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Creepy Costumes: How To Dress Up As Halloweentown's Wacky Witches

I do not like scary movies. Some people I know seem to think that if I just keep watching them then they will eventually be funny. They won't. It's not that I think they are gross or that they will happen in real life but there is something about jumping half a foot out of my chair that I am not a huge fan of.

However, I love Halloween. Everything about it is so much fun, the costumes, the treats, and the decorations. Sadly for me, I never enjoyed Halloween movies because, for the most part, they were too scary. This is why I love the movie Halloweentown. I watched it as a kid and I still watch it every year in October.

For those of you who have never seen the movie, Halloweentown is a 90's Halloween classic about a young girl named Marnie who finds out she is a witch on Halloween night. The rest of the movie focuses on Kalabar, an evil warlock trying to take over Halloweentown. Halloween town is funny, dynamic, spooky and stars Debbie Reynolds. To sum it up: it is awesome.

In Halloweentown II we are introduced to a handsome new antagonist: Kal. Kal is Kalabar's son and also Marnie's love interest. For those of you who loved Halloweentown as a kid like me, you got a little nostalgic when it was recently revealed that Kal and Marnie are together in real life. This year I created a Kal & Marnie couples costume which is an easy DIY perfect for any fan who wants to recreate their on and offscreen charm.


What you will need:

A cloak or robe ( Mine is black but ideally it would be purple)

A witch's hat ( I got mine at the dollar store)

A colorful dress or skirt/shirt

A pair of purple nylons

A few witchy necklaces and a pair of dangly earrings

Tall leather boots

A colorful satchel or purse

A small braid in your hair

White felt or foam pieces ( you can find these in any craft store)

Purple felt or ribbon

Double sided tape

To make your cloak look more like Marnie's you can cut some stars and moons out of white felt or foam pieces and tape them along the shoulders and down the front of the cape. Next, If you are using a robe with sleeves you can take some of your purple ribbon and tape or glue it onto the cuffs of the robe to give it extra flair.

For her hat, take a length of purple ribbon or felt and wrap it around the rim of the hat where the point meets the brim. You can also stick a couple of stars and moons to the hat if you feel like it or add a bit of glitter.

When choosing the dress or skirt you are going to wear,  try to pick something that has orange or red in it as these are the colors that Marnie wears a lot in all of the Halloweentown movies.

Pair the dress with a pair of purple or maroon nylons and a pair of leather boots to match Marnie's young witchy style. My boots are black but you can also pick brown or maroon if you want them to look more like the movie.

Now you can finish off Marnie's look with a few necklaces, a pair of dangly earrings and a small braid at the front of your hair. Carry around a pumpkin or a broomstick and you will look just like our favorite witch.


What you will need:

A Black leather coat

Black pants

A black turtleneck

Hair gel

Kal's look is fairly simple, he has a classic antagonist all-black color scheme. The important part about Kal's look is to gel back his hair and wear a good black leather coat.

If you want to add something a little extra you can carry around a rose or you can wear a vampire cape as he does at the end of the movie. Just remember to be evil!

Extra: If you want to dress up as a citizen of Halloweentown you can grab some colorful and creepy attire and some face paint and you are set to go. Every resident is unique so it is up to you what kind of creature you will become!

[gallery columns="2" size="large" ids="379509,379508"]

The main goal of these costumes is to play around with your imagination and have some fun. I know I loved making these costumes and I hope you do as well!

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25 DIY Crafts Of Jack Skellington & Nightmare Before Christmas

The pumpkin king of Halloween Town, Jack Skellington, is the main focus of this DIY project list.

But there are lots of fun Nightmare Before Christmas characters & ideas mixed in here too. Really if you love Halloween Town you’re gonna find something here to tickle your fancy.

Make your house seem as if you live in Halloween Town with these spooky and creative crafts. Needless to say, these can all provide some brilliantly ghoulish inspiration for your next Halloween party.

1. Light-Up Zero

light-up zero dog diy

Check It Out

The spooky ghost dog of Jack Skellington, Zero, is the inspiration for this first cool craft.

Drawing obvious parallels with a certain Christmas reindeer, Zero has a glowing pumpkin nose to better see on those eerily foggy Halloween nights.

That makes this little guy awesome to have outside your home on Halloween night as it lights up with LEDS.

