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Rogue Fitness has everything you need for a full weightlifting setup. It offers bar and plate equipment packages, but you can also buy pieces individually. Rogue’s weightlifting products include:

  • Rigs
  • Wall mounts
  • Power racks
  • Squat stands
  • Barbells
  • Plates
  • Storage solutions

Rogue also has CrossFit-specific equipment and accessories. You can buy these products as a package or individually. Its CrossFit selection includes:

  • Bars
  • Plates
  • Rings
  • Medicine balls
  • AbMats
  • Jump ropes
  • Kettlebells
  • Pull-up systems
  • Rowers

If you’re working your way up to a Strongman competition, Rogue also offers:

  • Yokes and sleds
  • Logs and axles
  • Sandbags and stone molds
  • Grip strengthening tools

Rogue also sells gymnastic and mobility aids and equipment for strength, endurance, speed and agility training.


How to Save Money on Rogue Fitness Equipment in 2021

We review free products that we receive and participate in affiliate programs, where we may be compensated for items purchased through links from our site.

See our disclosures page for more information.

Rogue Fitnessis one of, if not THE top gym equipment manufacturer and retailer in the world. So, it makes sense that one of the most asked questions we receive is, "how can I get a discount on Rogue Fitness Equipment?" Here's how…

Rogue Fitness continues to grow as one of the cutting edge leaders in the fitness industry. With its ties to CrossFit and the high-quality equipment, you cannot go wrong with anything that Rogue puts out there. Just like every other industry, however, with a big name and high quality comes bigger than average prices. Sure, you pay for what you get, but it would be nice to pay a little less for the quality products you find at Rogue Fitness. This review will describe a little more about who Rogue Fitness is as a company, and then give you some much-needed tips to purchase these products at a better price.

Who is Rogue Fitness?

Rogue Fitness began in 2007 in Toledo, Ohio as the company’s founder was having difficulty finding high-quality garage gym equipment. After initially only selling other company’s equipment, Rogue began manufacturing its own. It is now one of the leading manufacturers of strength and conditioning equipment in the world and is the primary supplier of Crossfit equipment to affiliates everywhere.

In addition to garage gyms and CrossFit Affiliates, Rogue is the official equipment sponsor for the CrossFit Games, Arnold Strongman Competition, among other large strength events. Rogue’s humble beginnings has given it an edge on traditional equipment manufacturers as the company has been able to adapt and market to the changing fitness landscape. As the fitness industry continues to grow, particularly in America but worldwide as well, Rogue has positioned itself as a company that is willing to develop and manufacture new and cutting edge equipment.

In addition to producing world-class equipment, one of the most well-known characteristics of Rogue is its excellent customer service. Not only does Rogue typically get it right the first time, but if they don’t, they will the second and they’ll most often times do it on their dime. Included with most products Rogue sells is also a lifetime warranty. To offer a lifetime warranty on a product designed to take abuse definitely says something about how confident Rogue is in their product.

We have reviewed a large portion of Rogue’s equipment offering, and by and large, we believe they are making some of the best equipment available and in many cases at a great value. For instance, few can compete with the value of their barbells and racks. We recommend Rogue Fitness to most people as the first place to look when starting a home gym and with their Zeus Builder, you can even build a 3D version of what your gym would look like before purchasing the equipment.

Discount #1: Hot Deals

The first thing to be aware of when trying to save money with Rogue Fitness is their daily “Hot Deals.” These deals do not change monthly, weekly, or even daily. These deals start and end without notice. The nature of the “Hot Deal” through Rogue Fitness is that you can get low, bargain basement level prices but you have to be paying attention. For instance, if there is Rogue equipment or apparel that you really want, you have to be willing to stay close to your phone or computer and be quick when your item goes on sale. This, however, is not an ideal way to shop.

With hot deals, in fact, it is really better to just check back often to see what Rogue is offering rather than to try to get a specific item this way. If you are a fan of their apparel and equipment, you never know what will go on sale next and how great of a deal you may be able to find. Through the “Hot Deals” program, you will find the lowest prices, but you may not be able to wait for what you need this way. You really just have to check back constantly and see what kind of deal you can find…You never know when you will hit the jackpot.

We’ve gotten quite a few different pieces of equipment via Hot Deals, but it’s most often due to constantly checking the website for latest sales and research for reviews.

Discount #2: Closeout Equipment

The closeout section of the Rogue website is an excellent way to purchase Rogue equipment at a discount price. The closeout section features discontinued items, general closeout, and even used equipment from local events. New closeout items are available on a regular basis, and you can get incredible deals if you are willing to be patient.

