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Turn Your Dog's Crate into a Den!

Your dog has a natural inclination to seek a safe and secure place to rest. Quiet Time Crate Covers are a perfect complement to your Midwest Dog Crate.

The Quiet Time Crate Covers can be used to enclose the whole crate, and still allow access to any door, whether you have a one, two, or three door crate.

Washer and Dryer Safe

Made from a durable polyester blend, Quiet Time Crate covers are fully machine-washable and dryer-safe.

Hook-and-loop tabs hold the cover securely in place. Quiet Time Crate Covers provide the privacy, security and comfort that dogs like, which can help with separation anxiety and other behavioral issues.

Allows Access to All Crate Doors

  • Allows Access to All Doors
  • Privacy and Security for Your Dog
  • Hook-and-loop Tabs Hold Securely in Place
  • Recommended by Veterinarians and Trainers
  • Crate Sold Separately

Buy Today and Give Your Dog the Den He Wants!


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Crate training is an essential part of your dog training journey, as crates offer a special place where your dog can relax when they need to have some privacy. Crates can also be used when you’re transferring your dog from one place to another. But, sometimes it can be hard to find the best large dog crate cover. But, don’t worry. We’ve got you covered!

At A Glance: Our Top Picks for Large Dog Crate Cover:

Using a large dog crate cover offers more privacy if your dog wants to relax and can help them become less anxious, especially when they’re traveling to an unfamiliar destination. 

With lots of crate covers on the market, finding the right one for your pooch might not be an easy task. In this article, we reviewed some of the best large dog crate covers to help you choose the right one for your pet. Keep on reading to find out more about our top picks.

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Reviews of the Best Large Dog Crate Covers

Whether you decide to keep the crate fully or partially covered, a cover will allow your puppy or adult dog to enjoy their privacy when they want to relax or sleep. You can also help soothe an anxious dog by using the cover to help them feel safer in a dark enclosed area where they can feel that they’re away from any threat. Check out our top picks. 

1. Precision Pet Products Indoor/Outdoor Crate Cover

Precision Pet Products Indoor Outdoor Crate Cover

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This cover offers a tailored fit, specifically designed for large and extra-large crates. It allows for easy on/off, so you can immediately provide your dog with a private den-like environment to help soothe their anxiety. 

Thanks to the durable yet breathable canvas, your pooch will feel comfortable when they spend time under this cover. It features rolling windows and doors to provide easy access to your dog.

Moreover, you can modify the setup by rolling up one side if you feel that your dog isn’t yet ready to spend a long time inside a totally covered crate. The back zipper allows you to easily remove a panel as you introduce a new puppy or an adult dog to a covered crate. You can also remove the side if you feel that your dog is too hot, or keep it down to provide your dog with more warmth in cold weather. 

You can use this cover indoors and outdoors because it’s resistant to water and dust, so it will keep the interior of the crate clean and comfortable for your pooch. It universally fits most wire crates, and you can check the different sizes to pick the most suitable one. Since it comes in a tan color, dogs that like to stay in the dark might not be very fond of this cover. 

What We Like

  • Available for extra-large crates.
  • Easy installation.
  • Can be modified by rolling up the side.
  • Has windows to provide easy access to your dog.
  • Durable and breathable canvas. 
  • Water-resistant material. 

What We Don't Like

  • Comes in a single color that might be too light for some dogs. 

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2. Molly Mutt Dog Crate Cover

Molly Mutt Rocketman Dog Crate Cover

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Installing this crate cover to your dog’s wire crate will immediately transform it into an eye-catching accessory. It will also provide your pooch with the needed privacy when they want to spend time in their safe sanctuary. 

The cover comes in several sizes to suit different crates and can be easily installed to cover the crate, whether you keep it at home or take it outside. You can either roll down all the sides to provide your pooch with more privacy or roll up the front and side panels to allow for more light and air to pass through. This might be helpful if you feel that your dog is too anxious when they’re spending time inside a totally covered crate. 

This cover is made of pre-shrunk cotton, so it’s made of 100% natural materials. It’s machine washable but not water-resistant. 

Cotton is very durable, unlike polyester, and will not be prone to snagging even if you have an enthusiastic dog that likes to scratch the cover. However, cotton takes more time to dry, and drying on the line and in the fresh air is recommended to protect the material from shrinking. This cover is available in several sizes and one color. 