Using a lot of ordinary household items, this Zero can be made with a cardboard box, a 2L pop bottle, a plastic container, small toy pumpkin for the nose and other general crafting supplies. His name may be zero but the DIY fun is certainly non-zero!

2. Nightmare Before Christmas Jars

Nightmare before jars diy

Check It Out

These ornate Nightmare Before Christmas jars – used by Sally in the film – usually contain poison.

But in this case, something more mild might be more appropriate.

Make these awesome jar crafts and fill them with whatever seems most fitting: Halloween candy, candles, green horrible slime… it’s up to you.

Making a sufficiently spooky impression on any home, these jars would look great sitting on a countertop at a Halloween party.

3. DIY Apothecary Bottles

diy Apothecary bottle diy

Check It Out

Another take on the “I wonder what horrible stuff is inside of it” container, these DIY apothecary bottles are perfect to decorate a Halloween house.

Dim the lights, invite unsuspecting guests over, and decorate the home with a collection of these DIY bottles for that unsettling ambience we expect from the spooky Halloween period.

Just use modpodge, black paint and a brush, glass bottles or jars(whatever you have leftover) and some special apothecary labels which you can make yourself or grab online as a print out.

4. Lock, Shock and Barrel Masks

lock shock barrel masks diy

Check It Out

These creepy looking trick or treaters from the Nightmare Before Christmas provide the perfect inspiration for some Halloween masks.

If you’ll remember they have some pretty weird-o masks in the film too.

Get creative with your costume this Halloween by taking on the spooky appearance of these iconic characters.

Sure to shock everyone unfortunate enough to lay eyes on you, these Lock, Shock and Barrel mask crafts can be made easily with Plastilina non-drying clay, rigid wrap, and basic oil or acrylic paints.

5. DIY Naughty & Nice List

diy naughty and nice list

Check It Out

For a spooky twist on the Christmas naughty and nice list, have a go at this DIY Jack Skellington themed project.

All that’s required is some legible writing and a bit of artistic flair to design these lists in your own unique way.

Using just a paper easel roll, pumpkin stamp, skull stamp, orange and black ink and some scissors, you can create your list and start tracking for the Christmas seasons. A literal nightmare before Christmas.

6. Nightmare Before Christmas Wreath

Nightmare before wreath diy

Check It Out

Based on the nightmare-inducing, man-eating Christmas wreath from the movie, this is the only thing you need on your door next Halloween.

The transforming wreath is a notable Christmas ‘gift’ from the movie so this craft will definitely draw lots of looks from potential trick or treaters. And for sure it’ll attract attention from fans of the movie.

Create the sinister looking wreath with a base fake wreath, a garland, modeling clay, fake holly berries and a big red bow.

7. Zero Pumpkin

Zero pumpkin diy

Check It Out

The staple of all Halloween decorations: the pumpkin.

It’s essential to the holiday but doesn’t have to be the same every year.

This year carve your pumpkin with the face of the ghost dog Zero to give passerby’s a friendly fright.

Zero wouldn’t be the same without his glowing pumpkin nose, so you can pay homage to it with this glowing pumpkin design.

8. Hair Bow & Bow Tie

Hair bow tie diy

Check It Out

It’s always fun to accessorize at Halloween and dress up with all sorts frightening things.

Movie themed designs are just that much more fun.

These hair bow & bow tie crafts are inspired by the movie which makes them both more interesting than store-bought accessories, along with adding a personal touch to your Halloween costume.

9. Pumpkin Decorating

Pumpkin decorating diy

Check It Out

Another creative way to decorate pumpkins comes in the form of these Nightmare Before Christmas designs which are sure to impress.

Line your garden or home walkway with these amazing DIY pumpkins to make your house the envy of the neighborhood this Halloween.

Make sure you rewatch the movie and base your designs on your favorite twisted character.

10. Oogie Boogie Trick or Treat Bags

Oogie boogie trick bags

Check It Out

Oogie Boogie: the bombastic boogeyman who’s full of creepy crawlies and nasty surprises.

A memorable character from the movie, Oogie is the perfect baddie to base a creative Halloween craft on.

Have a go at these fun trick or treat bags to collect candy on the frightful annual candy giveaway known as Halloween.

Using burlap fabric, yarn, and a knitting needle for the bags you can get creative and add whatever you want to personalize these up to your liking.

11. Jack Skellington Christmas Ornaments

Skellington ornaments diy

Check It Out

Christmas is a fun and festive time of the year. A perfect opportunity to try your hand at some DIY projects for extra Christmas décor!