The general closeout items usually include poor sellers and older items that are being improved upon. For instance, on their site right now you can find knee sleeves that are being updated with new designs for the future, so the ones that have not yet sold are there for a steal. The general closeout items range from something as small as last year’s t-shirt to big ticket items like Assault Air Runners and quality exercise bikes.

Discontinued items make up the bulk of what you will find in the closeout deals. As Rogue continues to innovate in the fitness industry, old equipment and apparel will become obsolete. This does not mean, however, that the quality of the old items is any less than that of the new. For instance, you will find discontinued shoes in the closeout section that could be perfect for you if you do not want to break the bank on next year’s model. If you are looking for a great deal with great quality and a huge selection, the discontinued closeouts on Rogue’s website is a perfect place to start.

Discount #3: Boneyard Bars & Accessories

The term “Boneyard Bars” refers to any Rogue Fitness product that comes off of the assembly line with a minor blemish or cosmetic defect. It is important to note that Boneyard products are sold as-is with no warranty and no guarantee. This is a risk-reward scenario where you may find a perfect product with a minor defect or you may find a lemon that you are stuck with and cannot return. Purchasing something from the Rogue Boneyard is a perfect way to save money because you are purchasing “seconds” and you very well could end up with the same quality product as the full priced equipment. But it is also the perfect way to waste your money because…well you’re purchasing “seconds” and you could end up with a piece of equipment that you use once and can never use again.

All this said, overall, the majority of items sold as “Boneyard” items have very minor cosmetic damage. For instance, we received a Cerakoted Weightlifting Barbell from Rogue and the only damage we found was a small, hardly noticeable portion of the center of the bar that was matte instead of gloss. It took us 5 minutes to find, and that was the only problem. Other issues we’ve seen is double tracked knurl and slight dings, but nothing that would affect the performance of the product.

The biggest reason you may want to avoid a Boneyard Bar is because of its lack of warranty. With other Rogue Fitness bars you get a lifetime warranty, with the Boneyard you do not. Something to consider before making a purchase.

Discount #4: Hundo Pricing

Rogue’s “Hundo Pricing” refers to the idea of bulk discounts. Hundo Pricing is not always an option, but Rogue offers this type of special discounting at different times throughout the year to drive sales, most often during their Matte Black Friday event. The bottom line is that the more weight you purchase, the less it costs. When it comes to purchasing plates, dumbbells, or kettlebells, this can end up saving you A LOT of money.

We’ve purchased multiple items that had the Hundo Pricing promotion. The most notable was the 459KG in Calibrated Powerlifting Plates we bought that ended up saving us nearly half the cost thanks to free shipping and Hundo Pricing. That deal is what we refer to as a unicorn, and if you see a unicorn, you capture it.

The best part of the Hundo Pricing is the shipping discount, so remember that if you are purchasing bulk items where shipping will be burdensome, it may be beneficial to wait until you see the Hundo Pricing opportunity. It may only save you 5%-10% off of your actual purchase, but the money you will save in shipping will make it worth the wait. Basically, if you are in the market for kettlebells, dumbbells, and weight plates then Hundo Pricing is perfect for you. If, on the other hand, you’re looking for the best squat racks, barbells, or any of the other myriad of equipment Rogue Fitness sells then you should look at the other discount options that are available.

Discount #5: Used Event Equipment

Even with all of the discounts and ways to save money that I have mentioned so far, none of them compare to Rogue’s Matte Black Friday. This is without a doubt the best way to get the best deals on Rogue equipment. Matte Black Friday is exactly what you think it is. Every year on the week of Thanksgiving and a bit after, Rogue Fitness offers their best deals of the year. In 2018, for instance, they offered $5 shipping for any 5 products of your choice, no matter the weight as well as some crazy discounts like a few barbells for $100, but they’re always limited.

Matte Black Friday includes deals on items produced specifically for that day as well., first come first serve deals for even the most popular items, and flash sales that could come up at any time. If you are serious about purchasing equipment from Rogue, in bulk, and you want to save money you should definitely consider waiting until the Matte Black Friday event. Typically, Rogue following the trend of many others, has begun starting their sale the week of Thanksgiving. You can follow all of the Black Friday action here every year.

