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Runaway Venturist or "V-Series" is the most Versatile off-road and overland mini camper with a base price of $8,495 for a 4x8 or $10,495 for a 6x8.  Every V-Series comes standard with Timbren axle-less full independent suspension (NO AXLE!), electric brakes, 17" Method Race Wheels, 33" all-terrain tires, custom made fenders, and with all of that combined you get over 20 inches of ground clearance.

Starting at (4'x8') $8,760    (6'x8') $10,840

New 2020 Construction, no more wood! 
Standard equipment:
4x8 comes with the standard right side door
6x8 comes with both left and right side doors
Full off-road frame is now standard and it includes (tongue running the full length of the trailer making that rear hitch a tow point, slim line taillights, larger drop down stabilizers, and the Max-Coupler)
Black powder coated fenders and front diamond plate
Timbren 1 ton axle-less suspension with 4" lift
Electric brakes
17" Method Race Wheels
33" BFG All-Terrain Tires
Larger Flat Fenders you can Stand on

Available Options:

Extra Shelves for Front and/or Rear Wall    $75
Front Cargo Rack    $100
Front Diamond Plate   $100
Roof Rack    $310
Rhino Rack XTray Small roof basket 35"x47"  (Roof Rack Required)    $306
Rhino-Rack XTray Large roof basket 43"x58" (Roof Rack Required)    $423
Custom Aluminum Wheels    $250
40" x 40" Rear Door    $350
30" x 20" Rear Window    $180
Diamond Plate Rear Wall Protector    $50
Thru the Wall TV Coax Connector    $35
Rhino Rack Sunseeker awning (Roof Rack Required)    $380 
Rhino Rack BatWing awning (Roof Rack Required)    $800
7 gallon Road Shower (Roof Rack Required)    $439.95
Flexible shower head for the Road Shower    $50 (19") $60 (30")
Other Rhino-Rack and Road Shower Accessories are avalible apon request
 3.5 Gal RotoPaX FuelPaX and mount    $120
 11 lbs. propane tank and mount    $200
Smaller 13" Spare tire mounted underneath    $90
Full Size Spare placed inside    $100


Labeled as “America’s Most Affordable Camper”, and manufactured in Ocala, Florida, Runaway campers are one of the smallest travel trailers too.

Runaway campers are incredibly lightweight at only 650-700 lbs and are categorized as teardrop trailers.

What problems come along with these streamlined, lightweight, and compact campers, especially when there usually is only room for two people?

Let’s have a look at the common problems of Runaway campers:

1. Small Spaces

The dimensions of the Runaway camper are small:

  • Interior size: 46.5″ wide x 94.5″ in length, and 46″ in height.
  • The overall length is 12.3,” including the tongue.
  • The width to the outside of the fenders is only 65″.
  • The exterior height is 64″.

While some people are enthusiastic about the small space, primarily single travelers, many are trying to get around the idea of just how small these campers are.

The living quarters are a tight squeeze, and in most cases, there is no taking along the whole family for a camping trip in these campers. They usually only sleep two people, and even that is pretty tight.

Getting dressed in the small area is a challenge for many, and while dressing with no standing room available poses an issue, there is also the problem of storing clothes; space and storage are highly limited.

With some only having one small entry door, be prepared to climb over each other too.

2. No Bathroom

Unfortunately, Runaway campers do not have bathrooms.

There is also no space for a portable potty. If you own one, then perhaps explore the option of buying a privy tent.

If you do not mind using campground facilities, this may be your only option for using the toilet, unless, of course, you are adventurous and rugged enough to not mind disposing of your waste correctly in the wild.

The toilet may pose a problem, but Runaway campers have tried to relieve the shower issue. There is an additional customization option that you can select for your Runaway camper that is a 7-gallon road shower and requires a roof rack.

Unfortunately, the road shower is an added option and not standard, so you may be paying approximately $439.95 for the roof rack and $30 for the showerhead too.

3. No Indoor Kitchen

Typically, the design of a teardrop trailer does not incorporate an indoor kitchen.

Some Runaway campers offer the convenience of a mini outdoor kitchen at the rear, but then you may be faced with bad weather and little opportunity to cook outside.

One may describe the Runaway camper as a “fair-weather” camper.

The solution to only being able to cook outside is to set up a gazebo that goes over the kitchen space.

Not only will you be able to cook in the rain without getting wet, but you will be protected from the sun in extreme conditions too.

