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Kiss Salon Acrylic Natural Nail Kit, Sugar Rush

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Inspired by custom salon acrylics, these revolutionary false nails are easier, faster, and less expensive. This ready to wear natural look manicure is easy to apply and results are long lasting (nails glue on in minutes, and wear for up to a week). Wear them natural or with polish. they're waterproof, have a smudge-free finish, need no dry time, and they won't damage your natural nails. Acrylic Infused Technology makes the acrylic nails chip-free, bubble-free, and super durable. With a snug fit, Salon Acrylics are also thinner at the cuticle (25% thinner than other brands) for a seamless look and comfortable wear. Flexi-Fit technology provides a flexible fit at the nail bed that delivers lasting comfort, and the acrylic strength nail tips are 10 times stronger than other at-home nail brands. Comes with everything you need for a DIY at-home salon acrylic manicure: 28 fake nails, pink gel nail glue, mini file, and manicure stick. Use with included glue or try KISS PowerFlex Nail Glue, sold separately. With a full line of press-on and glue-on nails that WOW, this nail kit is just one of the many options offered by KISS. KISS has you covered in the hottest colors, shapes, lengths, finishes, and nail art. Bring the salon home with KISS!

  • At-home salon acrylic nail kit that saves you a pricey visit to the salon
  • Takes only minutes to apply with hassle free removal
  • 10 times stronger than other at-home nail brands
  • More comfortable with a flexible, snug fit at the cuticle that is 25% thinner than other brands
  • Also try our salon dip, gel nail kits, nail tips, nail glue, nail polish shades, and more

A pleasant appearance is not magic, and it requires some well-polished skills. From the hairdos, makeups, dressing to nail polishing, all those things need a lot of time. When it comes to doing nails, there are multiple ways to make your nails elegant and fashionable. A kiss acrylic nail kit will make your nail enhancement process fast and easy. Kiss acrylic nails kit is used as a nail extension procedure.

At first, you have to adhere the false nail tips onto the natural nails with nail glue. Then apply the acrylic powder with acrylic liquid and a nail brush. The acrylic must apply from the cuticle area to the tip of the false nails.

In this detailed article, we are going to look at how to do acrylic nails step by step. If followed correctly, the steps will give you excellent results and are suitable for both beginners and professionals.

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At A Glance: Kiss Acrylic Nail Kit Instructions

The 9 steps kiss dip kit instructions quick checklist,

  1. Prepare your nails
  2. Find the accurate size of false nails
  3. Apply primer
  4. Prepare the acrylic powder
  5. Apply the acrylic
  6. Let the acrylic dry
  7. Make the acrylic nails smoother
  8. Color your nails
  9. Maintain your nails

Why Kiss Acrylic Nail Kit?

Kiss acrylic nail kits have acquired many nail designer’s minds nowadays. Whenever anyone wants to adorn her from top to down, nails are the most important thing that she should think about first. Fashionable nails are now every women’s dream.

Some people don’t have enough time to go to a saloon for doing their nails. Also, some people are afraid to do her nail at home. For those people, a kiss acrylic nail kit would be the best choice.

This nail extension kit is very easy to apply and at the same time, it is affordable for anyone. Can you imagine getting your nails done without spending a lot of money and time?

Kiss acrylic nail kits have made the impossible thing possible.

You may have a special function in a while and you have broken nails. Broken nails decrease the worth of your fashion sense.

In this situation, you may haven’t much time to go to a salon. The easiest way is to go to your nearest super shop and get a kiss acrylic nail kit. That kit will detach your broken nail problem within minutes.

You don’t need professional skills to apply for this nail extension. In this article, you will get step-by-step kiss dip nail kit instructions. If you follow those instructions, you can get beautiful and elegant nails at a glance.

What Kiss Acrylic Kit To Use On Nails?

What Kiss Acrylic Kit To Use On Nails

There are a good variety of kiss acrylic nail kits available to buy. But for the beginner, it is too difficult to choose the best one for her.

A newbie nail artist who doesn’t have the experience to buy or use kiss acrylic nail kits can’t figure out the difference between those brands.

Don’t worry. We will elucidate some features and guides that will help you to choose a proper nail kit. To use a kiss acrylic nail kit, you will need some kinds of stuff to do your work properly.

