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I had wanted to get my car inspected at Sears Auto Center and was told that the service could be provided, but upon leaving the store, and 3 hours later, I was phone called, and told that the service center had ran out of inspection stickers and that they would be receiving more tomorrow, I was fine with this and decided to keep the car there overnight to have the inspection done in the morning. I was told it could be done by 10 AM.Sears opens at 8 Am. Next day, I called at around 9 AM to check on the progress of the cars inspection...most inspections dont take any longer than an hour anyway. They told me that the tint of the tail lights may need to be removed due to PAs standards on dark tail light tint. I understood that, and asked if the car was ready, they said that I would be alright to come and it would be ready.I arrive at 11 AM and find out that the car is not ready and has only had emissions inspected. They tell me that I need to remove the light tight on the back light. Takes me about an hour to do so, but overall was a painless process once I acquired the materials. The light was covered in plasti dip, which is a material that can be easily removed with paint thinner and even sometimes water, yet they had recommended that I get an entirely new light, which would have been a complete waste of money.It is now 12 Pm, and I have removed the tail light tint. I tell them that I am ready for the rest of inspection, to which I am told that the ONLY mechanic out of what appeared to be 10 other mechanics present was on lunch break. I left for about an hour and came back only to be told that the ONE mechanic (despite around 10 other mechanics being present) was just starting his lunch break. Another hour passes, and I am forced to ask again about why my car hasnt been inspected in a simple procedure that should only take around 30 minutes at any small business auto shop. The car was eventually inspected at 4 PM.To add, I am a college student in Massachusetts, but I live in Pennsylvania, and was traveling to Massachusetts that day for school, but could not leave until the inspection was complete. I was supposed to leave for Massachusetts at 10 AM, but didnt end up leaving until 4 PM, because the inspection took WAY longer than it should have. Keep in mind, that I had also called the day before only to be told that the inspection could be done early in the morning, and I had even alerted the auto center to the fact that I needed the inspection done relatively quickly.My vehicle was practically ignored, and I felt that I was given the run around. I was very unhappy with the service, considering that I have used the Sears Auto Center in Massachusetts before, and had no problems getting a tire fitted and rotated, in UNDER AN HOUR, yet an inspection from the Pennsylvania (Harrisburg) Sears Auto Center, which should take only a few minutes resulted in 4 hours of trying to actually receive some assistance and service. This was my first and last time using the Sears Auto Center in Harrisburg.The mechanic I normally go to, can get a state inspection in 20 minutes tops.


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  • I came here late on a Saturday afternoon. I was in the area, about an hour from home, when my car started telling me I was low on oil, which meant I probably wasn't going to make it home.

    I'd called half a dozen places in the area; of the few that picked up, Sears Auto Center was the only one that didn't turn me away since it was late in the day. I got there just over an hour before closing, but the woman working at the counter didn't hesitate to accommodate me and get my car checked out. It was a quick process and everything went well, but I was mostly appreciative that I was able to make it home that night. I was super stressed by the time I made it here, but the staff reassured me and really helped me out in my time of need.

  • AVOID THIS PLACE!!! Worst customer service I have ever experienced in my life!

    I arrived at 9:00am, and asked how long it would take to swap out a tire that had a slow leak. The associate at the desk told me "about an hour," so i sat in the waiting room, and found that it took a full hour before they even took my car back to look at it.

    An hour later they came and told me that there was a pinhole in my sidewall, and that the tired needed replacing. I selected a tire and authorized them to replace both back tires.

    An hour later, I was still waiting, so I asked the manager, Jerry Allotey ([email protected] 610-892-8295), when I would be done, and he stated that he didn't know, but would check. I asked what was taking so long, and he stated, in a rather indignant fashion, "Sir, you didn't have an appointment, but we took you anyway, but when our appointments come in, we have to stop working on your vehicle and work on those vehicles."

    I could scarcely believe what I had just heard. I responded that once he committed to taking my vehicle back, they had an obligation, and I had every right to expect, that they would work on it, uninterrupted, until complete. He said they don't work that way, again, in an aggressive and innapropriate fashion.

