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  • Where can I get an instruction manual for my remote?

    Please click on the link below for an instruction manual. Visit

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  • How do I search for a code?

    Please follow this link for complete instructions on programming your remote.

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  • What is the Interactive Guide?

    The guide is a new and improved programming guide through your remote control. It unlocks a world of greater choice, convenience and control as you watch television.

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  • What can I do with the Interactive Guide?

    You can set Reminders, Favorites and Parental Locks. You will have access to Mediacom On Demand and Digital Video Recording.

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  • How do I get information on programs?

    The guide provides detailed information on all programs, including movies and sporting events. While in a listings screen, you can access information by pressing the INFO button on your remote. You can also set Reminders, place Parental Locks, order Pay-Per-View movies or events and see other times a program airs. To return to the program you're watching, press the EXIT button on the remote.

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  • What are the icons at the bottom of the Interactive Guide screen?

    Quick Menu icons are available to help you search faster. The Quick Menu gives you access to other areas of the guide, such as Movies or Favorites. Once you have selected a program title by highlighting it and pressing OK, you can use the action icons on the information screens to set Reminders or Parental Locks, schedule recordings, buy programs and more.

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  • How can I eliminate the edges of the Interactive Guide screens?

    Select the Adjust Screen Position option from the Setup screen. Press the buttons until the arrows on the screen are centered.

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  • How do I leave a screen or menu?

    You can always press the EXIT button to immediately return to watching TV. You can also press the LAST button to back up one screen at a time.

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  • What is the graphic bar that appears when I change channels?

    The Flip Bar appears for a few seconds as you're changing channels to provide important information about programs. You will find the name of the current program, start and end times, as well as the channel number.

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  • Why won't my remote control respond when I press a button?

    First, press the CABLE button on the remote to make sure it is in cable mode. Try using the remote again. If the remote is still not functioning correctly, press the CHAN button on the front of the receiver. If the channel changes, there is a problem with the remote control. If the channel doesn't change, the batteries or the remote control itself may need to be replaced.

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  • How do I order On Demand?*

    You can order On Demand programming multiple ways: from the Main Menu, from the Quick Menu or from channel one in the TV Listings.

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  • How do I order a Pay-Per-View event?

    Ordering Pay-Per-View movies and events is easy. From the Main Menu or Quick Menu, select any of the Pay-Per-View options to see a list of available programs. Use your remote to get detailed information and order. You can even cancel your selection. If your Pay-Per-View program is scheduled to air at a future time, a Reminder is automatically set to appear before your program begins.

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  • What are the remote control features available?

    A yellow highlight is your indicator as you use your remote to see what's on TV. As you navigate listings using your remote, the highlight appears on screen to indicate your current selection.

    • Press the buttons on your remote to move the highlight.
    • Press OK to make your selection.
    • Press the EXIT button on your remote to return to watching TV.

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  • How do I access the Quick Menu?

    The Quick Menu offers shortcuts to key Interactive Guide features. Just press MENU from anywhere in the guide — even while you're watching a program — and you'll have access to features like Search, Favorites, Digital Music and more.

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  • How do I access the Main Menu?

    Main Menu gives you easy access to all features. Simply press MENU twice; then select from the options available, including Listings By Time, Listings By Category, Parental Locks, Favorites, Local Weather and more.

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  • Enhanced Searching by Category

    With the Interactive Guide, you can sort and view program Listings By Category. Select a category from the Main Menu or Quick Menu to display listings.

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  • Enhanced Searching by Title

    A-Z Title Search allows you to find a specific program by entering the first few letters of the program name.

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  • What is the Mini Guide?

    The Mini Guide lets you watch television and view listings without having to leave your program. To access, press OK or INFO; then use the buttons to browse time and the buttons to browse channels.

    Listings are color-coded to help you identify different types of programs.

    • Blue - Regular programs
    • Light Blue - Children's programs
    • Green - Sports
    • Purple - Movies
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  • What are parental locks?

    Parental Locks let you restrict viewing and purchases of TV programming based on your preferences. Set a personalized 4-digit PIN and you can place locks on selected ratings, channels and titles. You can also hide adult titles from being displayed on screen.

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  • How can I record future programs on my VCR?

    • Select the program you want to record from the TV Listings.
    • Press Info to bring up the program information screen.
    • Select the icon from the bottom of the screen.
    • Select Record Future Program.
    • Once the cable box is set, a message will display reminding you to also set your VCR to record the program.
    • Turn on your VCR and follow the manufacturer's instructions to program it to record the program.
    • When the program starts, your cable box will automatically tune to the program so that your VCR can record it. After you set up a recording on your cable box, you must also set up your VCR to record, following the manufacturer's instructions.