You should choose those kits which offer most of the required kinds of stuff with good quality.

An appropriate kiss nail kit should have this stuffs

  • Good quality acrylic liquid
  • Acrylic powder
  • Some nail tips
  • An acrylic nail brush
  • An acrylic primer
  • Manicure stick
  • Nail file
  • Nail buffer
  • Nail glue

What Are The Pre-Arrangement To Use Kiss Acrylic Nail Kit?

Choose an acrylic nail kit:

Purchasing a kit is the best step to start with, especially if it is your first time doing your acrylic nails. Kits come with everything that one needs during the application process, and that includes the instructions that will guide you.

However, before purchase, it is wise to enquire so that you know what kit is best for your nails. That’s because some acrylic nail kits come with a monomer that contains MMA, which is not suitable for natural nails.

Purchase the requirements separately:

It is good to buy the things you need separately. This also gives you the option of deciding how your nails will look. Most beauty suppliers have everything you need starting from the brushes, files, buffers to the acrylic powders, and liquids.

How To Use Kiss Acrylic Nail Kit

How to Use Kiss Acrylic Nail Kit

Applying a kiss acrylic nail kit is the easiest method of nail extension. The major problem of nail extension is to give the product a nail shape. Kiss acrylic nail kit has come with different sizes of false nails.

So, the applying and shaping process becomes much easier. Here are some pre-arrangement and some Kiss dip powder kit instructions are written in a brief. Let’s jump to the main point

Step 1: Prepare Your Nails

Nail preparation is an important part of how to use the acrylic nail kit. Acrylic must be applied on clean nails, and here is how to do it

  • Remove your old nail polish by use of an oil-free remover.
  • Trim your nails: Use a nail clipper to trim your nails to your desired and manageable length; after that, use a nail file to make them even.
  • Buff your nail’s surface so that the acrylic will hold onto it well.
  • Use a cuticle pusher to remove the cuticles.
  • Remove oils and moisture from your nails by use of a primer and a pie of cotton.

Step 2: Find The Accurate Size of False Nails

Find the fitting size of tips for each of your nails. If it’s bigger than your nails, you can trim it. Then take the glue and apply the tips from side to side and then stick them on your nail bed.

Hold it for some seconds so that the adhesive may dry. Repeat this on the other nails, then trim the nails to your preferred size.

Step 3: Apply Primer

Applying primer is one of the most important steps of applying kiss acrylic nails that shouldn’t avoid. It doesn’t matter what type of nail kit you have applying primer is a must when working with acrylic. Otherwise, the nails will pop off.

Step 4: Prepare The Acrylic Powder

Assemble the acrylic materials by pouring the liquid into the dish. Take another dish a pour some powder into it. Most acrylics have got strong odours, and therefore you should ensure your room is well ventilated to prevent choking.

After this, dip the brush into the acrylic liquid and ensure there are no bubbles. Pass the brush through the acrylic powder until a ball forms on the tips of the brush.

For proper rationing of the liquid, you might be required to repeat this until you master what’s best for your nails.

Step 5: Apply The Acrylic

The application starts here, It is the acrylic nail steps and it’s supposed to begin from the bottom of the acrylic tip. Brush down the acrylic ball on your brush and spread it quickly and smoothly for even results. Repeat this procedure with all ten nails.

Step 6: Let The Acrylic Dry

After application, you should allow your nails to dry. The drying duration should take ten minutes. To confirm if the acrylics have dried, you tap on them using the handle of your acrylic brush. If it produces a clicking sound, then you can proceed to the next step.

Step 7: Make The Acrylic Nails Smoother

Once your nails have dried, you move to the finishing stage. Here you use a rough file to give your nails shape and then file them to your comfort size.

Then use a buffer to even the nails surface. Always use a brush to dust of the nail dust so as not to spoil the polish.

Step 8: Color Your Nails

It is at this stage that you colour your nails. You can start by applying a base coat or choose to paint them with coloured nail polish. The application should be made to the whole surface to give a smooth and even result.

Step 9: Maintain Your Nails

After applying your coloured polish, it is now your responsibility to maintain your acrylic nails. Most acrylics will serve you for more than three weeks with proper care. After this duration, you can choose to reapply by repeating the whole process.

