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Aztec Astrology

Each month a new Aztec divinity holds influence over the fates of men. There are 20 divinities in total. Time is based on a cycle that alternates with the seasons. Each day sign lasts for around 24 hours, and is influenced by a number and a colour.

1 - Cayman or Crocodile (Cipactli) bears the number 1 and the colour light green. It symbolises knowledge. This sign likes logic and logical thinking. This sign is strong of will, and good at organising, understanding and analysing. Its planet is Venus and its divinity is Tonacatecuhtli.

2 - Wind (Ehecalt) knows how to overcome obstacles. When a storm blows, this sign always manages to calm itself down in the end. This sign is flexible, and consequently, agile too. These are people who are both physically and morally strong, but very difficult to please! This sign's planet is Venus, and its divinity Quetzalcóatl. 3 - House (Calli) bears the number 3 and its colour is dark green. The House is generous and welcoming. This sign likes other people, and seeks to find balance with its soul mate. House signs are rarely on their own, and find their place among family and in a routine. This sign's planet is Saturn and its divinity is Tepeyolohti.

4 - Lizard (Cuetzpallin ) bears the number 4. In Aztec culture, this animal represents vivacity rather than laziness. It handles any situation and is incredibly resistant! People of this sign are very prudent when confronting an obstacle. This sign's planet is Saturn and its divinity is Huehuecóyotl.

5 - Snake (Coátl) bears the number 5 and the colour orange. Snake signs are spontaneous, and often act without reason. Their reactions can often be surprising. In the story of humanity, the snake symbolises reconciliation between Heaven and Earth. This sign also represents laziness! Its planet is Saturn and its divinity is Chalchiúhtlicue.

6 - Death (Miquiztli) is represented by the number 6 and the colour purple. Death is word given to man; language, law, ethics. People of this sign are often introverts, who are not able to free themselves from the gaze of others. Life with a House sign will make a Death sign happy, and bring them self-confidence. Its planet is the Moon and its divinities are Tecciztécatl and Meztli.

7 - Stag or Deer (Mázatl) This animal represents prestige and rarity because it is difficult to track in the high plateaus of Mexico! It is also synonymous with shyness, tenacity, and being a dreamer. People of this sign are also highly sociable. This sign's planet is the Moon, and its divinity is Tláloc.

8 - Rabbit (Tochtli) is defined by the number 8 and the colour indigo blue. The Rabbit enjoys life's pleasures. Delicate and timid, this sign hates conflict. People of this sign make for pleasant company, always smiling and hard-working. They are also prone to anguish and like to have control over their lives. This sign's planet is the Moon and its divinity is Mayáhuel.

9 - Water(Atl) This sign symbolises rarity, fertility, and need. In Aztec Astrology, it is also a symbol of worry, anguish and instability. Water signs are incredibly sensitive people, whose planet is Mars and divinity Xiuhtecuhtli.

10 -Dog (Itzcuintli) is symbolised by the number 10. People of this sign are generous and ready to do anything to help and feel useful! They are really brave and highly intuitive, but also very shy. Their planet is Mars and divinity Mictlantecuhtli.

11 - Monkey(Ozomatli) is represented by the number 11 and the colour golden yellow. People of this sign are modest, charming, and able to adapt to any situation. They are naturally beautiful and seductive, but who do not do things in their own interest - they are quite simply natural and pleasant. According to Aztec tradition, the Monkey gave man fire out of love and compassion. This sign's planet is Mars and its divinity Xochipilli.

12 - Grass(Malinalli) is represented by the number 12. It is one of the most mysterious signs in Aztec Astrology. Sometimes it represents good news, and other times it represents trials that must be overcome. It is a sign of sensitivity and resistance. Its planet is Jupiter and its divinity Patécatl.

13 - Reed (Acatl) is a sign that loves life, and bears the number 13. This sign is a symbol of paradise on Earth, since it is in Atlantic surroundings that traditional reeds grow! The reed symbolises gaiety, optimism and life's most simple pleasures. This sign's planet is Jupiter and its divinities are Tezcatlipoca and Itzlacoliuhqui.

14 - Ocelot or Jaguar (Océlotl) is represented by the number 14, and its colour is black. The Ocelot is gifted with great strength of character, and can easily become aggressive. People of this sign can be calmed by the presence of a Flower or Monkey sign. The ocelot is a feline creature found in South America, and is very often unfaithful in Love - a sign that just goes for it. Its planet is Jupiter and its divinity Tlazoltéotl.