What We Like

  • Cotton cover is more durable.
  • Comes in an eye-catching color. 
  • Easy to install.
  • Sides can be rolled up or down. 

What We Don't Like

  • Not water-resistant.
  • Can shrink if you don’t follow proper washing and drying instructions. 

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3. MidWest Quiet Time Crate Cover

MidWest Quiet Time Crate Cover

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Available in several colors and sizes, this crate cover helps support the dog’s natural denning instincts. It’s compatible with several 1, 2, and 3-door crates, offering various setups depending on your crate’s design. The cover is designed to provide your pooch with a private and safe sanctuary when they’re too stressed or anxious. 

This cover is made of 100% polyester, so it’s sturdy enough to withstand the claws of an enthusiastic dog. It also allows for proper ventilation, so your dog won’t be too hot even if they choose to spend more time inside the covered crate. 

You shouldn’t worry about the cover moving because it comes with hook and loop Velcro tabs that keep it in place. You can easily slip it on your crate, and it won’t move whether you keep the crate at home or take your dog for a ride. Cleaning the cover is straightforward because it’s machine-washable and can be safely dried in the dryer. The fabric is also-water-resistant. 

If you’re looking for a crate cover to provide warmth, you might need to look for another model as the material tends to be quite thin. Some dogs won’t react well to the dark color, so you might need to use one of the lighter shades, especially if you’re using a cover for the first time. 

What We Like

  • Made of durable and lightweight polyester.
  • Provides proper ventilation.
  • Easy to install and secures well in place. 
  • Machine-washable and water-resistant material. 

What We Don't Like

  • The material is quite too thin, so it won’t keep your dog warm. 
  • Some dogs don’t react well to the dark material. 

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How to Choose the Best Large Dog Crate Cover

As a pet owner, it’s your duty to provide your dog with a comfortable and space spot, whether they’re at home or spending a day outside. A crate cover can help you do this, so you need to be careful while you’re picking one for your pooch. Here are some features to think about. 


Before you pick a crate cover, you need to make sure that it fits the crate you have. Otherwise, you won’t be able to install it properly. Most crate covers come in several sizes, so you can find the perfect fit.

You should measure the crate’s dimensions and allow for an extra inch on each side, then choose an appropriate cover. If the cover is too loose, it will bunch up around the edges, and you might accidentally step on it, or your dog might be able to chew on the extra material. If it’s too tight, it might leave the sides exposed, and this will deprive your dog of their privacy. 


Covers can either be made of cotton canvas or polyester. Polyester is a synthetic material and is quite affordable. Most polyester crate covers are budget-friendly. 

You can find thick and thin polyester, and both are quite breathable. This means that you should be careful if you want to use your cover to provide your dog with some warmth, or simply want to create a private spot. 

Polyester is water-resistant and machine washable. It doesn’t shrink even if you put it in the dryer, and doesn’t get affected by stains. 

Cotton is more expensive because it’s not synthetic. Cotton is more durable than polyester and might be the only option if your dog is allergic to polyester. Maintaining cotton crate covers can be a little bit more challenging, as cotton can easily shrink if you don’t follow the proper cleaning instructions. 

If you want to keep your dog warm, you might want to stick to a cotton cover. It’s breathable but generally heavier than polyester. 

Easy Installation

A crate cover should be easy to install, so you can immediately create a private and safe den for your pooch. Most covers slip right over the crate, and you can roll down the sides for full coverage. There should be Velcro tabs or zippers that help secure the cover in place to ensure that the sides of the crate will be secured if you decide to take the dog out of the house. 

If you feel that your dog is not yet ready for the cover, you should look for a model that allows for some modifications. Some models have windows that can be rolled up or down, so you can have fast access to the dog when needed. This will allow you to check on your pooch if you’re going on a long ride without letting them out of the crate.

You should also consider covers that have adjustable sides, so you can roll down the doors or sides depending on how comfortable your dog is. Doors and windows can also help you control how warm the cover will be, as you might need to roll them up if the weather is too hot for your dog. 


The main purpose of the cover is to provide your dog with some privacy. This is why choosing the right color will be crucial. 

Light-colored materials might allow more light into the crate. This can be a good option if you have an anxious puppy that is afraid of the dark or doesn’t like to be left alone. At the same time, if your dog loves their privacy, a lighter shade won’t make them feel comfortable enough to sleep. 

Luckily, most covers come in various colors and shades, so you can choose your dog’s favorite. Darker shades tend to be warmer if you keep the crate in the sun, as they absorb more light. 