Discount #6: Rogue Garage Sale

If you live within driving distance of Rogue in Columbus, Ohio, then it may be worth the drive to check out their randomly held Garage Sale events. The Rogue Garage Sale features even greater markdowns then what you find online and there can be some incredibly great deals found. For instance, I have a Rogue Fitness X Eleiko Barbell that was an exclusive collaboration done nearly a decade ago and was extremely limited.

Expect the equipment to feature more problem areas than what you'd find online, but since you're there in person, you can decide if the issue is enough to keep you from buying the item.


Even with all of the discounts and ways to save money that I have mentioned so far, none of them compare to Rogue’s Matte Black Friday. This is without a doubt the best way to get the best deals on Rogue equipment. Matte Black Friday is exactly what you think it is. Every year on the week of Thanksgiving and a bit after, Rogue Fitness offers their best deals of the year. In 2018, for instance, they offered $5 shipping for any 5 products of your choice, no matter the weight as well as some crazy discounts like a few barbells for $100, but they’re always limited.

Matte Black Friday includes deals on items produced specifically for that day as well., first come first serve deals for even the most popular items, and flash sales that could come up at any time. If you are serious about purchasing equipment from Rogue, in bulk, and you want to save money you should definitely consider waiting until the Matte Black Friday event. Typically, Rogue following the trend of many others, has begun starting their sale the week of Thanksgiving. You can follow all of the Black Friday action here every year.

Rogue Fitness Discount Code

Does Rogue Fitness offer a discount code? The short answer is no. In fact, we've been following Rogue for quite a while and we have NEVER seen a discount code. Does that mean Rogue will never offer a coupon? No, but we just haven’t seen it yet so we're doubtful they will in the future.

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Rogue Fitness

We started as a garage gym in the CrossFit community. Rogue began by selling jump ropes and boxes out of a small space. We were at the 2008 CrossFit Games and it was there when we knew how we wanted to contribute to the CrossFit Community. We've done so ever since. CrossFit was and is crucial to Rogue Fitness's success.

Web Smith, [3]

Rogue Fitness (legally named Coulter Ventures, LLC,[4] often branded and referred to as Rogue) is an American manufacturer and distributor of gym equipment based in Columbus, Ohio.[2] Its produces strength and conditioning equipment such as weightlifting barbells, plates and racks, kettlebells,[5] as well as a range of fitness related equipment for CrossFit boxes,[6] home gyms,[7] military, collegiate, and professional sports teams.[8][9]


Rogue originally started in 2007 in Toledo, Ohio by Bill Henniger when he had difficulty finding the necessary equipment for his new gym, a CrossFit affiliate. He set up an e-commerce one-stop site, with the intention of selling all the equipment necessary for a CrossFit gym.[2] Initially, Rogue only sold other manufacturers' equipment through its website, but there were still issues with customers having to deal with multiple manufacturers and their own shipping fees and schedules, as well as equipment not entirely suitable for CrossFit.[10] In order to resolve the issues and speed up the delivery, the company started warehousing the equipment and eventually building some of the equipment itself. The company relies primarily on local and U.S. manufacturing to allow it to respond quicker to demand.[10][11]

The company grew into a 5,000 square foot (460 m2) facility in Columbus that was next to a CrossFit box that Henniger also owned. Rogue began offering more products and also started manufacturing more of them.[1][3] It had a 175,000 square foot (16,300 m2) manufacturing facility by 2014.[10]

Rogue Europe launched in Finland in January 2014 with Juha Puonti and 2009 CrossFit Games male champion Mikko Salo.[10] It opened a branch in Belgium for its European customers.[11]

In 2018, Rogue moved into a building a 600,000 square foot (56,000 m2) structure on 30 acres (12 ha) of the former Timken Company property[12] located on the southwest corner of East Fifth and Cleveland avenues in Columbus.[13] The new building consolidated their administrative, manufacturing, distribution, and retail operations.[8] It includes two gyms and showroom.[14][15] It also acquired OSO Barbell and Reflex Fitness Products in 2018.[16][17]

Rogue was a contender for Inc.'s 2018 Company of the Year.[11]

Rogue Fitness had 200 employees in 2014,[10] increasing to 600 in 2019,[15] and 850 in 2020.[18]