Do You Need Primer For Kiss Acrylic Nails?

Do You Need Primer For Kiss Acrylic Nails

Of course, you need to use kiss acrylic primer before applying the acrylic powder. Acrylic primer adheres the natural nails and acrylic nails together as the tree and roots adhere with soil.

So, you have already realized how important to apply primer before applying acrylic. It doesn’t matter whether you are using acrylic gel or acrylic powder, primer shouldn’t avoid.

Primer protects the natural nails as well as increases the adherence of natural nails with acrylic nails. If you are expecting to last your kiss acrylic nail for one week, the primer will increase the durability.

Who wants her beautiful nails to pop off before her expectation? Without acrylic primer, the acrylic nails can pop off anytime. So, we must apply primer before doing any work with acrylic.

Best Kiss Acrylic Nail Kit

Kiss Professional Complete Acrylic Sculpture Kit

If you are new to nail art you should purchase a kiss acrylic nail kit that has the most necessary pieces of stuff. Kiss professional complete Acrylic sculpture kit offers the most number of pieces of stuff with the best quality. You will get all the necessary things in one nail kit. This nail kit has 20 sculpture forms and 20 natural nail tips.

You don’t need to buy acrylic primer severally. You will get a bottle of acrylic primer with this nail kit. The acrylic formula is bubble-free so you can apply this without any hesitation. Also, the acrylic powder and liquid are enriched with quality full ingredients that offer longer durability of the acrylic nails.

Kiss French Acrylic Sculpture Kit

This kiss acrylic nail kit will inspire you to give your nails a new look because of its easiest application procedure. This kit comes with 40 nail tips, quality-based acrylic powder, acrylic liquid, and nail glue to adhere to the nail tips with natural nails. Also, it includes a nail brush, a nail file, and a manicure stick. The nail tips are big enough to give them the desired shape.

If you can do your nails like saloon then why would spend a lot of money on your manicurist? This kiss acrylic nail kit is appropriate for both professionals and beginners. So, it doesn’t matter whether you are an expert or a newbie to the nail fashion world.

Kiss acrylic nail kit doesn’t need any UV light to cure so, this procedure of nail extension is completely safe. But there are some important issues that you should consider while using the nail kit.

Do not go for a low-quality product for getting it at a cheap price. If the nail kit has any harsh or toxic formula, that may damage your natural nails. So, it’s better to check the ingredients before buying any products.

After adhering to the nail tips, don’t file the natural nails. Only file the nail tips to remove the shine of the nail tips.

Do not apply acrylic powder if your nails or nail surrounded your skin has any kind of disease.

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How Long Does It Take For Kiss Nails To Dry?

How Long Does It Take For Kiss Nails To Dry

Kiss acrylic nails take only 5-8 minutes to dry completely without any UV light. Kiss acrylic nails don’t need UV light to cure. It cures at normal room temperature. When you will go for the next fingernails to apply acrylic, the previous one will dry at that time.

In Conclusion

Nails say so much about us, and it is prudent to accord them proper treatment. However, it is advisable to check the colour of your nails before the application of acrylics.

If you notice that your nails are yellowish or green in colour, you are advised not to apply.

This is because that’s an infection indicator, and you might need to seek treatment first. Through the given guidelines in this article, anyone can understand how to use the acrylic nail kit.

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PRESS ON NAILS - Easy Tips \u0026 Tricks - In Depth Tutorial

How to Do Your Own Acrylic Nails at Home

Purchase an Acrylic Nail Kit (or Shop For Supplies Separately)

kiss nails

KissFrench Acrylic Sculpture Kit$6


If you’ve never done your own acrylic nails before, your best bet is to start with an all-inclusive kit (like the Mia Secret Professional Acrylic Nail Kit For Beginners, $130), as it will contain everything you need to get the job done—including detailed instructions. The big thing to remember when shopping for acrylic kits is that you don’t want tips made with MMA (methyl methacrylate), as it’s tough and inflexible, which can mean bad news for your nail beds. Instead, look for EMA (ethyl methacrylate), which is considered to be a safer alternative.