Why Should You Buy a Large Dog Crate Cover?

As you introduce your puppy or adult dog to crate draining, you need to make sure that you’re using the right tools to help them settle. Covering the crate can speed up the process and help your pooch feel more comfortable. Here are some reasons why you should buy a dog crate cover.


Dogs love their privacy and often look for a dark, enclosed area when they want to rest or when they’re too stressed. The crate will give them the privacy they appreciate so much, and putting a cover on top might help them sleep better and faster. 


Dogs naturally have denning instincts, and the crate cover offers the same experience. It helps them feel more relaxed and at ease when they spend time in a place that they can claim as their safe, private den.

Better Sleep

A crate cover is usually used to signal bedtime if you’re dealing with a restless puppy. This will help you manage your dog’s bedtime habits, so you won’t have to stay up late. Puppies tend to be overly active, and the cover will be crucial to help them understand that playtime is over so they can rest.

Less Anxiety

Covers reduce visual stimulation, which can cause anxiety. When dogs are too anxious, they’re likely to bark a lot, trying to interact with people in the house.

If your dog has recently given birth, a cover will help reduce her anxiety while nursing her puppies. Dogs might not be comfortable, especially when there are other pets in the house, so you can use the cover to provide her with a special protected spot.

Good for Traveling

When you’re going on a car trip with your dog, a cover will help reduce stress. Dogs can become too stressed during long car rides, and the cover will help soothe and comfort them. 

Check out our top picks for 5 Best Dog Travel Crates for Large Breeds


A cover can be used in the cold weather when you feel that your pooch needs a little more warmth. A blanket might be too heavy, and a good cover would be more appropriate.

Their Own Space

If you live in a multi-pet household, a crate cover can help ease the aggression and competition between multiple dogs. As you try to provide each dog with their private den, a cover will also reduce visual interaction that might be provocative to one or both of your dogs. 

How Should You Introduce Your Dog to a Covered Crate?

Everything you use while training your dog will have a massive impact on your lives together. Understanding that dogs are very sensitive creatures will help you introduce several new tools to make them feel comfortable and help you become a good pet owner. 

Putting your puppy or adult dog in a covered crate for the very first time might not be a successful experience, as some dogs get too anxious when they’re in a confined space. This is why you should introduce the cover gradually to make sure that they won’t reject it.

Consistency is the key to successfully introducing the crate cover. You should always use positive training, encouragement, and treats to help your dog feel more comfortable. Some dogs will take more time than others, so you need to be patient. 

  • Make sure that your dog is well accustomed to the crate before introducing the cover.
  • Put the cover on top of the crate while keeping the sides up. 
  • Increase the time that your dog spends inside the semi-covered crate.
  • Drape one side of the crate and allow the dog to enter the semi-covered crate on their own and according to their comfort level.
  • Once you feel that your dog is comfortable enough, you can lower both sides of the cover, making the crate totally covered. 
  • Watch your dog for any signs of anxiety. Some dogs don’t accept the cover, and spending time in a covered crate will make them too anxious and upset. 

This is why you need to be patient and observe your dog, as using the cover might cause more harm than good. In that case, you might want to keep the crate semi-covered, so they don’t feel too stressed. 

Wrap Up

Dogs are sensitive creatures, and proper dog training can make your life with your pooch more fun and comfortable. Having a crate cover allows you to create a safe and private den for your puppy or adult dog, so they can feel more comfortable and at ease. 

We chose the Precision Pet Products Indoor/Outdoor Crate Cover as our top pick because it’s made of high-quality canvas to withstand enthusiastic dogs. The material is quite breathable and easy to maintain, so the cover will always be clean and ready for use. Moreover, you can roll the sides up or down, depending on your dog’s comfort. 

If you don’t like this cover, you can check out the other models on our list. Remember that dogs react differently, and some of them will take more time to get used to the cover. Keep an eye on your dog and modify the cover if you feel that they’re too anxious. 

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Best Dog Crate Covers: Calm and Quiet Your Canine

People use bird cage covers for a variety of important reasons: They help to calm pet birds for bedtime and they can help prevent screech-inducing freakouts, among others.

But they aren’t only helpful for birds – crate covers can provide a number of similar benefits for dogs too.

Below, we’ll discuss some of the reasons crate covers can help out dogs, and we’ll explain some of the things you want to look for one. We’ll also recommend a few of the best covers on the marketand explain the basics method for making your own.