15 - Eagle(Cuauhtli) bears the number 15 and its colour is silver. It represents strength, virility and courage. Eagle signs have lucid minds, and are blessed with constantly renewed energy. They are capable of making it through the dark and finding their way back to the light. They are strong and brave, and know just how to be seductive… be wary! This sign's planet is the Sun and its divinity Xipe Totec.

16 - Vulture(cozcaquautli) bears the number 16. In Aztec Astrology, this is a positive sign, synonymous with good health, long life, and also responsibilities! People of this sign make gifted businessmen and women, who move directly and calmly towards their goals. This sign's planet is the Sun and its divinity Itzpapálotl.

17 - Earcthquake(Ollin) bears the number 17, and represents beauty. People of this sign are wise and cautious, with a sense of justice. They are overflowing with imagination, and are daring and highly energetic. This sign's planet is the Sun and its divinity Xólotl.

18 - Silex(Técpatl) bears the number 18, and its colour is red. People of this sign are thorough, law-abiding and moral. Clay signs do not like lies; they believe in justice. They are often authoritarian, and move through life without ever complaining! This sign's planet is Mercury, and its divinities are Tezcatlipoca and Chalchiuhtotolin.

19 - Rain(Quiáhuitl) bears the number 19 and its colour is dark red. Rain signs are passionate; they like acting on their whims, and let themselves be guided by their impulses. People of this sign are also quite versatile! This sign's planet is Mercury, and its divinities are Tonatiuh and Chantico.

20 -The Flower(xochiti) bears the number 20 and its colour is white. Flower signs are crazy, tender, artistic, and have a great sensitivity. A Flower sign will be full of life and vigour when paired with an Eagle or a Monkey. This sign's planet is Venus and its divinity is Xochiquetzal.

Discover Your Sign Through Your Date of Birth:

The Aztecs associate the days of the year with the 20 signs of the Zodiac. Work out your birth sign by consulting the table below.

1) Select the number that corresponds to the year of your birth:

1900, 1980 : 17
1901, 1981 : 03
1902, 1982 : 08
1903, 1983 : 13
1904, 1984 : 18
1905, 1985 : 04
1906, 1986 : 09
1907, 1987 : 14
1908, 1988 : 19
1909, 1989 : 05
1910, 1990 : 10
1911, 1991 : 15
1912, 1992 : 20
1913, 1993 : 06
1914, 1994 : 11
1915, 1995 : 16
1916, 1996 : 01
1917, 1997 : 07
1918, 1998 : 12
1919, 1999 : 17
1920, 2000 : 02
1921, 2001 : 08
1922, 2002 : 13
1923, 2003 : 18
1924, 2004 : 03
1925, 2005 : 09
1926, 2006 : 14
1927, 2007 : 19
1928, 2008 : 04
1929, 2009 : 10
1930, 2010 : 15
1931, 2011 : 20
1932, 2012 : 05
1933, 2013 : 11
1934, 2014 : 16
1935, 2015 : 01
1936, 2016 : 06
1937, 2017 : 12
1938, 2018 : 17
1939, 2019 : 02
1940, 2020 : 07
1941, 2021 : 13
1942, 2022 : 18
1943, 2023 : 03
1944, 2024 : 08
1945, 2025 : 14
1946, 2026 : 19
1947, 2027 : 04
1948, 2028 : 09
1949, 2029 : 15
1950, 2030: 20
1951 : 05
1952 : 10
1953 : 16
1954 : 01
1955 : 06
1956 : 11
1957 : 07
1958 : 02
1959 : 07
1960 : 12
1961 : 18
1962 : 03
1963 : 08
1964 : 13
1965 : 19
1966 : 04
1967 : 09
1968 : 14
1969 : 20
1970 : 05
1971 : 10
1972 : 15
1973 : 01
1974 : 06
1975 : 11
1976 : 16
1977 : 02
1978 : 07
1979 : 12
1980 : 17
1981 : 03
1982 : 08
1983 : 08
1984 : 18

2) Then to this number, add the figure that corresponds to the month of your birth:

January = 19
February = 10
March = 18
April = 09
May = 19
June = 10
July = 00
August = 11
September = 02
October = 12
November = 03
December = 13

3) Add the total to the day of the month you were born on (18 if you were born on the 18th, for example).

Note: If you were born on the 29th February during a leap year, you will need to add 1 to the total.

4) The number obtained should be between 1 and 20 - if not, you need to substract it by 20 as long as you can.

5) This number corresponds to your Aztec sign.

Aztec Astrology: The Death

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Astrology is the study of the correlation between celestial movements and earthly events, and r/astrology is a community for sharing news and...

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Aztec Astrology: The Death

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Mayan Horoscope: Death

Mayan Name: KEME / Cimi.

Meaning: Death, Transformation.