Once you become more attuned to the process, however, you may find that buying supplies individually suits you better, as it makes it easier to find acrylic tips that perfectly complement your natural nail shape. Plus, if you stock up on full-size products (as opposed to the minis that usually come in kits), you’ll be fully prepared to touch-up your acrylics at the two-week mark instead of having to head to the store to do so.

If stocking your nailcare arsenal with individual products sounds more convenient for your manicure needs, order or pick up the below:

  • Nail clippers
  • Coarse nail file
  • Acrylic nail tips
  • Nail tip glue
  • Acrylic nail dehydrator
  • Acrylic nail primer
  • Acrylic liquid monomer
  • Acrylic powder
  • Acrylic brush and bowl for mixing 

Acrylic nails kiss

kiss nail tutorial — kiss french nude nail package

No more smudges, chips, or frustration.

Imagine not having to go to a salon to spend your hard-earned time and money on a set of pretty nails. Or not having to sift through your nail polish assortment, meticulously apply the color, and wait for what feels like forever for the polish to dry.

Oh, and imagine that your manicure doesn’t chip, crack, or budge over the next seven days. It’s actually all a reality with acrylic nails (I’ll even show you how to apply them in this DIY)!

kiss nail tutorial — open contents of kiss nail package

Why try acrylic nails?

My manicure experience has transitioned over the years. It started with painting my own nails, but then gel came along, so I opted for professional salon manicures.

After discovering at-home gel polishes and lamps (and frankly, seeing how much money I was tossing away), I opted to give myself the gel treatment at home. And while I love saving money (and happen to do a pretty great job as my own manicurist), there are certain looks I simply can’t achieve.

Because I can’t master the perfect French tip or grow my nails out long enough to experiment with various nail shapes, I’ve turned to Kiss nails. Plus, I find the matte offerings from fake nail products to look so much better than any matte top coat I’ve tried.

kiss nail tutorial — kiss nail packages

My two latest pickups are the Salon Acrylic French Nude and Salon Acrylic Natural Stiletto. I know some of you are probably thinking that the pointed shape is a little over the top 😂 but I definitely plan to file those down into more of an oval shape when I apply them.

Now on to the application:

kiss nail tutorial — set up for applying kiss nails

Kiss Acrylic Nails Application



Make sure your nails are cleaned and prepped using a file to smooth out edges. Rough up the top of the nail for better adhesion. Wipe away any dirt, oils, and filings with acetone nail polish remover.


Measure for the right fit for your nail beds by placing the acrylic nails on top of your fingertips. Arrange the nails in order in front of you.


Flip the nails over so the underside is facing up. Then apply a drop of nail glue to the acrylic nails.


Apply a tiny drop of glue to your nails.


Align the acrylic nail with your cuticle and press down, holding the nail in place for 5-10 seconds.


Apply all nails to one hand, and then move on to the opposite hand following the same instructions above.


If the acrylic nail set has tabs, bend the tab down and back up to break off from the nail.


File the nail as desired to change the shape, length, or to smooth out any rough edges left from the tab.


After 5 minutes, wash hands, apply hand lotion, and enjoy your beautiful manicure!


TO REMOVE KISS NAILS: Clip down the nail to your actual nail length.


Rough up the top layer to remove the protective coating.


Either soak nails in a bowl of acetone or use aluminum foil to wrap an acetone soaked cotton round against the top of the nail.


To make a foil nail wrap, soak a cotton ball in acetone, place it on a square of aluminum foil, and wrap the foil around the finger.


Leave on until the nail is soft.


Wipe off the softened nail and wash hands to remove remaining acetone.


Hydrate your nails and skin with hand lotion and/or cuticle oil.

What to know before applying acrylic nails

kiss nails tutorial — finished hand with kiss nails


Fake nails can last between 1-2 weeks, but that depends on the level of activity your nails endure. If you’re constantly washing dishes or have your hands in water, the nail glue can break down faster, meaning there’s a higher chance the nails could come off.

The same goes for if you participate in activities that could put a strain on your fingertips, such as boxing, workout classes, or gardening. By no means am I saying you can’t wear fake nails if your hands are always active, but keep in mind that the more pressure on the nails, the more likely they are to come off sooner.

Learning curve

It takes a bit of practice to apply these on the fly. I also think the step with adding glue directly to the fingernail isn’t necessary. It’s a touch too much glue for my liking, though I could just be heavy-handed with the drops.