Rogue has been associated with CrossFit from its beginning. Rogue is one of the primary suppliers for equipment for CrossFit boxes (gyms) around the world.[10][3][12] It started supplying equipment for the CrossFit Games in 2009, before becoming the sole provider to the Games and regional events in 2010.[19] Fifteen semi-trucks of equipment were needed to supply the 2013 CrossFit Games at the StubHub Center in Carson, California,[10] up from nine trucks used to supply the 2011 CrossFit Games.[20] Rogue often creates new or unusual equipment specially for the Games.[21][22][23] It organizes Rogue Invitational, one of the most significant events for CrossFit athletes.[24][25] The Invitational features the biggest prize purse for CrossFit athletes outside of the Games, and it is the only CrossFit competition that pays out to all athletes competing including airfare and accommodation.[26][27] The company briefly cut off its ties with CrossFit after controversial statements made by CrossFit founder Greg Glassman in 2020, but has resumed their association after Glassman resigned.[28][29][30]

Rogue has also expanded into building equipment for strongman, powerlifting, and Olympic weightlifting.[3] It became the official supplier of USA Weightlifting,[31] the Arnold Strongman Classic, and the World's Strongest Man in 2017.[32][33] It has staged a series of events since 2015 for those who wish to set weightlifting records titled Rogue Record Breakers at festivals such as Arnold Sports Classic, and more recently introduced the Rogue Challenge for other sports.[34]

The company sponsors numerous CrossFit athletes around the world, such as Rich Froning Jr., Ben Smith, Camille Leblanc-Bazinet, Mat Fraser, Katrín Davíðsdóttir, Jason Khalipa and Justin Medeiros.[3][35] One of the first sponsored athletes was Henniger's future wife and 2008 CrossFit Games female champion, Caity Matter Henniger.[36][10] Rogue also sponsors Strongman athletes such as Brian Shaw and Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson.[37][38]

Rogue started manufacturing medical equipment such as ventilators and personal protective equipment in response to the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020.[39][40] It also increased its production of gym equipment due to increasing demand from home gyms during lockdown that led to shortages.[41][42][7]


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External links[edit]

Gym Equipment I Wasted Money On (and Wouldn't Buy Again)

Where can you find used Rogue Fitness gym equipment?

Rogue Fitness makes some of the industry’s best gym equipment.

Their innovative designs and high-quality manufacturing give you equipment that will last for decades.

And a lot of it is made right here in the USA.

But, that also means it carries a premium price.

And it doesn’t go on sale very often. Black Friday/Cyber Monday is their only big sale of the year.

So, the best way to get Rogue gear at a discount is to look for used Rogue equipment.

But where can you do that?

We have a few options for you, that we’ll discuss in depth here.

Used Rogue Equipment on Facebook

There are several groups on Facebook related to buying and selling pre-owned gym gear.

Search for the “Functional Fitness Garage Sale” on the Facebook Marketplace.

It’s not all Rogue gear – but you’ll tend to see quite a bit for sale.

You can also join the “Rogue Recycler” group (this isn’t part of Facebook Marketplace – it’s a group you have to join.)

Once you join the group, you’ll see a steady stream of Rogue items for sale. There are over 13,000 members participating in this group.

Just be cautious in dealing with individuals – you can be scammed just like any online marketplace.

Used Rogue Equipment on Reddit

Reddit has some great discussions – and home gym/garage gym is no exception.

Check the r/homegym subreddit to look for equipment to buy – but be aware this subreddit is mostly about discussing ideas and showing off – not for buy/sell.

There is a very active and passionate CrossFit audience in r/crossfit.

Like r/homegym, this isn’t really meant for buy/sell -but they have a “Marketplace Monday” post where you can see what’s available.

Used Rogue Equipment at Play It Again Sports

Check your local “Play It Again Sports” store.

To be honest – the chance of find anything Rogue brand is minimal.

(But you may find something “good enough”.)

Personally – I’ve onl seen something Rogue brand in my local store ONCE. Hopefully you have better luck.

Used Rogue Equipment on Craigslist

Craigslist is a nation-wide web site that offers many thing for sale.

There is a sporting goods and fitness gear section – but it tends to have a LOT of junk in it.

But with a local city focus – it makes it much easier to find someone selling used gym gear NEAR you – so you can avoid shipping.

Premium equipment like Rogue will not last long on such a site – and you are going to have to wade through a lot of junk to find it.

You can setup some email alerts – and be ready to pounce before anyone else does.

Does Rogue Fitness have a CrossFit Games Equipment Sale?

Rogue is the official equipment supplier for the annual CrossFit Games. For the CrossFit Games 2018 Rogue was selling used games gear at their booth onsite in Madison, Wisconsin.

They normally sell used CrossFit Games equipment on the website at the conclusion of the event.