4. Condensation

Significant airflow is needed to reduce condensation.

Moist air needs to flow out of the camper and be replaced by air with less humidity.

Tiny trailers like the Runaway camper have a small volume of air. As the moisture in the air increases, condensation develops on cool surfaces inside the camper. It is the same concept as when condensation occurs on a glass of ice water on a humid summer’s day.

Condensation problems are common in Runaway campers, and this issue needs to be addressed quickly. When condensation forms on the surfaces inside the camper, they make the area damp, and an ideal environment is created for mold and mildew growth.

Mold and mildew pose serious health problems, and they can deteriorate structures and destroy fabrics and finishes.

Airflow management is needed to manage condensation and to prevent further problems.

Below are some of the actions you can take to reduce condensation in your Runaway camper and improve the airflow:

  1. Always vent your air space, even when using a heater.
    • You can open the roof vent or at least one side window or turn on the vent fan.
  2. Air circulation when you are sleeping is essential.
    • If you are sleeping on the floor of the trailer, then the warm, moist air around your body will concentrate against the cool surface of the floor and cause condensation.
    • Leave space between your mattress and the camper walls and try to create an air buffer between your mattress and a cold surface.
    • One owner raised his camper floor by 3.5 inches.
    • This created a small storage space, and the area acted as an air barrier for his mattress.
  3. Open your trailer up during the day.
    • This will allow airflow inside the camper.
  4. Take your mattress outside to air during the day.

General Pros and Cons for the Runaway Camper Trailer:

Teardrop camper trailers like the Runaway camper are one of the more recognizable and uniquely designed recreational vehicles.

Today, Runaway campers are experiencing a surge in popularity, especially for single travelers and couples.


A surge in popularity can be attributed to some of the pros of this compact camper, which include:

Lightweight and Easy to Tow:

We mentioned earlier that the average weight of the Runaway camper is 700 lbs.

This means that the Runaway camper can be towed by many vehicles, and the owner is not limited to owning a pick-up truck or SUV.

Some motorcycles can tow a Runaway camper because of its light bodyweight.


Many RVs cannot get into some of the rougher terrain areas or drive off-road; this limits where you can travel and where you camp.

Because the Runaway camper is lightweight and easy to tow, you can take your camper into some of the most remote areas.

Easy Storage:

Some Runaway campers can fit into a garage.

This makes them suitable for those people whose homeowner’s associations prohibit the parking of RVs in their driveways.

Budget-Friendly Price Tag:

The small size of this camper trailer comes at a small price too.

It has been labeled as “America’s Most Affordable Camper” for a reason.


  • Runaway camper trailers are incredibly small. You cannot take the whole family away in this camper, and you may find the height a challenge as you cannot stand up in this camper.
  • There is no bathroom in the runaway camper and purchasing a shower for your roof rack comes at an additional expense.
  • There is no indoor kitchen. Some Runaway campers feature a small outdoor kitchen, but it is not weather friendly should a storm pass overhead.
  • Condensation is a common problem in Runaway campers. If this is not carefully managed, then you may incur internal damage from mold and mildew.

What Do the Reviews Say?

We mentioned the common problem of space, and even the reviews mention the tight squeeze and limited height in the Runaway camper.

“They’re small and offer the minimum of comfort. Most vans and minivans offer more interior room and especially height. We’d all like our vehicle home to be bigger and tall enough to stand up in.”


The Runaway camper may not be ideal for a family holiday, but its compact size will suit a traveling couple who want to get away for short trips.

One of the great advantages of the Runaway camper is that almost any vehicle can safely tow the camper.

“Being able to tow this with your current car might let you comfortably hit the road much sooner than if you have to save up for a van or RV and still have an emergency fund.”


What’s the Resale Value On Runaway Campers?

Runaway Campers Range Runner2019$4,995

Final Thoughts:

Runaway camper trailers may be small, but their price is small, too, making them affordable for even the lowest budgets.

And if the budget has you monitoring your finances, you will be pleased that you do not need to purchase a new pick-up truck or SUV to tow your Runaway camper.

While it is certainly a budget-friendly option, the smaller space may deter you with its limited height and 2-sleeper capacity.

Of course, if you are a single traveler or a couple, then you may not mind the smaller space and will enjoy how light the Runaway trailer is to tow just about anywhere.


