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You see, I am a simple college student living alone in an apartment. I was very enthusiastic about the release of Pokémon HeartGold/SoulSilver here in the states. I have purposely locked myself out of all media and the Internet aside for school purposes. That means no 4chan, no /v/, no Bulbapedia, etc.

As I was busy with the school year and being poor at the time, I wasn't able to buy SoulSilver on its launch date. After my school year ended, I ordered SoulSilver on Amazon. However, it would take a week for it to arrive. I decided that during that time, I would replay my Crystal version on my Gameboy Color.

However, I realized that long ago, my mom threw it away because I told her the save went dead, and I was very upset about it then. She also threw away my Silver version, so all I have is my Gameboy Color. As such, I set out to Gamestop and bought a used Silver version, as it's the only Pokémon game left that they have for the GBC. Ten dollars – fairly cheap.

I went home and started it up for a nostalgia trip. However, that's where things started getting bizarre, and most likely the reason why you read this.

The Gamefreak logo started up as normal, but it just froze there. I thought the cart was just errored or something, so I turned it off and on. The same thing happened. I tried pressing A and Start over and over, and all of the buttons. Eventually, the logo vanished and there was a black screen for about five seconds.

Suddenly, rather than going to the usual menu screen, I was already in the game in a previous saved file, which was odd as I was expecting all of these carts to have been wiped by the poor battery.

Either way, I wasn't complaining, as I would have chosen the "Continue" option to see what the previous guy did anyways.

First off, I checked his trainer information. His name was just "…" – He didn't have much originality.

I checked his profile and apparently he had 999:99 hours put into the game, with all 16 badges, 99999.9 Pokédollars, and all 251 Pokémon on the Pokédex.

Seeing as he apparently had Mew and Celebi logged also, I am guessing he either used a Game Genie or was a really hardcore Pokémon player back then.

I checked his Pokémon to see what a badass team he has. To my surprise, I saw 5 Unowns and a sixth Pokémon named "HURRY". I'm thinking that this must be some cruel joke by the person who last played this game, but I decided to check the profiles of those Pokémon anyways.

As expected, they were different letters of Unown, all Level 5. I was a bit shaky with my Unown alphabet at the time, but I identified the word spelled out to be "LEAVE".

As for the sixth Pokémon, it turned out to be a Cyndaquil (mind you, this is before there were individualized Pokémon icons). The Cyndaquil looked normal, but it was Level 5 with only 1 HP left with only two attacks: "Leer" and "Flash".

I don't know why they named him "HURRY", but at the time, I just disregarded it. The most eerie thing was that, despite my volume being at max, none of the Pokémon he had said their usual cries. Just pure silence.

Having enough of the team, I closed it. I was parked at what appears to be a room inside Bellsprout Tower. However, for some reason, there were no NPCs around. Even more eerie was that the "pillar" in the middle didn't move at all, as if just leaning on its side. There was no music at all, and there was no exit or ladder, or least I thought there wasn't.

I walked around for a few minutes but can't seem to find a way out. This was certainly not a room I've seen in the Bellsprout Tower before. I tried checking my items for an Escape Rope, but the bag was completely empty. There wasn't any Wild Pokémon either.

Finally, I managed to find a ladder, which turned out to be behind the "pillar". The screen turned black and the music finally started playing. I had a sudden chill, as I recognize that melody I heard to be the theme you hear when you listened to the radio at the Alph Ruins where the Unown are at.

I immediately realize that it wasn't a loading transition, but rather I was in a dark room and would need Flash. Before I took care of that though, I immediately checked my Pokégear to change the radio to something more pleasant, but it turns out that there was no Radio card, or even a Phone nor Time cards. There was only a Map card in which Gold ("…" from earlier, and I will call him Gold from now on) was just walking in a midst of black.

I recall that Cyndaquil has Flash, so I turned off my Pokégear and made Cyndaquil use Flash. I didn't see any message saying "HURRY has used Flash!" or anything like that. The room just became lit just like that, and I soon regretted it. The room was a chilling blood-red with a linear gray path heading south. The ladder I used to go up/down was not there at all.