To look for used games gear check “Deals” section of the website: Concept2 Rowers, Concept2 BikeErgs, Barbells, Competition Bumper Plates, Concept2 SkiErgs, and more.

Used CrossFit Games gear is a great way to pick up high quality equipment at a bargain price.

But, the discounts are “mild” – because the equipment is used very little during the event.

You are still going to have to pay shipping as well.

 Shop Rogue Fitness Deals Now For CrossFit Games Equipment

Rogue Boneyard Bars – Seconds Quality But New Barbells

Here’s another option: Boneyard Bars.

Boneyard bars are seconds quality Olympic barbells manufactured by Rogue Fitness that have simple cosmetic issues.

Ok, so these aren’t “used” or “pre-owned” gym equipment, but they give you great quality equipment at a sizable discount.

The Rogue Boneyard Bar Review - Boneyard bars get a special custom endcap.  All are made in the USA, by Rogue Fitness.

Consequently, these bars are brand new, made in the USA, function just fine, but are available at a steep discount.

How steep? I personally got a stainless steel/cerakote bearing weightlifting bar for $270 off the regular price!

Before you search on craigslist, reddit, or fb marketplace for months at a time for the right thing – why not get a great bar brand new right from the source?

Sure, a used barbell for sale may be a good way to save money – but they also hold their resale value well – so buying new from the boneyard might be the best alternative.

Boneyard bars provide no warranty – but they are guaranteed to be in functional shape when they arrive.

What Is The Rogue Garage Sale?

Some years, Rogue holds a “garage sale”.

It’s exactly what you’d think it is – they clean out the warehouse of all the items they can’t ship as new – or don’t want to ship as new.

It’s a scratch and dent sale and may have other opened items available at a discount – but with local pickup only (the items aren’t even listed online.)

When is the Rogue Garage Sale 2020?
We don’t know when Rogue will hold the Garage Sale for 2020. But, if we had to guess – we’d say July 2020. It will be the 11th annual Rogue Garage Sale.

The annual Rogue Garage Sale doesn’t happen on a regularly scheduled basis. This sale happens on a variable basis – for 2018 and 2017 it occurred mid-July, but for 2016 it happened in April.

The 10th annual Rogue Garage Sale for 2018 happened as described below.

When: Saturday, July 14, 2018 from 9:00-11:00 AM
Where: 545 E. 5th Avenue, Columbus, OH
What: Rogue equipment including Barbells, Plates, Rogue Echo Bikes, C2 Rowers, Assault bikes, Medicine Balls, Kettlebells, Boxes, Benches, Dumbbells, Racks & more!

What is the Rogue Garage Sale? It’s a very limited time onsite event (they do not ship these items, nor are they listed online) where they clear out all sorts of stuff from the warehouse.

In years past they’ve offered: Rogue equipment including barbells, plates, medicine balls, kettlebells, boxes, benches, dumbbells, racks & more. Rogue furniture including desks, office chairs, conference tables, bookshelves, picnic tables, shop tables, workstations, & more. They even sold refrigerators and microwaves!

Where is the Rogue Garage Sale? For 2018 it occurs at the 545 E. 5th Avenue, Columbus, OH address.

What forms of payment are accepted at the Rogue Garage Sale? In 2017, cash and credit cards were accepted.

How long is the Rogue Garage Sale? It’s a 2 hour event, normally running 9am- 11am.

Lastly, understand this is a limited time event. It ran from 9am – 11am in 2017, and because it’s a clearing of unwanted equipment – it is first come, first serve, and very limited quantities.

And rest assured – it all sells out.

Live too far from Columbus to make it to the garage sale? You can always check out closeout items at Rogue. This includes items they are no longer going to carry, and you can also find used games gear. And best of all, unlike the garage sale, these items are available to ship.

 Shop Rogue Closeout Now

Why Rogue Fitness?

We recommend a lot of Rogue Fitness products.


Because Rogue is the coolest name in CrossFit – they supply the equipment used in the CrossFit Games and their stylish, high performance gear is revered for both its form and function. And a lot of it is made in the USA. Rogue brand equipment will be recognized immediately by anyone familiar with CrossFit – and it’s a premium product that makes a great gift.

Where To Buy Used Rogue Fitness Gym Equipment – In Summary

Finding used Rogue Fitness gear can be tough, but not impossible.

There’s a few places you should keep an eye on – and be prepared to act FAST!

Used Rogue equipment NEVER lasts long at cheap prices.

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FIRST LOOK — The Rogue .50 Cal. Trolley


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