Element: Air.

Direction: North.

Compatibility: Death, Dog, Jaguar, Flint, Wind.

The sign of Death (Cimi) is an inner strength, harmony. The meaning of the sign is the Wanderer between the worlds, the patron is the God of death Ahpuh, the symbol is the Skull. The ancient Maya believed that death is a process of rebirth, moving to the next, higher stage of development. Therefore, the moment of transition to another world, full of tranquility and harmony, can not be perceived as a negative event. Being born on the day of Cimi is a great success, you can treat it as a sign of inner certainty, harmony, wisdom.

Death Character by Mayan Horoscope

The people of Death sign demonstrate calmness and endurance in any circumstances. They try not to show aggression and stubbornness, their hobby is courteous manners and a huge amount of patience. The man of this day is a born diplomat, easily finding language with different people. Wisdom, discernment, restraint are qualities that allow solving the most protracted conflicts. The people of the sign of Death who are strong willedly slowly walk along the road of life towards their intended goals. Generously share their knowledge with others, magnanimously forgive lies and deceit. Clearly follow their destination — to bring peace and good to people.

A sensitive, wise leader, skilfully leading the team to victories and achievements — this is the man of the sign of Death. There is no doubt that with perseverance and zeal, he will work in the smallest position, but nature can not be deceived: he is the leader. He makes great efforts to achieve success, but acts honestly. It works with full force, therefore it is considered as the held person. People of Death sign carefully listen to inner feelings, try to expand the boundaries of their consciousness, show interest in philosophy and occult sciences. With due attention to natural abilities over time, they manifest themselves as powerful astrologers.

In love relationships, the people of the sign of Death are the true partners. They strive for long, lasting relationships, they do not seek for momentary pleasures. They try not to press on the chosen one, they are not forced to act against their will. Tactful, attentive representative of this sign is sometimes too overbearing, but he is moved by the desire to save a loved one from troubles and troubles. Undoubtedly, deserves happiness, but sometimes love brings suffering. Cardiac failures deprive vitality, for a long time immerse in woeful reflections. Only natural wisdom and discretion can lead him out of this state.

Death Man

Possessing the manners of a gentle man, Death can easily win people’s trust. It seems to be a soft and harmless person, but behind the external calmness there is a steel will. Acts tactfully, but firmly follows the intended goals, and therefore achieves success in the chosen field. Usually occupies managerial positions, lives in prosperity, does not feel need and deprivation. A woman can be sure of his honesty and decency. The man of the sign Death is a wonderful family man: a devoted husband and a loving father.

Death Woman

The woman of the sign Death is full of contradictions, its cheerful and sociable character should not be misleading. Even small problems perceive as the greatest disaster in his life. A smart, discerning woman can not cope with internal fears, so depression is her faithful companion. He is cautious about perceiving changes, striving for a calm, measured life. But increased anxiety is just a sign of her strong intuition, a natural gift to see hidden from prying eyes. In the hands of a faithful, loving partner, he forgets about gloomy thoughts, shows his best qualities: softness, tenderness, sincerity.

Mayan Sign Calculator

Mayan Horoscope


Timing of DEATH in horoscope in Astrology

Death sign Mayan calendar is considered one of the most lucky sign. The most fundamental thing the death symbolizes is "conversion". This can be exemplified by cosmic transformation which leads to the divinity Hero Twins of Maya from being the human. Spiritual transformation of the nature of death becomes smooth and remains in everlasting effect. Death is said to be born in the bastion of soft and feminine sides, which is very advantageous. Their kindness duties plays as a magnet attracting abundance into your life. They are also romantic and intelligent as well as having high psychic abilities. Life, death and rebirth cycle. As a converter these people are successful to reach objectives and emotional richness. They can become respectable businessmen. "Conversion people" can help others in life to have serene passage because of their spiritual strength and guidance. People born under this sign have a political awareness, and often they give themselves to community service, or at least they follow political events. Society will benefit from their discipline and organization skills. Transforming people as intellectuals usually conservative. They connect to a set of ideas and a certain mold and preserving their tradition, they feel more comfortable. "Conversion people" have a tendency to form partnerships with powerful person in the environment. They are more passive than aggressive and still generally the one who holds the power in a relationship. Having contact with the ancestors activates their innate psychic abilities and they use it as a skill in helping others.


Astrology death aztec

Mayan Zodiac: Cimi – Death

Mayan Day Sign Cimi

Alternative Name: Death, Transformer, Worldbridger

Important Keywords:

Keywords they can use to mediate on are: transformation, ancestors, history, rebirth, new, beginnings, mysteries, calm, and strength.

