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Got a trio of Phoenix barbs aka Spinibarbus denticulatus, 1 male, 2 females, from Wes in Aug 2015 at ~16"-18". Lovely, unusual carp with bright pink colored body areas... I have never even seen them before in pictures.

Powerful swimmers and jumpers and, oh boy, can they eat! I guess them being closely related to mahseers, they all want to eat every piece of feed that enters their water. Albeit, carp and koi are the same way, if not worse. The difference being carp and koi are not a fast water fish. Mahseers and spinibarbus are, so they don't get obscenely fat like carp do, I am guessing so they keep some kind of hydrodynamic shape :)They are ~2' now, all three, and solid packed...

They love their pellets of any and all kinds but cut fish and often whole bait fish are taken too readily. I've not seen them hunt any smaller tank mates in their 4500 gal. There is nothing smaller there than 8"-10" and that's too big for them to try prey on, it seems.

They exhibited some breeding behavior over summer with both females chasing and body slamming and pressing against the male and also against each other. IDK if they spawned or not because even if they did, there is 100 mouths in there to suck all the eggs up as they are released. But they have been engaged in these songs and dances for at least a couple of months if not longer, on and off.

IME, they don't like soft (KH and GH both under 3 degree) and acidic water and develop slime/skin problems. They like schooling together most of the time.

Lots of personality and smarts (for a fish). They appear to know that I'm the only human that feeds them. They come up to the front glass and swim in large circles rubbing their snouts on the glass, or up and down showing how happy and eager they are.



We have this large barb that originates from the south of China and the north of Vietnam in stock for the first time. The usual length of the fish is up to 40 cm. At this length they weigh about 1.5 kg. However, the largest S. denticulatus captured so far had a weight of about 30 kg. Spinibarbus denticulatus is one of the most important food fishes for aquaculture in its native range, for it grows fast, has a high tolerance regarding water temperature (the range of water temperature in its natural environment is between 9-16°C in winter and 25-30°C in summer), and the species is a specialized plant feeder that is able to transform worthless weeds, grass etc. in protein of high value.

However, we are less interested in the quality of the flesh of the fish, but in its potential use as aquarium or garden pond fish. Our specimens currently are 10-12 cm long and look rather dull. But the common name Chinese Phoenix barb has been given with some reason on the fish. When the fish grows it becomes – starting on the head – fire red. A picture of a larger fish can be found here:

For our customers: the fish have code 455893 on our stocklist. Please note that we exclusively supply the wholesale trade.

Lexicon: Spinibarbus: means “barb with a spine”; this refers to the dorsal fin spine. denticulatus: means “with small teeth”; this refers to the structure of the dorsal fin spine.

Suggestion of a common name: Chinese Phoenix barb

Text & photo: Frank Schäfer

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Very beautiful Pheonix barb u hv.

Bro, seem like u start to have IBS tio bo? hahaha
say i IBSwhen you free DA LAO BAN ? if can tomorrow go your house see see your fishes ecpecially your arowana
Phoenix barb trio Dec 19 2016, ~2', Spinibarbus denticulatus


Barb phoenix


Phoenix barb


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