Runaway Mini-Camper Review: Part 2

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Runaway Campers 2021: Specs, Prices & Review

Runaway campers are popular in the RV community because they are small and affordable. Their size makes them easy to tow by most vehicles and their price means that more people can finally get started on their RV journey because these trailers are budget-friendly.

But are these campers worth the money? Will they be able to provide RVers what they need on the road? In other words, what do they have to offer?

That’s what we will share with you in this article. We will check out all the travel trailers in Runaway Campers’ lineup and tell you about their base price, what comes standard with each unit and what you can get for upgrades to enhance your camping experience. We’ll also present a review of these campers so that you will know if they’ll suit your camping needs.

Introduction to Runaway Campers

Runaway Campers is a family-owned business that operates a manufacturing facility in Ocala, Florida. What started as a backyard venture in 2012 turned out into a business of supplying the whole country with quality yet affordable campers. In 2018, they started to establish networks with different dealers all over the country. Their travel trailers are now known as America’s most affordable mini-campers.

The owners’ business principles are grounded on their Christian faith and their desire to share their passion about traveling and camping to more people so that they can live their lives to the fullest.

Runaway Campers have 4 models, all of which are incredibly lightweight. They fall under the teardrop trailer category and usually only offer space good enough for 2 people. These campers are compact, come almost bare, but leave a lot of options for upgrade so that they can be suited to the travel needs of their users.

Runaway Campers 2021

These are the 4 models in Runaway Campers’ lineup.

Now, let’s have a look at their prices and find out what features each Runaway Camper model comes with.


CoolCamp is Runaway Campers’ lightest weight mini-camper. It has an initial weight of 580 lbs. The base price is at $$5,260 and at this price point, you will get a travel trailer that’s built with fully welded square steel tube frame construction. This gives you a solid foundation.

This camper has a white fiberglass exterior with aluminum trim and solid wall construction. CoolCamp has distinct 13″ white spoke wheels with chrome accents to help support the weight of the trailer. The wheels have chrome center caps and lugs and diamond plate fenders to protect them from mud and roadside debris. Its front jack is wheeled to give added support and stabilization.

CoolCamp trailers have dual folding stabilizers to keep them steady when you’re parked at your chosen campsite. The also come with a 2″ rear accessory hitch and a 2″ Ball and Standard 4-prong Trailer Lighting Connector. There are LED tail lights to enhance your safety while towing.

The interior of a CoolCamp travel trailer just consists of a 5,000 BTU air conditioning unit, a storage shelf above it, and a 110v power connection with 6 outlet strip. There are 2 tinted safety glass windows with screens for light and ventilation and a 22″ x 42″ locking entry door with keys. The interior height is barely 4 feet so you won’t be able to move around while standing straight.

Yes, it’s as bare as that. Get a foldable mattress so you have a comfortable place to sleep on during the night. Runaway Campers also offers you options to upgrade your camper according to your needs and budget.

You can put a front cargo rack and additional shelves on the front and rear walls for more storage solutions. A roof rack is also available s you can bring more of your camping gears with you without taking up space inside the trailer. You can have small or large Rhino Rack XTray baskets on the roof.

If you want to have a rear door and a window on that side, you can have them customized. To extend your living space outside, we suggest you get the Rhino Rack Sunseeker awning or better yet, the Rhino Rack BatWing awning for larger coverage. However, having a roof rack is a pre-requisite for your awning.

For your cooking needs, you can get their 11 lbs. propane tank and mount so you can connect your portable cooktop. For your bathroom, Runaway Campers offers a 7 gallon road shower to be connected to your roof rack. They also provide a flexible shower head and other bathroom accessories. If you have an RV TV, you can get their TV Coax Connector through the wall so you can have some form of entertainment while inside the trailer.

You can also get custom aluminum wheels and a full size spare tire that can be mounted underneath the camper. This would be handy during road emergencies same with the 3.5 Gal RotoPaX FuelPaX with mount so that you always have extra fuel wherever you go. To give your from and rear walls added protection, you can have diamond plates installed.

  • Starting Price: $5,260
  • Overall 11’4″ Long x 65″ High x 66″ Wide
  • Interior: 46.5″ Wide x 94.5″ Long x 42-46″ High
  • Weight: 580lb. average depending upon options
  • Fully Welded Square Steel Tube Frame Construction
  • 2″ Ball and Standard 4-prong Trailer Lighting Connector
  • Solid Wall Construction
  • White Fiberglass Exterior with Aluminum Trim


RangeRunner is Runaway Campers’ answer to the market’s demand for a simple and compact travel trailer that’s still wide enough so you can have a more livable interior. RangeRunner’s interior cabin has a 6×8 size. This space is enough for users to be able to come up with different sleeping and living arrangements inside the camper.

