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Kapamilya Filipino Restaurant

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  • This is a review for their 626 Night Market venue.

    Chicken Isaw (intestine): not cleaned properly, still have the gunky taste.
    Lechon: meat is utterly dry. the sauce was also dried up into a stiff jelly.
    BBQ Pork: okay.
    Chicken Skin: meh.

    I know its night market and i shouldn't expect too much, and I hate to be criticizing in times like this; the experience was truly disappointing at best despite the bar being set low.

    2 stars only because the lady and the staff are super friendly.

  • I worked w many Filipino doctors and nurses and loved the chicken adobo, pork adobo, pansit and lumpia, this was only the 2nd time I ordered take outs. The 1st time was OK. I don't know what happened today, the food was inedible, so bad I had to throw it out then had nothing to eat. I was even upset at my husband for not picking up a ramen as an insurance policy in case I did not like the Filipino food.
    The chicken adobo tasted CHICKENY, very offensive taste, perhaps the chicken was old as it was chewy, I saw some funny looking chicken recently in local supermarkets, I was in China, I read a lot of story about the chicken sent from USA to China for processing and resent back to USA!!! I added some ginger and soy sauce but I could not camouflage the chickeny taste.

    The beef stew taste tomato-ey, in other word, they used canned tomato and it was not completely mixed in the beef broth, I could not eat it either, I had to eat my husband German wurst and sauerkraut and Kartoffelknödel! he gave me some!!! I'm looking forward to Argentinian buffet and Brazilian churrascaria in South Beach, whoohoo, I'm going to Miami in a few days, I have had many bad days consuming bad food so it's something to look forward to.

  • Kind and generous customer service. Huge portions. A flavorful take on traditional Filipino dishes. Their versions of adobo, chicken sinigang, and mechado are at an elevated level because of how they manage to turn these staple dishes into something memorably special. Not salty. Sourness is balanced with an earthy spiciness. This low-profile place should be in your radar.

  • Too pricey not worth your money.
    And then it's look like the food is not fresh you can tell. I don't recommend this place pls. I'm telling you

  • Foodie land exhibit everything is overpriced and the wait time is so long.  They keep calling someone else's ticket and after 40 minutes or so they officially lost our ticket and the booth keep on asking what did I ordered, errrrrrrrrrr they didn't even want to give me my money back.  This is the most unprofessional food vendor ever.  In some way I'm glad my order was cancelled because food kept on going back because the food is either raw, uncooked or wrong.  The biggest joke ever for a business

  • Photo of Mika R.

    Too pricey for the isaw basically i got 3 bags of isaw and a halo halo $7 they charged me $160! So expensive! Never coming back again.

  • I hate giving bad reviews but my gosh the food was awful. What a waste of money. The garlic fried rice tasted about 3 days old. The texture was bad. Just no. Nothing about what we order tasted authentic. The Filipino food from the Hawaiian restaurants tastes more authentic than this place. Just no. We ended up not eating what we order and just threw it away. Waste of money.

  • We came to this restaurant last Saturday to eat some halo halo. Few hours later my stomach started hurting. The next day I was having diarrhea and every time I eat something my stomach would hurt so much I didn't know why. My two other friends that went with me experienced the same thing. One of our friend was hospitalized because of food poisoning. We called the restaurant to complain and let them know and the owner didn't even apologize. Please beware! Will definitely call the health department to report this business.

Sours: https://www.yelp.com/biz/kapamilya-filipino-restaurant-fountain-valley

Kapamilya Philippine Grocery

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  • Photo of J C.

    Being from California and working in NJ with my pregnant wife, I was so relieved to find this grocery store. With all the different cravings that my wife was experiencing from her pregnancy, this grocer was a life saver. They offer home cooked Filipino food at the back. The lady makes the best ginataang manok I've ever had! I used to stop by after work every afternoon to pick up food for my wife. Now that we're back in California, I miss her ginataan manok. I even contemplated calling her to send me some through mail haha.

    To the lady who cooked the ginataang manok, can you message and send me the recipe for it? I don't think I'll be able to visit New Jersey anytime soon, but I truly miss your ginataan manok!

  • Last night I ended up in Jackson Heights (Valentines Day) and decided I needed some comfort food after having lost my brand new weekly metro card. The place was pretty packed but I managed to find myself a table in the back corner and ordered my meal. One scoop of rice, dinuguan and some beef which was really good and a fanta. The portions were humongous, and I walked out stuffed. They also gave out a free Ferrero Rocher chocolate.
    The whole thing was super cheap ($8.99)

  • Love this place! The cook here is amazing. I live in Tom's River, and we have 2 Filipino restos, but I prefer coming to Kapamilya. Their food is always fresh and soooo soooo good. I come here for the kare kare (oxtail), sinigang, spicy sisig, and crispy pata. Their prices is reasonable.
    Very tiny store with limited seating; I think it seats 8 max.

  • Rare find in this area. Not much of a sit-in area but you'll find most filipino ingredients you need here. It's a bit overpriced likely because of the lack of competition.

  • Growing up in Cali I had the infinite joy of being able to enjoy the multitude of ethnic diversity when it came to food- Honestly, I'll pretty much will try anything once- after all, how do you know if you are going to like it or not? but when it comes to delicious food like Filipino I am all in! Let's go, get out of my way.

    Kapamilya is a small family owned store with a couple of tables, a large selection of snacks and seasonings in the grocery section and a cafeteria hot counter that I can't seem to get enough of. The wonderful people who work here are super friendly and greet everyone that comes in with a smile- and do they fill the to-go box when you order (no skimping here).

    Filipino food is blend all its own and spans the taste bar from sweet to savory, it's both light fare and super hearty- I think it's fantastic that this happy food stop, is literally a few blocks from my house- and I can get my fix of comfort food any time I want!
    It's a simple, walk in and see what looks good.

    If you have seen this shop (it's next to Five Guys) stop in and check it out, get something simple from the hot counter that you can try as your first introduction to this wonderful food culture.

  • Very friendly place. Fair price. Very good food. Not sure about the lady complaining about expiration dates on goods. As far as I am concerned, goofs have standing expiration dates.

  • Pretty good Filipino food and good selection of groceries. My favorite is the Crispy pata and kare-kare.

  • Nice little Filipino grocery store with hot food served cafeteria-style in the back. A few seats for customers and Filipino programming playing on their TV. They also do catering - great, especially if you like lumpia (Filipino egg rolls) and pork BBQ skewers.

  • Make sure to check out their expiration dates. I have been going there for years and I have noticed their goods look old. Also, their cooked food looks like it has been reheated. I think I know when cooked food is freshly cooked! Their catered foods changed too. Back when they started, their pancit had a lot of meat, now they make it more with tofu! A lot of things changed since they opened. They are not consistent with their food taste. I think Filipinos just go their because they have no choice. Go to Toms River! Best Filipino stores are there..more varieties and much more fresher too food-wise!

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Sours: https://www.yelp.com/biz/kapamilya-philippine-grocery-howell
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