Position In Mayan Astrology

The sixth day sign of the Mayan zodiac is Death also known as Cimi, Worldbridger or Transformer.

Cimi is considered a lucky day to be born because death was a day of transformation, not dying. The sign of Death symbolized the ancestors and getting guidance from the ancestors was central to Mayan cultural practices.

Death is connected to the crown Chakra and so the sign of death brings the world transformation, rebirth and knowledge.

General Characteristics

People born on Mayan astrology sign of Death have a lot of strength. They have a strong connection to the universe and things unseen. They are the people who will strive to make a difference in the world around them, even in their own backyards.

Wealthy people and those in power are drawn to the energy of Death people which often puts them in a position of leadership. This could lead them to traveling the world for business and to help those in need.

They are open to new ideas and will make sacrifices for the greater good of others. They have a calming energy and will be attracted to a career in which they can use that energy to mediate such as becoming a manager, mediator, or business owner.

They Mayan Cimi sign people will often lose sight of their personal needs to tend to the needs of others, so it’s important that they don’t lose sight of caring for themselves. If they over-exert themselves this can cause them to feel resentful towards those they were trying to help.

Positive Traits

Mayan zodiac sign Death people are agreeable and know how to keep their ego in line. Their lives could become so wrapped up in the lives of others that it will be hard for them to keep their self interests in the fore front.

It can be hard for them to process any kind of loss because of their sensitive nature. They can use that selflessness to help better their families and communities and add peace to their own lives in the process.

They instinctively know that there are many mysteries in life and have faith that they don’t have to understand everything in order to learn from it. They are drawn to conventional religion.

Negative Traits

Maya horoscope sign Death or Transformer can suffer from mood swings and bouts of anger if they don’t pay attention to their gifts.

They are perfectionists and feel that they always need to be in control. They often feel obligated to make sacrifices for others and this may have a negative effect on their own well-being.

If they resist making changes to how they do things they could suffer unnecessarily. They need to face their imperfections head on and embrace a new way of doing things. They need to move past the mindset of being a victim and have more positive thoughts.death signifies rebirth

Cimi/Death Days

A Death/Transformer day is a good day to remember those that came before you. Honor your ancestors for the knowledge they have left for you. Honor your elders for the wisdom they have given you.

Death Symbolism

Lucky Direction: The lucky direction for the Maya Cimi sign is NORTH.

Lucky Color: The lucky colour for the Mayan Death sign is WHITE.

Lucky Gemstone: The lucky gemstone for the Transformer sign is CARNELIAN.

Animal Totems: The animal totem for the Cimi Mayan sign is OWL.

Famous Celebrities Born Under Cimi / Death Maya Day Sign: Bill Gates, Robin Williams, Laura Bush

Mayan Astrology Compatibility: Death/Transformers are compatible with other day signs from the same direction, North such as Flint, Dog, Jaguar, and Wind. They are also compatible with day signs from the South such as Net, Road, Wisdom, Seed, and Sun.

Mayan Zodiac Signs:

Timing of DEATH in horoscope in Astrology
Aztec Astrology Your Sign Is Death Miquiztli

Heaven's Child is a good place to find info about Aztec Astrology Your Sign Is Death Miquiztli. Our astrology website has a lot of Aztec Astrology Your Sign Is Death Miquiztli information. Check out the links provided below!

Daysign Miquiztli (death) - Aztec Calendar
    Day Miquiztli (Death) is governed by Tecciztecatl, the Moon God, as its provider of tonalli (Shadow Soul) life energy. It is a good day for reflecting on your priorities in life, a bad day for ignoring possibilities. It is a day of transformation, signifying that briefest moment between old endings and new beginnings.

Miquiztli – Aztec symbol - Symbolikon Worldwide Symbols
    Description of Miquiztli. Miquiztli, meaning ‘death’, is the day in the Aztec calendar associated with the god Tecciztecatl. Tecciztecatl is the god of the moon, associated with transformation, and endings leading to new beginnings. Miquiztli is a day for reflection and reconsidering priorities. It is a bad day to ignore possibilities.

Astrology - Aztec Horoscope Tarot Prophet
    Miquiztli: The sixth sign in the Aztec Zodiac represents death. This sign is introverted and shy when gazed upon by others. This sign is introverted and shy when gazed upon by others. Its ruling divinities are Tecciztécatl and Meztli and its celestial body is the Moon.

13-day period or trecena Miquiztli (death) - Aztec Calendar
    The thirteen day period (trecena) that starts with day 1-Miquiztli (Death) is ruled by Tonatiuh. This trecena signifies the vast cosmological forces at play in the lives of human beings. This trecena signifies the vast cosmological forces at play in the lives of human beings.