I had no choice but to head south. The screen got darker every 20 steps I made, until I finally made it to the end, which appears to be a sign. I read the sign, which said "TURN BACK NOW".

Suddenly, I was asked to answer YES/NO, but there was no question asked. I chose YES as I do not know what it was asking, and the screen went black again, making a "ladder climbed" sound. The Unown Radio music stopped, and in a few seconds was replaced with the not-as-creepy Poké Flute radio music.

I was in another dark room, but I held my breath and used Flash again. Suddenly, it said that "HURRY has fainted!" which was odd since I recall that there was no status conditions like Poison on him, and I clearly wasn't in a battle. I checked my Pokémon quickly and suddenly he's no longer in my party. In fact, after a bit of investigating, none of my Pokémon are there, but instead all replaced with Level 10 Unown. I did the same thing as before and spelled out the Unown. My then team of Unown spelled "HEDIED".

Either way, after that creepy change, the room was lit to reveal myself in a very small room that appears to be only four squares big. The walls of that room were gray bricks, as if I was inside something that was hollowed out. Outside that room appears to be a bunch of graves similar to the ones in Pokémon Red/Blue. I've walked around that small room and pressed A but nothing happened.

I've already concluded that this was clearly a hacked game and some sadistic fuck sold it to GameStop. However, my curiosity kept me going. I checked the trainer profile of "…" again only to find out that the sprite of Gold was missing his arms. He also seems to appear less smug, but rather seems more sad and empty in a way that I do not know how to describe. For some reason, it also now said that he has 24 badges, which was clearly impossible.

After a few minutes of aimless wondering, my character suddenly spun and did the Escape Rope spinning animation. Instead of flying up though, my character spun downwards slowly, as if sinking.

After that screen, the music stopped. After finally landing, the overworld sprite of Gold is coloured differently now. Instead of the usual red colour he dons, he appears completely white now, including his skin. It's as if he came straight from the colorless Game Boy games placed into a colored background of the Gameboy Color.

I checked his profile, and now, while now is as white as his overworld sprite, he lost his legs and has what appears to be bloody tears from his eyes. It also says he now has 32 badges, which now starts to disturb me as this change of number seems to represent something important.

I also checked my Pokémon, which this time contains 5 Unowns and a Level 100 Celebi without a nickname. The Unown are this time Leveled 15 and spelled out "DYING". I checked the Celebi's profile. It was a shiny Celebi, except there's only half of the sprite. One leg, one arm, one eye. It only has one attack: "Perish Song".

The area I was in itself was the Sprout Tower with the immobile pillar as before, except everything is apparently red now. I walked north for what felt like forever. Eventually, I finally encountered some generic men and women NPC. They were all lined up to the side just facing the long slantish pillar in the middle.

They were also white, and nothing happens when I try to speak to them. I kept on going north until eventually the pillar finally appears chopped off, with a transparent Red in that spot. I went up to Red and without even pressing A, I was suddenly engaged and finally in a battle.

The music starts again, which it sounds like the Unown Radio music again, but played backwards. Gold's battle backsprite matches his front one with the bloody eyes, white skin, and lack of arms, while Red's sprite was the same as before in GSC, except transparent. The text simply said "wants to battle!" as if he has no name, and both of us only have one Pokémon each, which is weird as I swore I had six with the Unowns.

My shiny Celebi came out, conveniently with half-a-sprite for the back sprite also. The "Shiny" noise and animation was different, as the sounds it made sound like multiple "Screech" attacks used consecutively. Red sent out a seemingly normal male Pikachu, except he is Level 255 and his sprite seems sad and has tears in his eyes.

Rather than the usual "FIGHT/ITEM/PKMN/RUN" menu, I was only given the option to use the Attacks. Since Celebi only has one, I chose it. Naturally, since Pikachu was Level 255, he went first.