    At that point, I told him that I had been waiting over three hours and that I wanted my vehicle back, regardless of where they were with the change. He replied, "You'll get your vehicle when we're done with it." I couldn't believe my ears. I told him to write up his invoice, because i was going to get my vehicle. He said, you can't go in my shop, and i replied "watch me."

    When i got to the shop, a mechanic, Darren, was tightening the lugs on one of my wheels, and i asked if he was done. He said yes, and I said great. Then the manager came running out and starting yelling at me to get out of his garage, and I told him that I was leaving as soon as they gave me my keys. The mechanic, realizing that there was a "situation" unfolding, then stated, "Your keys are in your fucking car. Take them and get the fuck out of here." I turned to the manager and said, "So I can see all your employees are very big on customer service."

    Then the mechanic started to approach me, and said, "I will fuck you up if you say one more word." Needles to say, I said many more words at that point, as did the fat little mechanic, Darren, who literally had to be restrained by his colleagues, as he was trying to attack me, like we were in a bar fight.

    The manager jumped in my car, and said he was taking it around front and would meet me at the cash register. I walked to the retail area, as the fat little mechanic kept running his mouth.

    As I paid, the manager continued to run his mouth as well, at one point, literally stating that I "was lucky that no one had no one hit me in my head with something." I replied, "Are you F'n serious." and he replied, "Yes, because that would have been a big problem for you. I replied, "I'm pretty sure that would have been an even bigger problem for you."

    We exchanged a few more unpleasantries while I paid the bill and then I left.

    Again, this was the worst customer service I had ever experienced, and when I complained and asked for my car back, they told me I couldn't have it. When I attempted to take it, they threatened me with a physical assault.

    If you care about your family, don't allow them to do business at this location, because if they upset management, they just might get their ass kicked.

    Sears should fire both of these idiots, or close this location altogether.

  • I made an appointment for a Pa. State inspection at Granite Run, because my beloved Concord Mall, DE doesn't do Pa. inspections.
    The emissions machine was broken, and the desk attendant never told me, leaving me to sit for over an hour with no work being done. When I finally inquired about the car, she told me they would have to take my car elsewhere for the emissions check, and not for two more hours, and no other inspection could take place until this was done.

    I have always loved Sears, and feel badly about writing this review.  But I can see that others have had issues with this particular center.  They were very disrespectful of my time and business, and I would recommend taking your car elsewhere.

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    I sincerely apologize for the wait time and assure you this is not normal for us. We value our customers' time and money. Our emissions machine is back up and running. If you would like to call and set up another appointment, I assure you we will give you our highest priority.

  • Sears automotive manager MUST GO!  SHE alone is the problem. This is how she handles appointments: (Both happened to me)

    Scenario 1:  Made 9:00 AM appointment for inspection.
                      4:00 pm didn't hear anything.
                      Telephoned Manager.
                      Answer:  We had a lot of walk ins that got here ahead of you!

    My response: If I walked in to a hair salon at 9:50 and requested a haircut, the stylist would simply say:  I have a 10:00 am appointment AHEAD OF YOU. So you have to wait.

    Her response:  That's our policy.

    Scenario 2:  Made 10:00 AM appointment for inspection
                       About noon mechanic called and said I needed (3) motor mounts
                       Told them to do it.
                       6:30 pm didn't hear anything so I called (they close at 7pm)
                       Manager said that she could not get it completed by 7pm so I would have
                       to leave the car.

                       My respone:  OK what time do you think you will be done in the a.m.
                       HER UNBELIEVABLE RESPONSE:  I don't know if we could get it done because
                       there are a lot of APPOINTMENTS AHEAD OF YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                       My bloodpressure   185/120

                       My response:  I have an appointment AHEAD OF THEM BECAUSE MY
                       APPOINTMENT WAS FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  TOMORROW IS SATURDAY.


                      MY RESPONSE: I am flying to Florida on Saturday afternoon I need the


  • It's been years since we've been here, but since I accidentally checked in here instead of Sears the other day, I figured I would write a quick review.  I don't recall ever having any problems with Sears Auto Center, and it's been open for as long as a I can remember, which is sadly a pretty long time (wait, maybe it's not sad, since I can actually remember the last 30+ years - hmm!?!?) so they must be doing something right.  Anyway, nowadays we get our tires and other stuff for the vehicles elsewhere.  I pretty much forget it exists until I happen to be driving by.