Getting used to typing or other everyday activities may also seem strange at first if you go with a longer nail style. Trust me, after a couple of applications, the process of applying, wearing, and removing the nails will become a breeze!

Nail damage

As someone who is always applying gel polish or nail glue to my precious extremities, let me tell you that constant and continued use of this kind of product can be damaging to fingernails. It’s encouraged to not try to pry off the nails when removing, but to instead follow the proper removal technique outlined above.

If you peel off the nails, you risk ripping off a protective layer and making your fingernails weak and brittle. This also causes them to be more prone to breakage. I like to give my nails a break between manicures by applying a strengthening polish and giving my cuticles some love with a hydrating oil.

kiss nail tutorial — kiss nail packages

All in all, if you don’t like fussing with polish and want impeccable looking nails, you should give the Kiss acrylic nails a shot. It’s not only natural styles either—they have solid colors and fun nail art, like this shimmery set for a glam look.

And if the idea of nail glue freaks you out, look for the ImPress brand of nails. It’s the same concept, except there’s a thick sticker adhesive already applied to the underside of the nails, so you simply peel, stick, and go. The Hip2Save team loves them!

kiss nail tutorial — finished kiss acrylic nails application

What do you think of my manicure?

Let me know if you would try out these nails for yourself in the comments.

Check out more Hip beauty hacks!

Nail Pro Tests Kiss Complete Acrylic Kit Plus 3 Weeks Later Review

Should I Try Kiss Press-On Nails?

Kiss Nails are a good way to give your nails an instant makeover. However, if you're a parent of younger children, you're going to find they're not practical to wear all the time. There are just too many hands-on activities you have to do with your kids. For others, Kiss Nails is a better solution, as long as you only want to wear them for the recommended seven days before putting on a new set. Read about my experience spending a week trying Kiss Press-On Nails.

KISS gel press nails

KissAB Fab Gel Fantasy Nails$8


The Pros and Cons of Press-On Nails


  • Salon-looking nails in about 15 minutes
  • Easy to apply
  • 28 nails included so you can find the right fit for your fingernail
  • A variety of designs


  • Can only be worn for seven days
  • Nails that get popped off during use might cause lifting of your natural nail
  • Lifting can weaken your natural nail

We wreak havoc on our fingernails, especially parents. Pushing kids on the swings, lugging a stroller in and out of the car, playing ball in the backyard; we're always on the move. Kiss Nails transform those short, broken, nails into polished digits in just a few minutes. Over the years, I've used Kiss Nails several times now for special occasions. This time, for the purposes of this review, I wore the nails from the "Kiss Nails Real Short Everlasting French Square Nails Kit" for the seven days the package recommends, putting them through the test of normal day-to-day functions as a mom.

What to Expect From Kiss Press-On Nails

The $8 kit includes 24 nails, adhesive tabs, pink gel glue, a manicure stick, and a mini nail file. Obviously, the cost is significantly less than the $30-plus you'll pay to have your nails done at a salon, and it's something you can easily do for yourself at home, even with kids around. Plus, you don't have to keep going back to the salon every six weeks to have your nails refilled, which costs up to $45. That's not exactly an option for moms looking to save money.

Applying fake nails is simple, and Kiss Nails are no exception. When you're ready to glue the nail in place, cover the back of the artificial nail and your natural nail with glue. Be sure you cover each surface completely with glue, or you'll be able to see air pockets through the nails after you've applied them. Hold the artificial nail on top of your nail for five seconds and it's glued. Twist off the numbered tab from the artificial nail, and file the nail to the shape you want. The total time to find your nail size, apply glue, and then glue the nails in place takes about 10-15 minutes total for both hands.

The Timeline

My routine is fairly simple. However, several nails did pop off during the week:

  • Day 1 - No nails popped off.
  • Day 2 - Ring fingernail on my left hand popped off during a diaper change.
  • Day 3 - Middle fingernail on my left hand popped off while folding the laundry.
  • Day 4 - Pinkie nail popped off getting ice out of the ice maker.
  • Day 5 - No nails popped off.
  • Day 6 - Middle fingernail on right hand popped off while buckling my baby's car seat.
  • Day 7 - Left index fingernail popped off somewhere in Target where I happened to be buying another set of Kiss Nails.