Aztec astrological sign calculator
    9 - Water ( Atl) This sign symbolises rarity, fertility, and need. In Aztec Astrology, it is also a symbol of worry, anguish and instability. Water signs are incredibly sensitive people, whose planet is Mars and divinity Xiuhtecuhtli. 10 -Dog ( Itzcuintli) is symbolised by the number 10.

Miquiztli « The Book of Shadows – Pagan networking and ...
    Miquiztli or death’s head are very hesitant, uncertain and are afraid of taking a chance. They cannot be convinced easily, but if you manage to do so, you’ll find in the first line of fire. As they are not easily influenced, they are hard to get throught with fresh ideas.

Aztec Astrology - Make Your Future Brighter!
    The Aztec zodiac signs. The Aztecs believe that everyone is protected by a God as of their birth. Aztec astrology is composed of 20 signs and each one corresponds to a God. • Alligator or Crocodile (Cipactli) • Wind (Ehecalt) • House (Calli) • Lizard (Cuetzpallin ) • Snake (Coátl) • Death (Miquiztli) • Deer...

The Aztec Horoscope
    Our following entry in the Aztec zodiac signs list is the Rabbit. This sign loves the pleasures of life and is delicate and shy, and hates conflict. According to the Aztec horoscope, they are pleasant companions, always smiling and hardworking, who like to have control over their life. It usually attracts luck,...

Aztec horoscope « The Book of Shadows – Pagan networking ...
    With this section, you can either find out your own aztec-birth horoscope or browse other horoscopes from below. You can also view the long count calendar. Sign is calculated with Tonalli, a day sign and does not include greater signs like Xihuitl (solar year) or Trecena (13-day period). Tonalli is considered to be most significant sign.

Aztec Zodiac SunSigns.Org - Sun Signs, Astrology And ...
    Aztec Astrology. Do you know what your Aztec Zodiac sign is? The Aztec calendar has a 260 days. The Aztec calendar is also called by name of Tonalpohualli. There is a division between the goddesses and the gods, that gives a special meaning to every single day of the Aztec calendar.

Corrected Calendars (Aztec Correlation) - Mesoamerican ...
    Corrected Mesoamerican Calendars Aztec Correlation ... is the transformation that was instigated with the Miquiztli (Death) sign into the implication of its shelled ruler of "Tecciztecatl," which the symbol of the Turtle or "Ayotl," takes the place of as a legitimate and inherited traditional symbol. See section on "Mesoamerican Astrology ...

Accurate Aztec Horoscope - Pinterest blogs
    Death (miquiztli) Lucky number: 4 Color – purple. Paradoxically, Death is one of the most positive signs of the Aztec horoscope. The promise, honesty and high moral qualities dominate this sign. An active hard worker, he thinks about how others relate to him, so he often …

Mayan Astrology Astrology, Horoscopes ...
    Mayan astrology is a variation of Mesoamerican astrology, one of the most forward-thinking kinds of astrology of its time. The Mayan Calendar, or Tzolk'in, is comprised of 20 Day Signs and 13 Galactic Numbers, making a 260-day calendar "year". What's your Mayan sign? One's Mayan Day Sign defines his or her personality. Discover yours here:

Find Out Your Egyptian, Japanese, Mayan, Greek, Native ...
    Mar 12, 2018 · Find out your different signs and their meanings by entering your birth date here: ... It's involved in my pharaoh horoscope (Anubis), aztec horoscope (death/miquiztli) and greek mythology horoscope (Persephone). There is also a lot of "earth god" stuff but I think I'm doomed y'all. Mar 7, 2015 #3. Trish0Day Well-Known Member.

Mictlan - Ce miquiztli - YouTube
    Oct 01, 2009 · Ancient Civilizations, Aztec Myths & Legends Prehispanic Death Metal From Mexico.

Astrology Calculator
    Based on your birth day you will receive four of the zodiac signs you belong to according to four important types of astrology. Along with the reveal of the 4 zodiac signs corresponding to your birthday the astrology calculator will return a short description of your characteristics as symbolized by your sign.

miquiztli - Wiktionary
    Oct 14, 2019 · miquiztli (inanimate) (it is) the action of dying or the state of being dead; death. 1555: Alonso de Molina, Aqui comienca vn vocabulario en la lengua castellana y mexicana, f.

Moon phase and birth symbols for February 8th, 1990
    February 8th, 1990... Tonight is Thursday : On this date, the moon was looking like this. (waxing crescent moon) For those who believe in clairvoyance, divination, psychic readings and fate, astrological birth symbols have always meant a lot.

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