The interior can hold a queen-sized bed or a combination of one full and one twin beds. You can also put 2 twin mattresses inside or a sofa bed so that you can sit on it during the day and spread it in full during the night for a relaxing slumber.

RangeRunner comes with a starting price of $6,840. The travel trailer has a fully welded steel frame construction, white fiberglass exterior with aluminum trim, and a 3500 lb. -rated Dexter RV Axle with EasyLube hubs. You can be sure that it has a solid frame and enough support even if you decide to upgrade it with the available options.

To make towing a lot easier, it comes with 2″ ball coupler, standard 4-Prong trailer light connection, rear accessory hitch and LED tail lights. The 15″ white spoke wheels and tires offer great support to the weight of the trailer. There are diamond plate fenders protect the wheels from mud, rocks, and other elements.

To help in keeping the rig balanced especially when you’re already at the campsite, the RangeRunner has dual folding stabilizer jacks and a front jack with removable wheel.

The interior of this travel trailer is almost the same with CoolCamp. There’s simply a 5,000 BTU air conditioning unit inside along with two 110V power strips with standard connection. It comes standard with a 10″ deep storage shelf to help keep your travel essentials.

There are two 22″x42″ RV locking entry doors with keys located on either side of the camper. It is also surrounded by tinted safety glass windows with screens so you can get a nice view of the outdoors.

Runaway Campers has available options to make your camping experience more comfortable. You can get a roof rack for added storage space especially for your large camping gears. You can include Rhino Rack XTray roof baskets in small or large size to help organize your travel essentials. There’s also an option for a front cargo rack.

If you have a roof rack, you can also get either a Rhino Rack Sunseeker or Batwing awning so that you have a shaded space outside. This is great for picnics or just hanging out to enjoy the fresh air and view of nature. For your cooking or heating needs, you can get a propane tank and mount.

You can also ask to have a 7 gallon Road Shower, flexible shower head, and other Rhino-Rack and Road Shower accessories installed in your RangeRunner so you have a place where you can clean up after a whole day of trekking or hiking.

For the interiors, you can ask Runaway Campers to put a TV Coax Connector through the wall so you can watch your favorite shows or movies while on the road. You can also have a rear door and window for easier access and better ventilation. To help in organizing your personal stuff, you can add shelves on the front and rear walls.

And for the exterior of your travel trailer, you can ask Runaway Campers to put a diamond plate in front and at the rear wall for added protection. You can also have your wheels customized and get a full size or smaller spare tire for emergencies. To make sure that you never run out of fuel, you can get their 3.5 Gal RotoPaX FuelPaX and mount.

  • Starting price: $6,840
  • Overall Dimensions 11’4″L x 65″H x 94″W
  • Interior: 70.5″W x 94.5″L x 42-46″H
  • Weight: 765lb. (varies slightly accordcing to options)
  • Fully Welded Steel Frame Construction
  • 3500lb. Rated Dexter RV Axle w/EasyLube Hubs
  • White Fiberglass Exterior and Aluminum Trim
  • 2″ Ball Coupler


The Venturist is also known as Runaway Campers’ V Series model. It is said to be the most versatile mini-camper for your off road and overlanding adventures.

The V-Series comes in 2 sizes – 4X8 and 6X8 and have a base price of $8,760 and $10,840 respectively. Each unit comes standard with Timbren 1 ton axle-less suspension with 4″ lift, 17″ Method Race Wheels, 33″ BFG All-Terrain Tires, electric brakes, and large black powder coated fenders that you can actually stand on. All of these features are responsible for giving the Venturist over 20 inches of ground clearance.

This is why the Venturist is perfect when off-roading! You won’t have to worry about rough roads and sharp rocks damaging your camper’s underbelly. They are also better able to absorb road shocks so you’ll have a smoother time towing this camper even if you’re going through difficult terrains.

For its other features, all Venturist models are built with Runaway Campers’ new construction method. They don’t use wood panels anymore so you can expect these trailers to be more durable.

Each travel trailer comes with full off-road frame which includes the tongue running all the way through the camper, the Max-Coupler, slim line tail lights, and larger drop down stabilizers to keep your camper steady even when the ground is not level. The front part of the trailer has a diamond plate to make it better able to resist damage.