Add a unique flavor to your Christmas tree by making these quirky Jack Skellington ornaments.

It couldn’t be any simpler to customize your tree with these; just grab a black marker and a white ornament and pull up a drawing of the movie’s star character. Very little artistic skill required.

12. Nightmare Before Christmas Cat House

Nightmare xmas cat house diy

Check It Out

Don’t leave your furry friends out of the DIY fun!

If you love cats and want to give them a real treat this year then try making this awesome Nightmare Before Christmas cat house.

A super easy craft that’ll provide your cat with a fun new play home, this is essential for all the pet owners out there.

Incredibly all you need for this one is cardboard boxes, paint, scissors, and a hot glue gun.

13. Lawn Decorations

nightmare before xmas lawn decor

Check It Out

So once you’ve hung up your unsettling wreath on the door(number 6 on this list) why not go all out?

With this project you can make these lawn decorations of all your favorite Nightmare Before Christmas characters.

Vivid representations of the iconic characters from the movie, these large lawn decorations will make your house standout at Halloween and have everyone talking about it.

The closest you’ll come to being inside Tim Burton’s weird and wonderful universe, your lawn will be the toast of the town come Halloween night.

14. Marshmallow Pops

custom recipe marshmallow skellington

Check It Out

These really cute marshmallow pops are the only sweet treat you’ll need to make this coming Halloween.

Everybody likes sweets on sticks, so these marshmallow pops are guaranteed to be a hit at your next party. Great for all ages too.

A fun family dessert project for the kitchen, I guarantee you’ll want to make a larger batch of these Jack Skellington pops because they’ll go quick.

15. Nightmare Before Christmas Tree

Nightmare before xmas tree

Check It Out

If you don’t have the space or desire to have a large tree in the house, or even if you just want an extra one, try this small Nightmare Before Christmas themed tree to decorate the living room.

A perfect way to give your Christmas a slightly more sinister vibe, these tree crafts are fun to decorate with movie themed ornaments like those from number 11 on this list.

But you can always go your own route so try experimenting and see what else you could do with this tree design. Think of this as a base like the original Halloween Town tree in the movie. So much potential, so little time!

16. Life-Size Jack Skellington

Lifelike jack skellington diy

Check It Out

The star of this lovable animated movie, Jack Skellington, is a striking personality and would make a great life-sized cutout to decorate your home. Wouldn’t you agree?

Well, maybe not all of you but certainly some! And that’s where this next craft comes in.

With his curious yet definitely creepy demeanor and horrifying skeleton face, Jack Skellington can lurk in your living room ready to scare any unsuspecting visitors next Halloween.

Very realistic looking, this DIY is made with wood, floor flanges, screws, styrofoam balls, magic clay, paint and sandpaper – more difficult than other crafts and for sure more time-consuming but 100% worthwhile for the end result.

17. Nightmare Keyblade

Nightmare before christmas keyblade diy

Check It Out

When Disney and Square-Enix merged to create Kingdom Hearts, the last thing on my mind was Nightmare Before Christmas.

Yet it still snuck into the original game and also made an appearance in KH2 alongside its own keyblade in both games.

An awesome prop from the Kingdom Hearts game’s interpretation of the Nightmare before Christmas world, this realistic Pumpkinhead keyblade makes an excellent addition to any Halloween costume.

Rather than carrying around a cheap foam sword you bought several years ago for your Halloween outfit, make this nightmare Keyblade instead for an interesting alternative.

18. DIY Oogie Boogie Dice

DIY Oogie Boogie dice

Check It Out

Oogie Boogie is a hardened gambler in the movie. Unfortunate for him that he throws a lot of snake eyes and doesn’t have the most luck with his dice.

Hopefully you’ll get more luck with this project, replicating the big sack-based creature’s dice in a fun Halloween DIY experiment.

I think it’s high time for a good woodworking challenge to add to the list so here we are. Get started on these incredibly unique dice for your next Halloween themed board game night, or even just as a decoration for your nightstand.

19. Free Nightmare Before Christmas Printables

DIY nightmare christmas printables

Check It Out

An easy way to decorate your home without spending a lot of time working on a project, these Nightmare Before Christmas printables are ideal to spruce up the place at Halloween.

Based on Jack Skellington’s catchy song about Christmas town, these printable should be framed in suitably scary frames and hung from the walls for guests to read at your Halloween party and sing to themselves.