See our quick picks here, or keep reading for more details.

Quick Picks: Best Dog Crate Covers

Why Use Crate Covers?

Crate covers are helpful in a variety of ways, which can help a number of different situations in which dogs and owners find themselves. Some of the most common ways they can help include:

  • Soothing nervous pups. Dogs who suffer from separation or generalized anxiety may benefit from a cave-like crate. Such dogs will generally prefer having a crate that is only covered on four of the five sides (not including the bottom), which will allow them to feel safe, while still keeping tabs on the family. If your dog really gets destructive when home alone, check out our list of the best crates for separation anxiety and pair one of those with a crate cover.
  • Calming hyper dogs. You may be able to get your Chihuahua to chill out by putting her in a covered crate. The lack of visual stimuli may even help her to settle into a nap, and many owners find it helpful to cover their canine’s crate when it is time for bed.
  • Eliminating begging behaviors. If your dog can’t help but give you the puppy eyes when you are trying to enjoy dinner (and fight the temptation to just give her your food), you may find that a crate cover stops the behavior. Even if it doesn’t, it will at least allow you to avoid that soul-wrenching look she gives while you work on preventing that begging at the table!
  • Making travel a little easier. It is often quite helpful to use a crate cover while trying to travel with your dog. This will prevent your pooch from having to look at a variety of potentially upsetting stimuli and help her remain calm during the journey. Just be sure to keep an eye on the temperature inside the crate if the weather is warm.
  • Maintaining comfortable temperatures. Crate covers can be helpful for blocking the wind and insulating your dog in chilly weather, while lightweight covers can help your dog stay cool in the summer by blocking the sun. For extra-cold climates, consider purchasing an insulated kennel cover for maximum warmth.
dog crate cover

What Makes a Good Dog Crate Cover?

There are a variety of things you’ll want to look for when picking a crate cover to ensure you end up with a high-quality, durable product, which will work well and last for years.

Some of the most important things to consider include:

  • It should fit well. Crate covers that are too small will provide gaps through which light can enter (or from which your dog can peer), while those that are too large will get stepped upon and generally look disheveled. Accordingly, you must measure your dog’s crate carefully before making a decision.
  • It should be easy to put on and take off. Even if your dog usually prefers having her crate covered, you’ll still need to take it off periodically to transport the crate or when it becomes soiled. This means that you’ll want one that won’t give you a headache each time you have to put it on or take it off.
  • It should be adjustable. Even the best-designed covers are unlikely to fit your dog’s crate precisely, so you’ll want a little bit of wiggle room built into the design. You’ll also want a cover that can be partially opened, so you can tailor the amount of coverage your dog has at any point in time.
  • It should be machine-washable. Over time, the cover will collect hair, dander and little drops of saliva, so you’ll want to wash it regularly.

Our Top 5 Recommended Dog Crate Covers

The following five crate covers all provide the things you’d want in a good crate cover. Make sure you consider your pup’s specific needs when making a decision, but any of the following five should work for most dogs.

1. Pet Dreams 3-Piece Crate Cover Set

About: The Pet Dreams Crate Cover Set is a 3-piece crate cover featuring the cover itself, a simple crate mat, and a lower edge bumper. Easy to use, clean and fit on your dog’s crate, this cover can help you keep your pup feeling secure and calm.


  • CRATE COVERS: 1. FRONT AND SIDE PANELS OPEN for use with a single or double door metal dog crate. 2....
  • REVERSIBLE CRATE PADS: 1. ALL SEASON PET BED, Cotton on one side will keep your pet cooler in the...
  • SIZE AND FABRIC: *24 in. L x 18 in. W x 19 in. H (Length is the longest side) *FITS CRATES FROM...

Features: The Pet Dreams Crate Cover offers three crate accessories to improve your pup’s comfort.

The crate cover itself uses easy snaps to control and adjust panels. All front and side panels can be adjusted, allowing the cover to work for both double and single door crates, and allowing for total adjustment of the cover.

The crate pad (see our full review of crate pads for more options) makes the crate a much comfier hangout for your dog and is actually double sided – it features cotton on one side (great for summer), and soft sherpa on the opposite side (ideal for cooler temps).

The crate bumper is not commonly seen in most dog crate setups, but it’s a great bonus for owners who really want a cozy comfort spot for their pooch.

