinite power and the three great Saiyans' power was about to take place on the glaciers in the far north!

Stage Details

Event Details

There is a chance to recruit [Androids Hunting for Goku] Androids #14 & #15 to your team in Stage 1!

Event Tips

- Build your team with characters from the "Super Saiyans" Category! The more characters from the "Super Saiyans" Category on your team, the higher your chance of getting bonus rewards in this event!
Also, the higher the Rarity of characters from the "Super Saiyans" Category, the higher the chance for you to get bonus rewards!
* Raising characters' Rarity through Z-Awakening will not increase the chance of obtaining bonus rewards.

Dokkan Awakening

[Androids Hunting for Goku] Androids #14 & #15 can be Dokkan Awakened with Awakening Medals obtained from this event!

* For Passive Skill effects that are triggered when the specified character is present, the effects will not be triggered if the specified character has turned into an inapplicable character due to the effect of "Transformation" or "Exchange" in battles. On the other hand, the Passive Skill effects will be triggered if an inapplicable character has turned into the specified character.
[Murderous Awakening] Android #13 can also be Dokkan Awakened with Awakening Medals obtained from this event!

Exchange the Treasure Item "Incredible Gem" for [Murderous Awakening] Android #13 at Baba's Shop!
* Please note that the number of [Murderous Awakening] Android #13 available for exchange is limited.

Other Rewards

One Dragon Stone will be rewarded for clearing each stage from Stage 1 to Stage 6 on NORMAL or Z-HARD. (12 Dragon Stones are available in total.)
* Obtaining Dragon Stones as a clear reward can only be done once.


"Special Missions" are available in this event! Complete the missions to get rewards!
* Please go to the "Special Missions" page for more information.
* Please note that the event content and dates are subject to change without prior warning.
We hope you continue to enjoy playing Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle!


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