20. Mayor Face Costume

Mayor of Halloween Town

Check It Out

An outstanding idea for next year’s Halloween costume, this Mayor from Nightmare Before Christmas handmade costume will be the talk of the town.

Striking and a big change from the traditional Halloween costumes, this Mayor costume is both scary and funny at the same time.

The characteristic pyramid head of the Mayor is made using a large lampshade and the angry face using foam and paint. Basically a classic example of Halloween at its finest.

21. Halloween Count Down Clock Prop

Countdown clock diy halloween town

Check It Out

Ah, the infamous countdown clock from Halloween Town in the movie. What a classic.

Note for this eccentric craft we’re borrowing a lot from that countdown clock, but also from Disneyland’s Halloween holiday from the months of October-December.

A very creative take on the traditional advent calendar, this countdown clock is a great way to keep the whole family counting down the days to the big day.

To get started you’ll need to gather some cardboard, insulation foam, a craft wreath made of twigs, and then fake leaves and berries to decorate the countdown clock fittingly with the Halloween style.

22. Nightmare Before Christmas Shipping Package

Nightmare shipping package diy

Check It Out

We all give a lot of attention to the presents that we give at Christmas time. But what about the boxes they come in?

Well with this craft you’ll be able to make your gift extra thoughtful as it’ll stand out under the Christmas tree.

Definitely a DIY to consider if you need to ship a present to that family member or close friend that lives far away, and also happens to love this movie.

By sending over a gift in this homemade Nightmare Before Christmas wrapping you’re showing just how much you care with a creative touch, something that goes just a little bit further than we often think about.

23. DIY Nightmare Before Christmas Planters

DIY nightmare planters designs

Check It Out

Not all of these crafts have to be specific for the holiday periods. Especially with these planter projects which prove just that.

A fun way to store your plants year-round, these colorful Nightmare Before Christmas inspired planters will look great in any room.

Take those old terracotta planters, grab some spray paint and markers, and have away at these planters to create some special plant pots for your backyard or outdoor garden.

24. Zero Pillow Pal

Zero dog pillow

Check It Out

Even though he might be a ghost dog, Zero is still a dog.

Making him a perfectly cute subject matter for a pillow to spruce up your home or apartment.

Snuggle up to this comfortable pillow pal at Christmas time to keep the festive vibes flowing as you watch the Nightmare Before Christmas for the umpteenth time.

Incredibly soft and cozy, it’s worth the time to whip up this little guy to keep you company throughout the festive period.

25. DIY Handmade Wreath Design

DIY wreath nightmare before christmas

Check It Out

Here’s one more take on the Christmas Wreath from the Nightmare Before Christmas(see also number 6).

This Handmade design is another great option to decorate your door around the Halloween period with some flair for the 1993 movie.

Using the typical colors associated with the holiday — orange and black — this wreath is surprisingly spooky and perfect to frighten the neighbors.

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It's time to turn your home into Halloweentown with easy and fun DIYs that will impress every trick-or-treater and party guest that comes to your door. Our list of Halloween crafts for adults includes plenty of decorations, including indoor and outdoor ideas featuring pumpkins, goblins, monsters and more. Wreaths, wall decor and dinner table designs are just the beginning. We have modern color schemes (hello, pastels!) and classic orange and black options, as well as scary and cute projects, so no matter what your Halloween aesthetic is for 2021, there's something for you.

A lot of what you see here will require common household items you probably already have in stock, but even if you don't, all the crafts are inexpensive to create and Amazon has almost everything you need, so a last-minute Halloween party is totally doable thanks to these ideas (now what's left to do is figure out the snacks ...).

Want to get your little monsters involved? Try one (or all) of these kid-friendly Halloween crafts geared toward children. And don't miss our favorite DIY costume ideas if you want to win your Halloween costume contest.

Sours: https://www.goodhousekeeping.com/holidays/halloween-ideas/g1566/easy-halloween-craft-ideas/
Halloween town DIY- number 14

Halloween Village – DIY Dollar Store Craft

Halloween Decorations don’t have to be expensive. DIY Halloween Crafts are so fun to make and today I’m sharing how to make a Halloween Village in minutes for ten dollar! I love this!

Halloween Decor - Make this DIY Halloween Village for ten dollars at the36thavenue.com So awesome!


You gotta to love the Dollar Store!