"PIKACHU used CURSE!", lowering his Speed and increasing his other Stats. I'm not even sure if Pikachu could use Curse.

"CELEBI used PERISH SONG!" In three turns, both Pokémon get KO'd – not like I have a choice.

At this point, it didn't even go back to the Fight menu, as the battle just continued without me. Also note that there were no animations at all for some reason.

"PIKACHU used FLAIL!", which didn't do much damage despite his Level and boost as his health was maxed.

"CELEBI used Perish Song!" Nothing happens as it was already used.

"PIKACHU used FRUSTRATION!", which did a shit-ton of damage, knocking Celebi down to less than 10 HP.

"CELEBI used Pain Split!", which surprised me as Celebi didn't even have that attack in the first place. Now Celebi and Pikachu have about 150 HP.

"PIKACHU used MEAN LOOK!" Not like that did anything.

As expected, due to the effects of Perish Song, my Celebi fainted. Except in the text, it said "CELEBI has died!" and instead of the ordinary drop off the screen animation, the CELEBI backsprite just vanished. For some reason, the Pikachu was still up even with Perish Song and it didn't count as my loss.

Pikachu used one more different attack beyond the 5 attack limit:


Afterwards, it said "PIKACHU has died!", with a slow fade-out animation. Apparently, I was the winner, as the transparent Red Sprite showed up and said ".........."

At that point, I just freaked out, as that transparent Red sprite was suddenly beheaded, leaving nothing but his transparent body. The battle then ended at that point and faded out along with the music.

I'm back in the overworld, with another change to the Gold sprite – he's now as transparent as Red's overworld sprite. I quickly checked Gold's profile, where this time the only thing remains of him is his head, with a transparent skin. The head was zoomed in a bit, showing a black void in his eyes. It now stated that he now has 40 badges. I then backed out and checked my Pokémon. They were all Level 20 Shiny Unown, which when spelled out, read "NOMORE".

I was at what I now know is next to the end. There was apparently no music playing, but for some reason I still felt like something was there that could be heard. I was back in my room in New Bark Town. Maybe finally I get to play this game properly, but who am I kidding.

I knew that sadistic fuck must have done something. I "walked" around my room to interact with things, as I'm a bit afraid to go down the stairs to see what was awaiting down there. Note I said "walked", as while the background was moving, Gold was not moving his transparent limbs at all while doing so, just floating like those ghosts you see in Diamond/Pearl.

As expected, the radio, computer, and TV did not work, so I had no choice but to go down the stairs. I ended up in the same lower level room of my house. Everything appears normal, except mom isn't home. After failing to interact with anything in this room, I decided to go outside. To my surprise, that door leading outside at the south didn't work, and instead I just walk straight through it to a void.

I continued moving south to see what the fuck was going on. My house vanishes as I head south into the void. It was creepy as when I entered the void, the outline on Gold's transparent sprite turned white to contrast with the pitch black. Eventually, I reached a white area and Gold's sprite turned black and transparent again. I continued south without thinking of stopping at all.

After a long trek south, I finally encountered something. It was GOLD's regular sprite. I talked to it. He said "Good bye forever ...." (notably with a space inbetween the forever and ....), and vanished. As that happened, it said "??? used NIGHTMARE" which at that point, I would not deny that being possible. Gold did another Escape Rope animation spinning slowly downwards like before.

I'm now back into that small hollowed-out room surrounded by graves earlier. Or at least I say I was back there, as there's no sprite anymore. I tried to walk around but nothing moved – not even wall bumping noise. I checked my trainer profile with absolutely no Gold sprite left. It said I have 0 badges and all the pictures of the Johto Gym Leaders at the bottom were replaced with skulls.

I checked my Pokémon, which were all Level 25 Unown. As expected, it spelled out a phrase that I dared to read: "IMDEAD".

As soon as I went back to the overworld, the room I supposedly was in was then covered with the same blocks as the walls. I then figured out what exactly that room was when the final text was said: "R.I.P. ..."