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    Thank you for the review Valerie!   Yes we are still here and will not be going anywhere so please give us a chance to service your auto needs when the time comes.   We have the best tires at the best prices and great offers on other services all the time.   Check us out on

    Thank you!

  • So helpful and kind. Both times I've went I had to go on weekends. This is one of the only places open Saturday and Sunday which is so convenient. They've been honest with me both times and it took about a day for heat shield issue and second time a check engine light issue. I will go there again.

  • So... I dropped off my truck last night (Monday) with an oil pressure issue.  11am this morning, I was informed that the oil pressure sensor needed to be replaced. It is now 4:30pm. The manager informed me the truck won't be ready before 5pm. Reason: I didn't give my authorization until 11am this morning. Six hours ago!! Oh, I forgot to mention that the original labor charge was understated by an hour. Tack on $130.

    So, I'll sit here waiting. Hopefully, I'll get to leave by 6pm.

    Update:  With a little help, the labor error was removed. (thanks) The manager was very polite regarding the delay.  I'll be back for tires and Die Hard batteries.  Engine repairs will be handled elsewhere.

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    Hello Phillip,

    Sorry you are experiencing a delay.   We do not usually perform services without authorization from customers.  I will call the store to make sure the work is expidiated and I will take a look at the labor charge to make sure everything is in line.

    Update:  Hello Phillip,

    I spoke with the manager and she did advise me we do have a tech working urgently to complete the service on your truck.  I was also able to take a second look at the cost of the repair for you.  I think you would appreciate the revised total.

  • The manager and crew went above and beyond, providing top notch overnight  service, coordinating with insurance and other vendors. Good customer service is refreshing.

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    SearsAutoCenter M.

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    Thank you for your kind words!

  • Recently went to Sears for a complete tire replacement and had one of my best experiences ever at an automotive shop. Originally, I was going to purchase my Die Hard tiers on Amazon, but there werent enough quantities to complete my need for 4 tires. So, instead I went to Sears to purchase my tires and the service Sears provided surpassed my expectations! The mechanics were professional, top notch as they performed a very informative courtesy diagnosis of my car and gave helpful insight about it while replacing my tires. On top of that, they provided a rebate on my tire installation that made the final cost the most competitive. Im sold on their products and services and will retrurn again!! They beat their competition by far!

  • Signed up for brake inspection appt at 2:00. They asked me if I was going to wait there for it, I said yes. An hour and a half later (there was this god-awful and loud show playing in the waiting room btw), an employee came up to me and told me the shop was closing soon and they wouldn't be able to do the inspection today it would have to be overnight because they were very busy with other jobs. So I waited for an hour and a half. For them to tell me they couldn't do it. Wasted my entire day.

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Sears Auto Center Offers Free Car Care Clinics For National Car Care Month

Shop Your Way(SM) Members Get More with New Rules of the Road Education Series

HOFFMAN ESTATES, Ill., April 11, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Regular vehicle inspection and repair will not only add years of life to a vehicle and maintain its safety, but can prevent the need for more costly and extensive repairs down the road. Yet, according to a recent study conducted by the Car Care Council, approximately 79 percent of vehicles on U.S. roads are in need of service or parts. To address this disconnect Sears Auto Center, the go-to destination for automotive maintenance, is offering a free one-day car care clinic across its more than 700 auto service centers nationwide.

The clinics will take place on Sat., April 12, when Sears Auto Center will have Automotive Service Excellence (ASE)-certified master technicians available to answer questions and perform demonstrations. The technicians will also provide a variety of automotive services on-site, including:

  • Free battery and alignment checks
  • Free visual brake and tire inspections
  • Complete under hood and under car multipoint inspections
  • Free wiper blades and tire rotations, with the purchase of a discounted conventional oil change*

"Vehicle maintenance is often pushed to the bottom of the to-do list – due mostly to time constraints, cost or a general lack of education about the necessity of the service," said Norm Miller, President, Sears Automotive. "Our free car care clinics make it easier for our Shop Your Way members and customers to properly maintain a vehicle and potentially save thousands of dollars a year."