The bumper allows your dog to rest his or her body against the edges of the crate more comfortably, and is an especially great feature for dogs that like to lean or prefer bolsters with their normal dog bed. The bumper is also great for traveling in the car, as it can prevent your dog from getting burned from the hot wire when the crate’s been sitting in the sun.

The Pet Dream Cover Set is available in six sizes (18-, 24-, 30-, 36-, 42-, and 48-inch models) and nine attractive colors, including Burgundy, Denim, Olive, and Dusty Pink.


The majority of owners who tried this crate set loved it – especially the bumper, which owners found added an extra degree of comfort. Many reported that it helped to keep their dog calmer and quieter at night.


At least one customer complained that the set didn’t stand up to washing very well, so hand-washing or washing on the delicate cycle might be necessary to keep this set in good shape.

2. Molly Mutt Crate Cover

About: The Molly Mutt Crate Cover is a high-quality cover that comes in an array of fashionable prints and colors. Made from durable, preshrunk materials, the Molly Mutt Crate cover can be machine washed in cold water.


  • Dog Crate Cover: With the Molly Mutt Crate Cover you’ll have a crate that matches your lifestyle...
  • Cotton Crate Cover: This dog crate cover is made from durable 100% cotton canvas that breathes while...
  • Accessible Crate Cover: The crate cover has door panels that roll down for full closure. Panels roll...
  • Reduce Pet Anxiety: Did you know that covering a crate helps support pet relaxation and encourages...

Features: The Molly Mutt Cover features a fully enclosed design, which can provide your dog with complete seclusion. However, two of the sides can be rolled up if you like, to give your dog more ventilation and the opportunity to see out of the crate. Snapping straps are included to help keep the cover securely in place.

The Molly Mutt Crate Cover is designed to look as good as it works, and it is available in 18 different colors and patterns. It is available five different sizes (Small, Medium, Big, Gigantic and Huge). You can wash the Molly Mutt Cover in cold water, but the manufacturer recommends that you line dry it to avoid damage.


Most owners liked the Molly Mutt Crate Cover and rated it highly. Several specifically mentioned the roll-up sides in their review, and the great-looking color patterns were loved by most.


A few owners were unhappy with the thickness of the material and several complained that the cover shrank after a single pass through the washing machine.

3. Midwest Crate Cover

About: Made by one of the world’s leading crate manufacturer’s, the Midwest Crate Cover is designed to fit crates perfectly and perform the way you’d expect. Available in several colors and sizes, there is surely a Midwest Crate Cover that will work wonderfully with your dog’s kennel.


  • Dog crate cover provides the privacy, security & comfort that dog's instinctually need & desire as...
  • Black Dog crate cover measures 42L x 27.25W x 30H inches & is deisgned to fit iCrate & Life Stages...
  • Dog kennel cover allows easy access to front, rear & side doors on 1, 2, or 3 door crates (no top...
  • Hook & loop tabs hold dog kennel cover neatly in place converting the dog crate into a cozy "den"...

Features: The Midwest Crate Cover is a fully enclosed crate cover, which features three different roll-up panels that provide access to front-, side-, or rear-entry crates. It is made from 100% polyester, is machine washable and machine dryable, and it is backed by the manufacturer’s 1-year warranty.

The Midwest Crate Cover is available in four color patterns (Black, Camouflage, Brown Geometric Pattern and Gray Geometric Pattern) and six different sizes (22-, 24-, 30-, 36-, 42-, and 48-inches), which allows it to fit most standard crates.


Most owners were very happy with the Midwest Crate Cover, and found that it fit their crate very well. Several owners liked the ability to fold up different panels, and several also praised the hook-and-loop (Velcro) straps, which helped to keep the cover securely in place.


A few owners complained that the material was a little thin, and a handful of owners had sizing problems. However, negative reviews were pretty rare.

4. Precision Pet Indoor/Outdoor Pet Cover

About: The Precision Pet Indoor/Outdoor Pet Cover is a durable, flexible and feature-packed crate cover that can be used indoors or outdoors. This cover includes multiple windows and door panels, which give you the flexibility you want to keep your pet cozy and comfortable.


  • INDOOR/OUTDOOR CRATE COVER: Create a den-like space for your pet with this kennel cover for large...
  • TAILORED FIT: A tailored fit for this crate cover is for easy on/off access. Pet shelter cover also...
  • KENNELS & HOUSES: Crate & kennel training is vital for dog safety & comfort. We provide traditional...
  • PRECISION PET: Precision Pet offers a variety of heavy-duty products such as wire crates, chicken...