That room was a big grave, surrounded by other graves. Gold has already been dead. He died presumably a few years after he defeated Red.

He was a young trainer who, despite his efforts in collecting so many badges and attempts at becoming a Pokémon master, was still unable to avoid the inevitable fate of death, and his efforts were eventually forgotten by the next generation.

I was unable to escape from that text no matter what I pressed. I tried resetting the game, and the same thing happened, at which I then finally decided to give up on that horrible nightmare.

After that experience, I will never look at the "gimmick" Unown the same way again. They say that only the first generation have folk tales and legends, but the second generation have shown me how unpleasant the truth can be. I eventually enjoyed SoulSilver immensely, but I still can't unthink what that rigged game has told me.

The Game

In early September 2010, a complete, working fangame of Lost Silver was made. The game is its own executable rather than a ROM hack, and therefore does not require an emulator nor a Pokémon Silver ROM.

There has been talk about expanding the story by adding a different series of events if the player chooses "No" at the sign that says "TURN BACK NOW." While many people believe that the events when choosing "No" (which is referred to as "Hidden" by fans) is a made-up addition by the fans, it is in fact made up by the original writer in response to the creator of the fangame.

The stand-alone fan-game was made using an underlying pokémon engine created by a game creation program called Game Maker. The source file or the game can be downloaded and edited here.


Pokémon Lost Silver

Pokémon Lost Silver

Pokemon Lost Silver Part 2-NO

Pokemon Lost Silver Part 2-NO

When you click NO

Sours: https://creepypasta.fandom.com/wiki/Pok%C3%A9mon_Lost_Silver

Fanfic / Pokémon Lost Silver

Pokémon Lost Silver is a creepypasta based off of Pokémon. In it, the unnamed protagonist plays a haunted cartridge. The story was so popular that it had a fan game made based off of it.

The story takes place around the release of Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver. While waiting for SoulSilver, a fan decides to buy a used copy of Pokémon Silver at GameStop. When they start up the game, it initially seems like the cartridge is faulty. It keeps freezing on the Game Freak logo, however eventually it starts up. Instead of starting up as normal, the game defaults to an active file in the Bellsprout Tower.

Gold's name is only given as "...". There are 999 hours of play time on the file, Gold has the max amount of money, and the Pokédex is entirely filled out. When the protagonist looks at the team, it consists of five Unown and one Cyndaquil nicknamed "HURRY". The five Unown spell out "LEAVE". The cartridge seems glitched as it contains oddities like no music, no Pokémon cries, and no trainers in the Bellsprout Tower. The room seems inescapable due to a lack of ladders, however eventually the player finds a way to exit it.

They enter a dark room and use Flash. Upon walking down the hall, they come to a dead end with a sign that says "TURN BACK NOW", with an option to pick yes or no. Their Cyndaquil randomly faints after leaving the room. When they check their team, all six Pokémon have been replaced with new Unown spelling out "HE DIED". The new room is a cemetery with Gold being inside of a hollowed out grave. When they check Gold's profile, Gold's sprite is missing his arms and he looks more stoic.

The player eventually spins downward back into Bellsprout Tower. The difference is that Gold's sprite is completely white. When they check Gold's profile, he's missing his legs and bleeding from his eyes. He also has 32 badges now. The team now featuress five Unown spelling out "Dying" and a level 100 shiny Celebi. The Celebi only knows Perish Song and is missing one eye, one antenna, one leg, and one arm, appearing as if it had been cut in half vertically. After walking through a hall in the tower, the player comes across three generic NPCs which can't be talked to. Eventually, the player comes aross the end of the room. The pillar is chopped in half and there's a transparent Red standing next to it. Without even pressing anything, the player enters a glitched battle with Red.

Each team only has one Pokémon. Gold has his Celebi and Red has a sad looking level 255 Pikachu. After two turns of Perish Song, Celebi uses Pain Split on its own, despite not knowing the move. At the end of the battle, Celebi dies. Pikachu doesn't die alongside Celebi and instead uses Destiny Bond, before proceeding to die. Gold wins the battle. When Red's lose quote comes up, he's missing his head.