In addition to the car care clinics, Sears Auto Center introduces the "Rules of the Road" education series – providing customers and Shop Your Way members with expert tips and deals that correspond with peak times that maintenance services are requested and completed. To enjoy a safer driving season and beyond, consider these car care tips from Sears Auto Center:

  • Hit the Brakes– If your brakes are making noise, you feel vibration in the pedal and/or steering wheel, or the brake pedal is too easy or too hard to push, then the brake system likely needs to be checked. A proper brake system evaluation takes just 30 to 45 minutes. Sears Auto Center replaced more than 250,000 brake pads last year, and according to industry estimates, 24 percent of vehicles on the road will need a brake job this year. Get your brakes checked free of charge at Sears Auto Center, and have your brake system checked at least once a year.
  • Under Pressure– Check tires for uneven tread wear, nails or other potential hazards, in addition to checking the pressure. Get tires rotated regularly to keep the tread wear even, and when new tires are needed, be sure to have the vehicle re-aligned. Remaining in control of your vehicle is essential to your safety.
  • Stay Powered – Last year, Sears Auto replaced nearly 1.5 million automotive batteries. The DieHard® battery pros at Sears Auto know that driving habits and exposure to extreme elements can shorten the life of a car battery. While most motorists associate dead automotive batteries with cold winter weather, it is actually the heat from the summer months that can wreak havoc on the vehicle's battery. Get your battery tested at any Sears Auto Center for free, and test batteries that are more than three years old annually to reduce your risk of being stranded.
  • Oil Matters –Stop-and-go traffic, extremely hot or cold climates, driving on dirt or gravel roads and hauling heavy loads are all factors that can affect how quickly a car's oil is broken down. Oil changes typically cost an average of $120 per year, and if skipped, can lead to a more costly $4,000 engine replacement. Fresh oil helps preserve the car's engine and also increases engine efficiency which can reduce emissions and fuel consumption.
  • Hitting Bottom - Shocks are easy to forget about because they last a long time and wear out slowly. Signs that it may be time to replace shocks include poor steering response, stiffness or noise when steering, excessive nose dives and instability when braking.

Shop Your Way
Shop Your Way is a free, instant, member-based shopping program and community that offers rewards, personalized deals, product reviews, member coupons and e-receipts for faster returns and exchanges. The program creates new convenience for shoppers by connecting all of the ways to shop – in store, at home, online and by phone. Members can browse, review, shop and purchase items, create custom wish lists to share with friends and family, seek advice from friends and their social network, enter daily sweepstakes, and access exclusive brands.

For more information on Sears Auto Center services, visit For the latest Sears Auto Center news and promotions, "Like" the brand on Facebook and "Follow" it on Instagram and Twitter.

About Sears Holdings Corporation
Sears Holdings Corporation (NASDAQ: SHLD) is a leading integrated retailer with more than 2,400 full-line and specialty retail stores in the United States and Canada and the home of Shop Your Way®, a social shopping experience where members have the ability to earn points and receive benefits across a wide variety of physical and digital formats through and mobile apps. Sears Holdings is the leading home appliance retailer as well as a leader in tools, lawn and garden, fitness equipment and automotive repair and maintenance. Key proprietary brands include Kenmore®, Craftsman® and DieHard®, with a broad apparel offering, including such well-known labels as Lands' End®, the Kardashian Kollection®, Jaclyn Smith® and Joe Boxer®, as well as Sofia by Sofia Vergara and The Country Living Home Collection. We are the nation's largest provider of home services, with more than 14 million service and installation calls made annually, and have a long-established commitment to those who serve in the military through initiatives like the Heroes at Home® program. We have been named the 2011 Mobile Retailer of the Year, Recipient of the 2014 Energy Star® "Partner of the Year - Sustained Excellence Award" for Product Retailing and Energy Management and one of the Top 20 Best Places to Work for Recent Grads. Sears Holdings Corporation operates through its subsidiaries, including Sears, Roebuck and Co. and Kmart Corporation. For more information, visit Sears Holdings' website at Twitter: @searsholdings | Facebook:

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