The interior of the Venturist camper is bare. You will only see an air conditioning unit. The 4X8 units come with 1 door placed at the right side of the trailer while the 6X8 has 2 doors located on both sides of the camper. But Runaway Campers allows you to have a rear door and window installed should you wish to have them.

To make this trailer fit your travel needs, Runaway Campers lets you choose from 5 different lug patterns – 5 on 4.5″, 5 on 4.75″, 5 on 5″, 5 on 5.5″, or 6 on 5.5″. You also get to decide if you want your wheels and tires to match.

Runaway Campers gives you the option to have various storage solutions installed on your trailer. You can get a roof rack, Rhino Rack XTray roof baskets, or a front cargo rack. This will allow you to bring your camping essentials and sports gear wherever you go and they won’t take up precious space inside your camper.

Since you’ll probably be staying in remote places, it’s best to have your own bathroom. You can have a road shower and showerhead installed. There are portable RV toilets that you can buy and you have the convenience of your own toilet and shower even when you’re in the middle of nowhere.

It would also be great to have Rhino Rack SunSeeker or BatWing awning installed on your camper. It will give you shade when you want to hang out outside to eat or relax.

You can also get the 3.5 gallon RotoPaX FuelPaX and mount so that you always have extra fuel on hand. To help you with your cooking, Runaway Campers offer the Power Tank Propane Mount with an 11 lb. tank.

  • Base price: S8,760 for 4’x8′ and $10,840 for 6’x8′
  • Timbren axle-less full independent suspension (NO AXLE!)
  • Electric brakes
  • 17″ Method Race Wheels
  • 33″ all-terrain tires
  • Custom made fenders
  • Over 20 inches of ground clearance


When Runaway Campers made a wider travel trailer in RangeRunner, there was also a demand for a taller camper so that people can actually stand up and walk inside. Rouser is their answer for that. With an interior height of 5’10”, it can allow most people to stand up whereas the other mini-campers will have them crawling in.

Rouser’s width of 70.5″ offers enough room for you to have the sleeping and seating arrangements of your choice. To give you an idea, it’ll fit a queen-sized mattress, 1 full-sized and 1 twin bed, or 2 twin mattresses. A sofa bed will also be a good idea.

Rouser has a base price of $8,330. This is the most expensive travel trailer in Runaway Campers’ lineup. You’ll get a trailer with steel frame construction and the joints are fully welded. The exterior walls are made of white fiberglass with aluminum trim.

This camper comes with a 3,500 lb.-rated Dexter RV Axle with Easy Lube Hubs, 13″ white spoke wheels and tires, and dual folding stabilizer jacks. It has diamond plate fenders to protect the rig from roadside debris.

Rouser is also equipped with a 2″ ball coupler, standard 4-Prong trailer light connection, rear accessory hitch, and a front jack with removable wheel. All of these features come together to give the trailer adequate support and make it easier to tow on the road.

The interior of this travel trailer is almost the same with the rest of Runaway Campers’ models. There’s a 5,000 BTU air conditioning unit, a 10″ deep storage shelf where you can store your travel essentials, and 2 110V power strips with standard connection for you to connect your portable appliances.

Rouser also comes standard with two 30″x30″ tinted safety glass windows with screens for some good source of ventilation without letting the bugs in. There’s also the 22″x 67″ entrance door.

Of course, Runaway Campers still have available options to make Rouser more suitable to your camping needs.

You can enhance its exterior with a diamond plate at the front and rear part. You can also get their customized aluminum wheels. To prepare you for those road emergencies, you can purchase a full-sized spare tire to be mounted underneath the trailer and get the 3.5 Gal RotoPaX FuelPaX and mount for your extra fuel.

Storage is always a major concern when camping. You want to bring your outdoor sports gear and camping equipment. You can solve this by installing a roof rack, front cargo rack, and Rhino Rack XTray roof baskets. Inside the trailer, you can also ask for extra shelves to be mounted on the front and/or rear walls. With these storage solutions, you can bring everything you need and more!

With the limited space inside the mini-camper, you would want to get the Rhino Rack Sunseeker or BatWing awning so you can stay outside comfortably. Just bring your foldable table and chairs so you can dine outside or just simply, enjoy the view right before your eyes.

You don’t have to go through the hassle of making fire to be able to cook when you get a propane tank with mount. You can also have your own bathroom when you take the Road Shower option together with a flexible shower head and other bathroom accessories that you need.