With the exception of the one lost at Target, I was able to glue the nails that had popped off back on in just a few seconds. It's a good idea to carry the glue with you, in case you're away from home when your nail pops off. When each nail popped off it didn't hurt, but I knew I had lost one of my nails. After removing the nails, I discovered that the nails that had popped off over the last week had suffered slight lifting on them, as if the force of them getting popped off my finger also took the top layer of my natural nail with them. Unfortunately, you could see where the lifting occurred on my natural nail. Those normally-strong nails felt significantly weaker because that top layer of the nail is gone.

To take your nails off, the Kiss Nails "All or One Artificial Nail Remover" (purchased separately from their kits) is recommended. You can just dip your fingernails into acetone nail polish remover, but it does take longer to get the nails off this way. After trying both methods, the All or One Artificial Nail Remover allowed for quicker removal of the nail as well as the glue that's left on your natural nail. 

The Final Takeaway

Despite some minor setbacks, using these nails has many advantages: They're temporary. They remove easily. They're affordable. They're beautiful. Wearing press-ons not only transforms the look of your nails—it also provides a confidence boost. I caught myself looking at my hands a lot during the week.

Kiss Nails are a good product that have redefined press-on nails. Still, most people who work with their hands often will find they're not ideal 24/7, when you're hanging out with your kids every day. Still, they're a perfect solution for a date night, or other special occasions to give your nails an instant and much-needed manicure.

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You will also be interested:

If you’ve ever wanted to try out acrylic nails but were discouraged by the initial price or the cost of upkeep, you might be looking for an alternate solution. Kiss acrylic nail kits are a great option if you’re looking to paint your nails yourself!

In this article we’ll go through some popular options and explain the differences between the kits.

Kiss Acrylic Nail Dip Kit

kiss acrylic nail dip kit

The Kiss Acrylic Nail Dip Kit is an easy-to-use solution for people that want to have a fuss-free acrylic manicure. The product enables you to be able to create acrylic nails by simply dipping your nails into the powder formula instead of brushing on a liquid. 

Key Product Features

The package comes with everything you need to create acrylic nails. It includes:

  • Brush-on Gel
  • Activator 
  • Dip Powder 
  • 20 White Tips and 20 Clear Tips
  • Dip Tray 
  • Sponge
  • Nail File
  • Manicure Stick

This kit is similar to a traditional acrylic nail kit, but unlike a traditional kit, you dip your fingers in the powder instead of brushing on a liquid. The results are similar, but the process is a lot easier. This makes applying the powder on your non-dominant hand simple.


  • Low Price Point
  • Mess-Free
  • Included Instructions
  • Easy Soak-Off Removal 


  • One-Time Use Kit
  • Remover Not Included

User Reviews

Users leave positive reviews explaining that the product gives them salon-style nails that last for a couple of weeks with no lifting or problems staying on. They also note that this kit costs about half of what it costs to get salon nails done, making this kit a great buy! 

If you want your nails done and cant afford the 50 dollars salon visit this is for you. First time lasted a week but 2nd time its been over two weeks and still look great. I will always have this in my house

Malinda on Amazon

This is my second time using this kit. It’s very easy to use and includes basically everything you need to make the base of your nail. The only downside is that you can only use this kit 2 times.

Mary on Amazon

Kiss Complete Salon Acrylic Kit

kiss complete salon acrylic kit (2 pack)

The Kiss Complete Salon Acrylic Kit is a steal at a price point lower than the cost a salon manicure. It includes the supplies to do 5 complete applications and 10 fills making it one of the best-priced options around. 

Key Product Features

The Complete Salon Acrylic Kit comes with:

  • 64 Nail Tips (24 white and 40 clear)
  • Maximum Speed Nail Glue
  • 20 Sculpture Forms
  • Acrylic Liquid Masking Formula
  • Acrylic Liquid
  • Dipping Dish
  • Acrylic Powder
  • Acrylic Primer
  • Nail File
  • Buffing Block
  • Acrylic Brush
  • Manicure Stick
  • Storage Container 

It’s a traditional acrylic nail kit that uses liquid and powder to create acrylic nails. While it can take some time to become efficient at using this type of nail kit, with practice, you can master the process of doing your acrylic nails at home.