    If you try to change channels while recording a program, the following message will display: "Your recording is in progress. Changing the channel will stop this recording." However, if your VCR is still on and you do change the channel, the VCR will record the new channel that you tune to.

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  • What is the description of the icons on the Menu?

    Visit for remote troubleshooting and device code support.

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  • Where can I find an explanation of the remote control features?

    Please follow the link below and choose you remote type

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  • Sours:
    ChannelsThe Program Guide will display only those channels on the channel list (All, Channels You Receive or Favorites) selected.

    The Channel Up/Down button will only tune to those channels, as well.

    Note: If you select the Favorites channel list but have not set up any favorite channels, no channels will be displayed and you will not be able to use the Channel Up/Down button to change channels. To choose your favorite channels, go to How to Add Channels to My List of Favorites.

    DayUse to display a future day in the program guide (up to two weeks in the future, depending on program information).TimeUse to jump to a specific time in the future in the program guide.StyleUse to switch between the TiVo Live Guide and Grid Guide. This is only available for software version 4.01 or later.


    FilteringUse the Left/Right Arrows to turn filtering on or off. Choosing a filter is explained below.Choose FilterChoose a category to filter the Program Guide.

    For example, you can filter for kids' shows, movies, or sports/baseball. When filtering is on, only channels with programs in the selected category within the next six hours will display. In addition, programs that do not fit the selected category appear gray until you highlight them.


    Note: The day and time selected will display in the blue bar below the program description. The channel list and filter selected will display at the bottom of the guide.

    1. Seraph sephiroth
    2. Mayor of sandusky, ohio
    3. Sunny bunnies svg
  • What's the visible difference between HDTV and our current television system?

    One word - resolution. Television images are actually composites of many horizontal lines. More lines mean better picture quality. Regular televisions feature a maximum of 480 interlaced lines in the picture. HDTV uses 720 to 1080 lines, allowing viewers the opportunity to see more detail than ever before, such as specks of color in an actor's eyes.

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  • Will I be able to see more of the picture with HDTV?

    Absolutely. HDTV's widescreen format is a 16:9 aspect ratio - just like a movie theater. Widescreen format creates a panoramic effect for the viewer, conveying more scenery and action. By comparison, a standard TV has an aspect ratio of 4:3.

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  • What's the difference between HD-capable and HD-ready TVs?

    Today, HDTV is available in two forms: HD-ready and HD-capable. HD-ready sets have built-in HDTV receivers. This built-in receiver, however, is not compatible with Mediacom's HDTV receiver/converter. HD-capable sets are, essentially, monitors that require an external receiver/converter. In both cases, a Mediacom HDTV digital converter is required.

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  • Why doesn't the picture always display in full screen when I'm tuned to a high-definition channel?

    Not all programs are in high-definition format; therefore, programs will not always be full-screen. Not every show currently broadcast by an HD station is in HD format. You can assume that if you are getting a picture on the HD channel, your equipment is functioning properly. You may want to check your HD monitor (TV set) settings (consult the HD monitor's user manual).

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  • Will I be able to view closed captioning with HDTV Service?

    To enable closed captions on the HD set top you must access the On-Screen Menu. Begin by powering ON your HDTV and powering OFF the set top box. Press the MENU button on either your Mediacom remote or the set top box front panel to call up the On-Screen Menu. You may use either the front panel or the remote to navigate the display. Arrow down to the Closed Caption Menu option. Use the right arrow button to select the option to enable closed captions. Press the POWER or MENU button to exit the menu and save your settings.

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  • What HDTV programming does Mediacom offer?

    Mediacom customers who have an HDTV with a digital tuner can receive their local broadcasters* in HD at no additional charge. Mediacom Digital customers with an HD converter can receive ESPN HD, ESPN2 HD, HD Theater, TNT HD, TBS HD, CNN HD, WGN HD, A&E HD, History Channel HD and their regional sports networks* in HD at no additional charge. If you subscribe to HBO, Showtime or Starz premium services, you receive their HD channels at no additional charge. An optional package of HD service (HD Pak) consists of Universal HD, HDNet, HDNet Movies.

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  • Where can I find a complete HDTV set top box user manual?

    You can read and print off an HD manual by following this link.

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  • How do I get started?

    Simply call Mediacom to schedule an appointment for home installation at 1-888-333-4039.