Features: The Precision Pet Indoor/Outdoor Cover is made from heavy-duty, water-resistant fabrics to ensure it will last for years. It is machine washable and made with durable zippers and double-stitched seams. The front, back and top panels of the Precision Pet Cover can be removed as necessary, and each side features a roll-up, screened window for extra flexibility.

The Precision Pet Cover is available in six sizes (X-Small, Small, Medium, Medium/Large, Large, and Jumbo). It comes in two colors: Navy and Tan.


The Precision Pet Indoor/Outdoor Pet Cover received very good reviews from most owners who tried it. Most owners raved about the way it fit and functioned and recommended it highly to others looking for a good crate cover.


The only common complaints about this cover related to sizing problems, so be sure to measure carefully before making your purchase.

5. Petsfit Crate Cover

About: The Petsfit Crate Cover is a crate cover made of stylish oxford cloth and several panel options. It also has the option to remove a top portion of the crate cover.


  • The kennel cover fits 2 centered door openings (front and side) wire crate: 36” x 23” x 25”...
  • The flaps on the sides and top can be rolled up to see view and take off to keep pets from anxiety...
  • The cage cover allows easy access to front and side door, also provide the privacy and protected...
  • Mesh windows and no bottom offer adequate ventilation; Grey with green strip match furniture and...

Features: The Petsfit Crate Cover is a cover that offers two entrance options as well as two side mesh windows. Made of durable oxford cloth, the cover has a nice look and feel.

One unique aspect of this crate cover that we didn’t see elsewhere was the option to remove a portion of the crate cover’s top, allowing for extra ventilation when necessary.

The Petsfit Crate Cover is available in three sizes and only the single grey oxford color:

  • 30″ L x 19″ W x 21″ H
  • 36″ L x 23″ W x 25″ H
  • 42″ L x 28″ W x 30″ H


Most owners really liked the look of this crate, as the grey oxford material has a very nice aesthetic and is sturdy quality.


While this crate is waterproof due to the plastic inside layer of the cover, owners note that this reduces breathability and can make the crate quite hot. Some also have had issues with sizing, so be sure to double-check measurements before ordering.

Our Recommendation: The Precision Pet Indoor/Outdoor Pet Cover

The Precision Pet Cover is easily the best of the five options detailed above. It is the only product that features water-resistant materials and is suitable for outdoor use, and it includes several different panels that can be rolled up to provide a variety of ventilation options.

The Precision Pet Cover is also quite affordable, which makes it an exceptionally good value for those seeking a crate cover for their canine.

DIY Crate Covers: An Alternative Option

You aren’t limited to commercial options – there are a variety of ways to make your own crate cover. This can be great for owners who have specific needs or a limited budget.

Every DIY crate cover will differ in several ways, but there are three basic approaches you can take:

A Blanket

If you prize function over form and would rather spend your dog-care dollar elsewhere, you can just chuck a blanket over your canine’s crate. No, it will not look very good from your point of view, but it will work just about as well as most others from your dog’s point of view.

This is not a good idea for dogs who like to get into mischief, as they’ll likely pull the blanket right off the crate. They may even start to chew on the corners. But if you have a well-behaved pooch, who simply needs some private time, a blanket will certainly work. Of course, it doesn’t have to be a blanket – a towel or sheet will work.

Split-Seam Cover

The easiest way to make a proper crate cover is to cut individual panels from a thick, durable fabric. You’ll need to cut them to the same size as the crate panel they’ll cover, and you’ll need to devise some way of attaching them to the crate.

You can do this in a variety of ways, including attaching Velcro straps or just threading some shoelaces through the fabric and then tying them to the bars of the crate.

Fitted Cover

If you know your way around a sewing machine and have the time and desire to make a proper crate cover, you can certainly do so. In fact, you can include any of the most extravagant features you like, including windows or awnings.

If you have the skills and knowledge to pull this off, you probably don’t need me to explain how to make a fitted cover for your dog’s crate. However, you’ll basically want to make a split-seam cover (as described above), but then you’ll need to stitch the corners together.

It is certainly easier said than done, but the basic concept is fairly simple — some designs don’t even require you to sew at all.

Do you use a crate cover for your pup? What was your reason for doing so? Has it helped in the way you’d hoped? Tell us all about your experiences in the comments below. And, if you made your own DIY crate cover, be sure to tell us how you did it!

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