  • Low Price Point
  • Includes Supplies for 5 Complete Applications and 10 Fills
  • Complete Kit


  • Steeper Learning Curve
  • Strong Chemical Smell

User Reviews

Users love this kit for the price point and the ability to create their own salon-quality nails. However, some users have expressed mixed feelings as they had mediocre results the first time they tried to use the kit. But, that might be due to lack of experience with this particular Kiss acrylic nail kit.

I bought this kit in Walmart and it took some practice but my nails come out beautiful! I will now always do them myself, no need to pay extra for a professional now! I wish they sold the Primer separately however as I can’t find it anywhere. I haven’t used the tips yet, only the refill and my nails have been holding out just fine, no breakage at all and I love the convenience of refilling them anytime I want (I’m a nail biter). I will definitely keep buying and I don’t care if I need to have these kits shipped to Canada at additional cost. So worth it!

Brenda D. on Kiss

Kiss Brush On Gel Nail Kit

kiss gel nail kit

The Kiss Brush On Gel Nail Kit is designed so that you can create a full gel manicure at home. Unlike the other products we’ve covered so far, this one is a gel manicure rather than acrylic nails. 

If you are looking for a long-lasting manicure, but you don’t prefer to have acrylic nails, then a gel set may be for you. However, you can create the same type of look with the french tips but use a gel instead.  

Key Product Features

The Kiss Brush On Gel Nail Kit comes with:

  • Brush-on Gel
  • Brush-on Gel Activator
  • Brush Cleaner
  • 48 Tips
  • Mini File
  • Manicure Stick

Gel manicures are professional-looking and long-lasting. This kit is designed to do two full gel manicures with tips at an insanely low price. As a result, the price is far more cost-effective than going to a salon.


  • Lowest Price Point
  • Easy To Use
  • No Curing Light Required
  • Quick Application


  • Not Acrylic 
  • Gel Runs Out Quickly

User Reviews

Users love this product because of how easy it is to use. Additionally, they are pleased that their manicures last for up to two weeks.

Absolutely LOVE this product. It’s incredibly simple and gives you salon like results. It’s mistake proof. It may not last as long as salon nails, but they give you some decent wear time.

Meaghan M. on Kiss

I absolutely love this kit. Its really easy to do and it looks great, like my own nails. I have really small hands and I have a hard time finding nails that fit me. These are the perfect size for my tiny nails. I wish that Kiss sold the nail tips only though bc I would buy the crap out of them but I can’t find them anywhere if they do. Highly recommend

Sarah B. on Kiss

Kiss French Acrylic Sculpture Kit

kiss sculpture kit

The Kiss French Acrylic Sculpture Kit is similar to the Complete Salon Acrylic Kit, except that it’s smaller and more of a starter kit. However, if you are looking to get started with acrylic nails, the Kiss French Acrylic Sculpture Kit is a great choice.

Key Product Features

The Kiss French Acrylic Sculpture Kit includes:

  • 40 Tips (20 white and 20 natural)
  • Acrylic Liquid
  • Clear Acrylic Powder
  • Maximum Speed Nail Glue
  • Sculpting Brush
  • Nail File
  • Manicure Stick

Like with the Complete Salon Acrylic Kit, there is a learning curve to creating acrylic nails with liquid acrylic. This kit provides enough tips and materials to get started. As a result, I recommend this kit for beginners that are unsure about how long they’ll do their own nails.


  • Lowest Price Point
  • Great Starter Kit


  • Steep Learning Curve
  • Doesn’t Include Acrylic Primer

User Reviews

Users really like this kit, especially for starting out. However, the users that were unhappy didn’t like the acrylic lifting and thought the nails not lasting. This was a result of the kit not including a primer. I recommend if you purchase this kit that you purchase a primer to use with it.

I was skeptical at first, but boy was this Kit a lifesaver and much easier to use than I expected. I’ve now completed 3 fill-ins with the one kit and saved myself about $65 per month while in lockdown. Definitely suggest using it outside, as the smell is strong, but it’s truly a great Kit.

Pam on Amazon

Kiss Acrylic Nail Tips

kiss acrylic nail tips

The Kiss Acrylic Nail Tips are a refill set designed for people that already use acrylic nail kits or purchase all the components separately. This set is great if you already have the acrylic liquid, powder, and primer or if you are purchasing them separately.