Gold appears in his bedroom with a transparent overworld sprite. His profile sprite is now missing everything but his head. Gold now has 40 gym badges and six level twenty shiny Unown that spell out "No more". Gold's sprite doesn't move anymore, giving off the impression that he's floating. Gold's house is empty and he can't interact with the scenery. When he tries to exit the house, Gold just enters a black void. Gold's outline turns white as the player continues south. Finally, he comes across Gold's regular sprite. When spoken to he says "Goodbye forever..." before vanishing. A new text box appears saying that "??? used Nightmare".

Gold returns to the cemetery but without a sprite. When Gold's profile is checked, there's no sprite, he has no badges, and all the Johto gym leader sprites have been replaced with skulls. Gold's team consists of six Unown that spell out "I'm Dead". The game ends with a text box saying "R.I.P. ...".

Pokémon Lost Silver provides examples of:

  • Adaptation Expansion: The fan game includes a second storyline, generally known as “Lost Silver: Hidden”. The creator of the fan game says that this plot was written by the creepypasta’s original author and given to him for the game.
  • Adaptation Name Change: Ethan is referred to as "Gold", likely because his Canon Name wasn't known until HeartGold and SoulSilver's release.
  • Dark Fic: It's a story about a creepy cartridge of Pokémon Silver where the player is dead.
  • Dead All Along: At the end of the story, the player realizes that Gold has been dead since the very beginning.
  • Death of a Child: Gold isn't even thirteen when he died.
  • Fan Game: The creepypasta was defictionalized into a game.
  • Gender-Neutral Narrator: The reader is never identified by gender.
  • Haunted Technology: The cartridge is presumed to be this, though it might be a hack that someone made.
  • Maybe Magic, Maybe Mundane: It's unclear if the cartridge is haunted or whether it's a hacked game.
  • Riddle for the Ages: Whether the game is of supernatural origin, or a modified version made by a person. And if the latter, then their reasoning for doing so would also come under this.
Sours: https://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Fanfic/PokemonLostSilver
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Lost Silver


Lost Silver



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Video game pasta

Pokémon Lost Silver is a Creepypasta story about a disturbing haunted Gameboy Color cartridge for the game Pokémon Silver. It has inspired fan-made artwork and a game built on a custom engine.


The earliest known posting of the pasta comes from a 4chan thread submitted on June 6th, 2010. The original story of Lost Silver was recorded and narrated by a Pokemon fan who claims he bought a used copy of the game at GameStop for a bargain price. But once he loaded the game onto his Game Boy, he immediately noticed that the saved game left behind by the cart’s previous owner was highly unusual. Whoever had owned the game simply named their trainer “…”, had maxed out their PokeDex with all 251 entries (including legendary Pokemon like Celebi and Mew), and had also maxed out their money and levels.

But most unsettling was the active party that the game’s previous owner had left behind. It contained five Unown (alien Pokemon with letter-shaped bodies that can spell out messages) and a Cyndaquill. According to the teller of the tale, the Unown spelled out “LEAVE,” and the Cyndaquill was named “HURRY.”

The rest of the story does an impressive job of creeping the reader out, considering it’s based on a jolly franchise that kids love.

The narrator talks about finding himself trapped in a silent, still version of Pokemon Gold/Silver’s Bellsprout Tower, and how he used “Flash” to illuminate a dark area, only to have the room bathed in a menacing red glow. Other events include the utter death of the Cyndaquill (as opposed to the usual “faint”), the Unown spelling out messages like “DYING” and “NO MORE,” and a ghostly battle with the trainer from Pokemon Red/Blue, which ends with Celebii and a tormented-looking Pikachu using Perish Song and Destiny Bond to finish each other off simultaneously.

