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Benitoite, Black Tourmaline & Iolite Pendant


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Rocky Benitoite, rare, California blue natural crystal (from a collector) is very spiritually lifting to me. Paired with NYS Black (Uvite) Tourmaline & Iolite beads seems to keep me grounded, balanced while feeling into the spiritual realm! Love these crystals together! Wrapped in Sterling Silver by me, it comes on a long black cord with signature artwork and crystal notes. Artisan, one of a kind piece. #Benitoite #Black Tourmaline #Uvite #Chakras 1 & 6 #Spiritual seeker #Connect to higher


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Benitoite, Black Tourmaline & Iolite Pendant


Formula: BaTiSi3O9
Mineral class: silicates
Crystal system: hexagonal
Mohs scale: 6 - 6.5
Density (g/cm3): 3.64 - 3.68
Refractive index: 1.757 - 1.804
Cleavage: poor
Colors: colorless, orange, rose, purple, blue
Luster: vitreous
Fluorescence: blue
Pleochroism: colorless - greenish-blue
Largest faceted Benitoite: 15.42 ct
Deposits:See my special page!
1st Description: 1907
Name: after the type locality in San Benito County / California / USA
• Discovery of Benitoite in February 1907 by prospector James M. Couch. He staked claims in the name of Roderick W. Dallas in the area of the Diablo Mountains / San Benito County, searching for cinnabar or copper ores. At a hillside he spotted an interesting outcrop of rocks, detected a human-sized cave, and stepped into it. Before his feet lay thousands of blue crystals, and even more were weathered out of the white natrolite vains in the walls: Benitoite! Some crystals were sent to a San Francisco jeweler for cutting.
Finally G.D. Louderback, professor of geology at the University of California in Berkeley, was asked for identification of the unknown stones. He identified them as a new mineral, and described it in the same year, in 1909 more detailed.
• Use of dynamite to ease the mining work. Only about 1% of the benitoites "survived" these "activities".
• Establishment of the "Dallas Mining Company". Erection of a mine camp.
• Closure of the mine in 1912 because Dallas thought that the mine had been "pinched out."
• Briefly re-opening of the mine in 1933, then the mine was leased to various individuals.
• Buzz Gray and Bill Forrest leased the mine in 1967.
• In 1985 Benitoite became California’s State Gemstone.
• Buzz Gray and Bill Forrest purchased the mine in 1987, expanded the property, tested it, and renamed it "Benitoite Gem Mine".
• AZCO Mining, Inc. leased the mine in 1997 but were not very successful despite larger investments.
• Collector's Edge Minerals, Inc. purchased the mine in 2000.
• Collector's Edge sold the mine to Dave Schreiner of Coalinga in 2005. Dave is under a contractual agreement that prevents him from doing any heavy mining on the property until 2015.
He is allowing people, for a fee, to dig on the property however.

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Trillium Benitoite and Diamond Pendant

A fancy trillium-cut Benitoite is featured in a hand-crafted platinum pendant.  The pendant is accented with four small diamonds and beautifully hand engraved with a dramatic chevron pattern.

Benitoite (pronounced beh-NEE-toe-ite)  is a rare gem that was first discovered in 1906 along the headwaters of the San Benito River in San Benito County, California.  This small region is the only source in the world for gem quality Benitoite.  Because of its rarity and beauty,  Benitotite was adopted as California's state gemstone in 1985.

Side view of trillium benitoite pendant accented with with four diamonds.

The three sides of the pendant and the bail are hand engraved and set with brilliant round diamonds.  The edges of the pendant are milgrained for an added touch of elegance.  Note the depth of the sides and the sturdiness of the prongs.  These carefully crafted details help protect the rare gemstone.

Rear view of trillium benitoite pendant accented with with four diamonds.

The rear of the pendant is as nicely finished as the front.  Note the smoothly polished surfaces and crisp edges.  The engraving on the bail is continued on the back.  It is the small details that make a fine jewel extraordinary.

Close-up of fancy trillium cut benitoite.

Benitoites have often been mistaken for fine blue sapphires and spinels.  Benitoites tend to be found in smaller sizes with gems larger than one carat being the exception.  Larger gems with rich color and exceptional quality are greatly prized by collectors.
Benitoite Meaning and Spiritual Properties


Pendant benitoite


Benitoite: California's Rare Find


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