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  • How can I view a High-Definition channel?

    Step 1: On your TV's remote, press the VIDEO INPUT MODE button (refer to your TV's manual for clarification) as necessary until you reach the HDTV Video Input noted on the previous page.
    Step 2: On the Mediacom remote, press the CABLE button to set the remote in cable mode.
    Step 3: Use the remote to access high-definition channels in any of the following ways:

    1. Press the CHANNEL UP/DOWN buttons to scroll to a high-definition channel.
    2. Press the applicable number keys to go to a specific channel number.
    3. Browse, using the Interactive Program Guide (IPG).
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  • Are there any safety instructions I should be aware of for my HDTV box?


    The high-definition set top box has been designed to operate reliably in a well ventilated household environment. Slots and openings in the unit cabinet are provided for ventilation. These openings should never be blocked by placing the product on a bed, sofa, rug or similar surface. The unit should be positioned with at least two inches of space above and on all sides.

    Safety Instructions

    Step 1: Position the set top box with at least two inches of space above and on all sides. Step 2: Do not block the slots and openings in the set top box. Step 3: Do not place anything on top of the set top box. Step 4: Do not position the set top box in an enclosed space that would restrict air flow around the unit. Step 5: Do not position the set top box near any external heat source that could raise the temperature around the unit.

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  • What are "sidebars" and "letterboxing"?


    When a standard-definition program is viewed on a wide-screen HDTV, the HDTV may center the image on the screen with black, gray or white margins (known as sidebars) on either side in order to retain the 4:3 aspect ratio.


    In a similar fashion, when wide-screen (16:9 aspect ratio) content is transmitted to a 4:3 TV screen, the content provider may add black margins on the top and bottom of the screen to ensure that the entire width of the picture is visible. This is known as "letterboxing."

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  • How do I avoid Sidebar or Letterbox damage (burn-in)?

    Persistent viewing of programs with sidebars or letterboxing over long periods of time may degrade the picture quality of your HDTV by reducing your HDTV's ability to display colors evenly across the screen.
    With your TV's remote, press the FORMAT (aspect ratio) button (if available) as needed, stretching or zooming to adjust the picture display until any black (or gray/ white) sidebars are eliminated. (Since letterboxing is done by the content provider, letterboxed programs cannot always be completely zoomed to fill the screen. (See your TV's manual for details.) Pausing DVDs or videos for extended periods of time can also cause burn-in. Mediacom will not be held responsible for any burn-in on your HDTV set.

    The On-Screen Menu

    Use the On-Screen Menu* to tailor your HD set top box to the capabilities of your HDTV. This allows the HD set top box to automatically optimize both standard and high-definition video, based on your HDTV and personal preferences. To access the On-Screen Menu, power ON your HDTV and power OFF the HD set top box. Press the MENU button on either your remote control or the HD set top box front panel to call up the On-Screen Display.* You may use either the HD set top box front panel or the remote control to navigate the display.

    TV Type

    The first user setting is TV TYPE. Your selection tells the HD set top box what type of TV you have and how you prefer to watch widescreen programming.Your choices are 16:9, 4:3 Letterbox or 4:3 Pan Scan.

    • Choose 16:9 if you have a wide screen HDTV.
    • Choose 4:3 Letterbox if you have a standard TV and you prefer to watch widescreen programming in its original aspect ratio.
    • Choose 4:3 Pan Scan if you have a standard screen TV and you prefer that widescreen programming is cropped to fill your screen. Think of this last choice as watching a theater-style movie that has been reformatted to fit your standard screen TV.

    4:3 OVERRIDE

    Next, use the down arrow to select Y Pb Pr OUTPUT. This setting indicates the picture resolution you prefer when watching high-definition programming. The choices, listed in order of highest to lowest picture resolution, are 1080i, 720p, 480p and 480i. Your selection will depend on which format(s) your HDTV supports. To maximize your high-definition viewing experience, refer to your television set owner's manual and use the button to choose the setting that indicates the highest picture resolution that your television will support.

    Y Pb Pr OUTPUT

    Finally, use the down button arrow to select 4:3 OVERRIDE. By selecting 480i or 480p, you are telling the HD set top box to send standard-definition programming to your TV in its original broadcast format. Select OFF and the HD set top box will default to the resolution selected in the Y Pb Pr OUTPUT setting above. To exit and save changes, press the POWER or MENU button. For more details on configuring your HD set top box output settings, including setting closed caption preferences, see the Motorola HD set top box user guide or visit

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