At the story’s conclusion, the trainer named “…” becomes a ghost and is trapped forever amongst several Pokémon graves. The moral, if you can call it that, spells out that despite his enormous success as a Pokémon trainer in life, death still came for “…” in the end, same as it comes for all of us. Worse, “…” seemingly died nameless, alone, and forgotten.


  • Because the story was posted anonymously, it is unknown who wrote it.
  • Most fan-work (including this very page) on Pokémon Lost Silver will use 'Lost Silver' to refer to the main character of the eponymous game. The story never refers to the character as such. In-game, the character is named '..., while the narrator of the pasta calls him 'Gold'. Calling the character "Lost Silver is purely for the sake of convenience.
  • The story is technically not a haunted gaming pasta as absolutely nothing supernatural happens in the story and there's nothing to suggest that the player character is anymore than a piece of coding in a rom hack.
  • The creator is unknown since the story was posted anonymously.
  • "Lost Silver" starts off with arms and legs, but the further he goes in the game, he loses them.


Sours: https://creepypastafiles.fandom.com/wiki/Lost_Silver
Pokemon Lost Silver Creepypasta - Mystery Bits [TetraBitGaming]

(Requested by mith11223)

(I found two stories; one of Silver's death and after that.)
Story 1:

He was a Pokemon Trainer. The strongest in almost the entire world. He had a bright future ahead of him.

He lived somewhere in America and was a hardcore Pokemon fan. In his console, he played as Gold, with three of his strongest Pokemon: Cyndaquil, Celebi, and Pikachu.

And then there was a complete collection of Unown.

On one fateful day, he was walking home from school. It was around 6 PM. He was going to clutch his Gameboy while suddenly, he almost tripped. On a random poster in a game store he was going to, he saw these words:


He was shocked. But when he looked at it again, it actually said "HARRY POTTER". Was he having delusions?

Anyway, he was going to the game store to look for more games. But suddenly, one of the store clerks, grabbed him and held a handkerchief over his face. He fell unconscious.

When he woke up, he was under the basement of the store, with mad faces around him. They were all familiar faces - players who tried very hard in beating him in Pokemon, but they all failed. These guys where the jealous bunch.

The boy couldn't do anything, as his hands and feet were in chains. He was also slightly in lethargy because of the drug from the handkerchief.

"Why are you doing this to me? Let me go!" He said in vain.

"Tell us, why are you so good at Pokemon? Why can't we beat you?" Said one of the suspects.

"I...I just did my very best!"

"Liar! You used a cheat device, didn't you?"

"N-no! Why would I?"

One of the suspects picked up a weapon. It was a sharp blade.

"I don't care if you used a cheat device or not." He said in a smirk.

"Your life...ENDS HERE!"

With that, he cuts off the boy's two arms. Blood gushed out in the terrible scene, and he was screaming in pain.

His Gameboy was still in his bag. One of the suspects took it. And as the rest of the group tortured the poor boy, the main suspect said:

"This is your prized possession, eh?"

The boy had tears in his eyes. "Y-you wouldn't...!!"

"Heheh. I would."

He grabs a hammer from the table and smashes both the Gameboy and the cartridge into pieces. The boy's heart crumbled in anguish.

Then he saw a white light.

His dress became that of Gold's, and his arms are still cut off. He saw his Pokemon in the distance. Cyndaquil and Pikachu, who were chained together, received so many slashes and wounds. Celebi was cut in half. "Gold" couldn't believe his eyes as something prevents him from reaching his friends.

His feet are still chained to the ground. These chains were none other than his Unown.

There was blood mixed with his tears as he struggled to make things right.

The Pokemon all fade away, and the scene goes back to the basement. He realizes that even his feet were cut off, and the Gameboy was badly damaged. He couldn't save it from his enemy's hands.

He was beaten badly, and everyone in the room was happy about it. Four bad playmates beat up a Pokemon master they were jealous of.

"I'm tired of this." Said one of the boys. "Let’s finish it here!"

Sours: https://www.wattpad.com/441381815-creepypasta-backstories-lost-silver

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Pokémon: Lost Silver (Hidden)


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