Key Product Features

The Kiss Acrylic Nail Tips include: 

  • 100 Nails (depending on the package you buy, the shape and color will vary)
  • Maximum Strength Nail Glue

If you’ve already started doing your own acrylic nails, you don’t need to purchase a starter kit. It’s far more economical to purchase the individual products as you need them. Further, because there are a variety of nail kits you can purchase the type of nail tips that you like with your favorite shape. 


  • Easy-To-Use
  • Low Price Point


User Reviews

Users really like these nail tips and give them overwhelmingly positive reviews. These are a particularly sweet deal if you don’t need acrylic liquid or powder.

I’ve had these nails on for over 4 days and they are still firm. The quality is great and the price is excellent. They seem too long at first but I got used to the length very quickly. The glue is better than I expected. I applied the nail polish the day before. I glued them on before going to bed so they would set nicely without me touching anything else. I will definitely buy them again. Highly recommended!

Laura on Amazon

Must admit I was skeptical about this product after viewing a You tube demo but these nails look great. I have received many compliments and everyone wants to know which shop did my nails. I love to see their expressions when I tell them I did them myself in 20 minutes. These nails last about 2 weeks perhaps longer if I wore gloves.

S Slone on Amazon

Kiss Salon Dip Color System Kit

kiss salon dip color system kit

The Kiss Salon Dip Color System Kit is a dip gel nail system that allows you to create the perfect gel manicure at home. It doesn’t require a special UV light and is designed to last for two weeks or more. This set is perfect for gel lovers that don’t want the mess of a brush-on system.

Key Product Features

The Kiss Salon Dip Color System Kit includes: 

  • Base Gel
  • Top Gel
  • Activator
  • Brush Softener
  • Color Dip Powder
  • Dip Tray
  • Mini Buffer
  • Sponge
  • Manicure Stick
  • Gel Brush

If you’re looking for a traditional gel manicure similar to what you would get at a salon, the Kiss Salon Dip Color System Kit will provide that for you. And unlike with the brush-on gel system, you can simply dip your nails making non-dominant hand nails a breeze. I highly recommend this kit for beginners.


  • Low Price Point
  • Easy-To-Use


User Reviews

Users really like this dip system and have noted that it makes doing nails on the non-dominant hand really simple. They claim that they have salon-quality nails in a matter of minutes.

I absolutely love this little kit. Super easy to use, even on your non-dominant hand, and the process is so quick!! The kit comes with a tray for your powder (CLUTCH!), a file/buffer, base coat, activator, top coat and even some replacement brushes. It even comes with a light color. I cleaned up my cuticles and used the kit on my fingers/toes with a color I already had. The whole process was done in 30 minutes and they look salon approved. Totally recommend buying this.

Chelsea Sloan on Amazon

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is the Best Acrylic Nail Kit For Beginners?

I recommend the Kiss Acrylic Nail Dip Kit for beginners. Because it’s a dip system, it’s easy to do than brush-on systems.

What Comes In the Standard Kiss Acrylic Nail Kit?

Most of Kiss’ acrylic nail kits include tips, nail glue, a brush, acrylic liquid, and acrylic powder. 

What Stores Sell Kiss Acrylic Nail Kits?

Many different stores sell Kiss products. Fred Meyer, Walgreens, and CVS are just a few of the stores that Kiss products can be found at. You can use Kiss’s website to explore what stores carry the specific kit you are looking for.

How Long Do Kiss Nails Last?

Kiss nails last about 2 weeks on average if they are done properly. 

How Long Do Kiss Gel Nails Last?

Kiss Gel Nails last about two weeks on average. 

Does Kiss Nail Glue Ruin Nails?

Nail glue can damage your nails if you aren’t careful about nail removal. Try not to pull the nails off and instead use the recommended product to remove your nails. 

Final Thoughts

I recommend the Kiss Dip Nail systems for the easiest, fastest results. If you want acrylic nails try out the Kiss Acrylic Nail Dip Kit, and if you want a gel manicure try out the Kiss Salon Dip Color System Kit. They are less messy and easier to use for beginners. Plus, they include everything you need to get started!


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