Where else can you get a Halloween Village for $10?

Check out ours… My kids love it!

DIY Dollar Store Halloween Village by the36thavenue.com


At the Dollar Store they now have their Christmas houses, trees and little ceramic figurines.

Get as many as you want to be part of your village.

We chose  the people that could look a bit suspicious.

The man caring a bag on his back, the people burying something.

Eek… so spooky!

The first thing you want to do is to spray paint everything in black.

The faces of the figurines are scary as they are so we put some play dough on top of them to protect them from the paint.

After, it was time to turn the village dark.

Spray paint everything, the houses, the trees, the people.

Don’t worry about painting it perfectly.

To give the houses and the figurines some dimension I used Glitter Gloss Enamels.

I didn’t paint the entire houses with the enamel, just a little bit here and there to highlight the roofs

and the frames of the doors and windows… the same with the figurines, just a few highlights.

Look at the people, they don’t look so sweet anymore.

Boo Waa Haaaa Haaa Haaa!

At this point all we had to do was to display the Village.

Make it look realistic, use boxes and candle holders to make different levels.

Add fake spider webs to give the effect of fog and lights to create shadows.

We even added some glue dots to the plastic bats we found also at the Dollar Store.

{ They were bat rings, just cut the backs off of them}

So? Are you going to make your own?

So spooky!

Last year I did something similar for Christmas.

I gave a Dollar Store Christmas Village a makeover.

I loved how they turned out. So pretty.

You can see the tutorial for our DIY Christmas Villagehere.

Don’t you love Halloween?

 We do!



Sours: https://www.the36thavenue.com/diy-dollar-store-halloween-village/

Decorations diy halloweentown

The countdown is on! Halloween is on the way, and it's time to get together all the essentials for your DIY decoration projects. Most of the following projects are simple, with just a couple of exceptions for those of you who want to go above and beyond. 

Keep reading for some awesome DIY Halloween decor ideas that are great for inside and outside the house!

Black Paper Flowers

DIY Halloween Decor - Black Paper Flowers
Country Living

These black paper flowers make a great centerpiece for your dining table and are perfect in pots to line your outdoor steps. They are easy enough to make by yourself, and they're an even better family activity. Place several bouquets of fake flowers in vases all around the house for an easy Halloween party decoration DIY. Follow the simple directions togive your living space a soft, gothic home decor touch.

Potion Bottles

DIY Halloween Decor - Potion Bottles
Crafty in Crosby

If you want to feel like you're living in a real-life Halloween town, make these potion bottles! Here you can find instructions and printable bottle labels to do this project in no time. You can customize your potion bottles by gluing on fake spiders, twine, miniature skeletons, and skulls accessories. Fill each bottle with a mixture of water and food coloring for different colored "poisons" or place an emergency candle in the bottle openings. If you decide to go the candle route, drip red or black wax onto the top of the bottle for an eerie detail.

Floating Candles

DIY Halloween Decor - Floating Candles
Harry Potter Party Ideas

If you want to feel like you're living in a real-life Halloween town, make these potion bottles! Here you can find instructions and printable bottle labels to do this project in no time. You can customize your potion bottles by gluing on fake spiders, twine, miniature skeletons, and skulls accessories. Fill each bottle with a mixture of water and food coloring for different colored "poisons" or place an emergency candle in the bottle openings. If you decide to go the candle route, drip red or black wax onto the top of the bottle for an eerie detail.

Spooky Soap

DIY Halloween Decor - Spooky Soap
Little Bins for Little Hands

This craft is excellent whether you're planning a Halloween party or you just want to add some scary details to your soap! Use any hand soap and pop in skull beads, bat confetti, pumpkin, and black cat cut-outs. Add more detail by adding fall-colored ribbon, like rustic reds and burnt orange, tied in a bow near the soap pump.

Ghost Garland

DIY Halloween Decor - Ghost Garland
Design, Dining and Diapers

Another craft that's suitable for the indoors and outdoors is this adorable ghost garland! For anyone who likes cute Halloween decor over scary, this is for you. Simply wrap the white fabric around lantern string lights, tie on some white string to distinguish the ghost head, and draw on a spooky face with a black permanent marker! Complement this decor with unique ghost costumes.