You can watch TV inside the camper with the help of a TV coaxial connector that runs through the wall. For added ventilation, you can ask for Runaway Campers’ 30″ x 20″ Rear Window.

  • Starting Price: $8,330
  • Overall Dimensions 11’4″L x 7’3″H x 94″W
  • Interior: 70.5″W x 94.5″L x 5’6″-5,10″H
  • Weight: 840 lbs. with a tongue weight of 105 lbs. (varies slightly according to options)
  • Fully Welded Steel Frame Construction
  • 3500lb. Rated Dexter RV Axle w/Easy Lube Hubs
  • 13″ White Spoke Wheels & Tires
  • 2″ Ball Coupler

Those are the 4 small travel trailers in Runaway Campers’ lineup. As you can see, the interiors are almost bare but the frame and walls of these campers are built to be durable so you can use them for a long time. They are also lightweight so you can tow them easily. And the best thing about them is that you get to optimize these campers according to your travel needs.

What is Runaway Campers’ warranty on their RVs?

Runaway Campers offers a one year limited warranty for their travel trailers. There is also an additional 5 year warranty for their roofs concerning leaks and structural defects.

The warranty is only applicable to the first consumer purchaser and provided that the camper is used only for its intended purpose as a recreational vehicle and for camping.

Are Runaway Campers any good?

Buying a mini-camper has its pros and cons. We’ll share with you some of the benefits and drawbacks of Runaway Campers based from reviews of owners and other trusted RV sites.


Let’s start with the advantages of having these travel trailers in tow.

Lightweight and Easy to Tow

Runaway Campers have a weight of less than 1,000 lbs. Since they are lightweight, they are easier to tow and won’t require much power from your towing vehicle.


You can hitch your Runaway Camper to your towing vehicle and go anywhere you want to go. You can go off road camping or overlanding with these trailers in tow. You simply have to decide where you want to go and what you want to do. Choose your adventure.

Easy Storage

With their compact size, Runaway Campers will conveniently fit in your standard garage or park them at the driveway, if it’s allowed in your neighborhood.

Budget-Friendly Price Tag

Runaway Campers are definitely one of the most affordable travel trailers that you can find in the market today. For as low as $5,260, you can have a brand new camper!


Now, for the drawbacks.

Small Space

Runaway Campers are mini-campers so it is expected that they offer a small space inside the trailer. For most of their trailers, you have to crawl your way inside. The maximum sleeping capacity is 2 people.

Limited Amenities

With such a small space, it also follows that the amenities would be very limited. In fact, the units are almost bare. They only come with an air conditioning unit, a shelf, and a power strip. Although a roadside shower and propane tank for cooking are available for upgrade, these are all very basic and would be difficult to use during bad weather.


One of the most common issues raised regarding Runaway Campers is about condensation. This is a common problem for small travel trailers because the air does not get to flow properly. This can cause the development of molds and mildew. Consequently, they would cause damages to the structure of the camper and even pose health risks to users.

Condensation issues can be resolved by opening the windows and doors, putting a vent, taking out the mattress during the day, and leaving spaces inside the trailer for air to pass through.

Knowing these advantages and disadvantages will help those who are interested to buy in weighing these matters to see if the benefits outweigh the drawbacks. This way, they can make an informed choice and be satisfied with their purchase.

Wrap Up

Runaway campers are compact and affordable. With these claims come certain advantages and disadvantages. They are easier to tow, versatile, easy to store, and buying them won’t break the bank. However, do expect that with this kind of arrangement and budget, the space and amenities are limited aside from having issues regarding condensation.

These travel trailers are initially available as a box on wheels and it’s up to you on how you can tailor fit it to your own travel and adventure lifestyle.

We would still recommend these Runaway campers to the lone traveler or couples who aren’t afraid to get down and dirty on the road. Those who are full of adventure spirit and game enough to experience the rugged but fun side of RVing. These are best to take on short trips and they’ll surely quench your thirst for expedition and communing with nature. They’ll give you the opportunity to runaway from your busy lives and refresh your mind and soul when you immerse yourself in the beauty of the great outdoors.

About the Author / Johnathan R. Smith

I am a well traveled Marine Corps veteran that enjoys the outdoor and nomadic lifestyle that RV living provides. I am also a member of the National RV Inspectors Association ( As the founder of my goal is to provide you with well researched information so that you can enjoy the best of the RV lifestyle.

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