Candy Corn Candles

DIY Halloween Decor - Candy Corn Candles

First off, stop hating on the candy corn, alright? It's delicious, and I don't care what anyone says. If you're one of those people that can't stand the taste, though, they can be put to good use in a candle holder. Just fill up a gothic glass vase with candy corn (if you can manage to sacrifice any) and place a candle in the pile of sweets.

Glowing Eyes

DIY Halloween Decor - Glowing Eyes
The Meta Picture

You never knew that toilet paper rolls had this much use until now, did you? All you need to do is cut out eye shapes in a paper towel or toilet paper roll and insert a glow stick for this project. Place these glowing eyes in bushes outside the house to keep people from stealing all of your Halloween candy you left out, or use them as a creepy nightlight in the bathroom or kitchen.

Skull Wreath

DIY Halloween Decor - Skull Wreath
Tried and True

Another great, inexpensive DIY outdoor decor for Halloween is a sparkling skull wreath. All you need are as few or as many styrofoam skulls as you want (you can snag these from the dollar store), thin but sturdy wire, ribbon, and hot glue.

Halloween Lanterns

DIY Halloween Decor - Halloween Lanterns
Adventure in a Box

This project is a little bit more involving than the previous one, but you only need a few items to make it work. Pick up spray paint in the color of your choice, glass jars, a paint marker, and print out the designs. These lanterns are great for unique, dim lighting inside and out. 

Magnetic Spiders

DIY Halloween Decor - Magnetic Spiders
Delia Creates

Do you love cheap DIYs? All you need is plastic spiders, magnet strips, scissors, and a hot glue gun for this simple idea. If you don't have any magnetic surfaces to put these faux spiders on, glue the spiders onto a piece of paper as a base. You can then stick some solid double-sided tape or command strips on the other side of the paper to allow the spiders to adhere to multiple surfaces.

Pebble Monsters

DIY Halloween Decor - Pebble Monsters
Morning Creativity

How cute are these?! These pebble monsters are a great activity for kids and adults alike. Let your creativity run free with your monster designs. Just dip a rock or pebble in acrylic paint, let it dry, draw on a mouth, and glue on some googly eyes. Voila, you have an afternoon project that's so easy you can snack on some fall treats during it.

Chicken Wire Ghost

DIY Halloween Decor - Chicken Wire Ghost
This Old House

Last but certainly not least, this wire ghost is nothing short of amazing! This DIY is the most difficult, but it only involves chicken wire. It'll cost about $20 and should last you quite a while, so if you have several hours to spare, it's worth a shot! These wire ghosts look fantastic and more realistic, from afar. Place one or two in your front yard so people can see them as they drive or walk by. Follow the instructions here for everything you need to know!

Which of these DIYs do you like to try? Any other ideas? We'd love to hear from you- let us know in the comments below!

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Cover Photo courtesy of House Beautiful

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DIY ROOM DECOR! 14 Easy Crafts Ideas at Home for Halloween

While you'll need an easy DIY Halloween costume to great trick-or-treaters on Halloween—your house can also use a little bling! These easy Halloween crafts, for adults and kids, will help you deck out your front door, porch, living room, and front steps just in time for the spookiest night of the year. In preparation for your Halloween party, we'll show you how to get in the spirit (Halloween pun fully intended) and how to make wickedly wonderful homemade decor ideas like decorative pillows, skull-shaped planters, Harry Potter-inspired crafts, and a spectral mirror that looks straight out of Snow White.

There's no need to go overboard with the fear factor though. Feel free to choose a "scare level" that feels right for you! If you've got kids, you'll be glad to know that we've got tons of tamer ideas for the younger trick-or-treating crowd. Pretty painted pumpkins, for instance, will keep everyone happy, while a black cat garland, simply made with paper, is a stunning Halloween mantel idea. There are also elegant pumpkin ideas, try bittersweet wrapped, that will look great as a Fall table centerpiece.

For the not-so-faint-of-heart though, it's time to get spooky! Turn framed family photos into ghostly displays by swapping everyone’s eyes for creepy lights, or turn your door into a pair of "morgue doors." And don’t forget about your porch: Extend the eerie ambience with outdoor Halloween decorations, easy DIY Halloween wreaths, paper lanterns, a swarm of felt bats, and spiderweb doormats. There’s truly a project here for every room in the house—we've even got bug-infused bars of soap for the bathroom! Here's to creating a haunted home worthy of your local Halloween festival.

Sours: https://www.countryliving.com/diy-crafts/g1189/best-halloween-crafts-ever/

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